Want the meaning of angel number 000 and what's so special about it?

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Do you have the chance at an exciting new opportunity in an unfamiliar location but are too nervous to make the move?

Perhaps your life is at an important crossroad, but you have no idea which path to take. When we feel restless or overwhelmed by what’s going on in our lives during times like these, the angels step in to help and send messages in the form of number 000.

Here, we look at 000, a triple zero set of numbers, and what they mean to the angel realm.

0 may not seem like a very impressive or exciting number however, in the world of angels, it is incredibly important and powerful. It is a clear signal from the guardian angels, who are always around you.

Imagine, then, putting three of them together to make 000. This creates, perhaps, one of the most significant symbolic angel numbers and attached meanings/messages ever.

What exactly is an angel number?

Angel numbers are exactly like those we use every day to check the date, see what time it is, tell people our birth date, or any one of the hundreds of other tasks we use numbers for.

They are an ordinary feature of everyday life. Showing you repeating numbers is one of the methods guardian angels use to communicate their messages.

Guardian angels are celestial beings, so they cannot speak to you in a language like English; instead they use symbols you are familiar with that won’t shock or scare you.

As well as numbers, guardian angels may use things like colours or animals to transmit messages of support, guidance, and love at times in your life when you need it. (Your angels are always around, but they don’t bombard you with messages day and night!)

Where might you see the numbers 000?

You can come across angel numbers pretty much anywhere numbers themselves exist. Say you glance at a digital clock and notice it’s 10.00.

That may not seem like anything much on its own; however, let’s say you start to see those three zeros on your car dash, bus signs, a clock radio, on a receipt, or on a birthday card including x’s and o’s.

This is a sure sign of a message from the angels.

This will probably happen regularly over four or five days. Believe me when I say it is more than just a simple coincidence. When you see the number sequence 000, it’s a clear sign that the angels have a message for you.

By understanding what 000 represents in the special angel number language, you can decode it easily and benefit from the insight and knowledge it delivers.

So what’s the meaning behind the angel number 000?

0 is read as zero or nothing. This doesn’t seem like an especially powerful number. However, the spiritual interpretation of 0 is radically different.

Look at 0 instead as a circular image – one which represents a journey leading to completion and full achievement. In other words, success.

The main understanding of 000 as an angel number

In angel number terms, 000 means:

·         Our universe is preparing you for a new major phase in life.

·         A life mission to carry out.

·      You have a rare opportunity to accomplish goals with no limits on potential success.

·         Step out of negative memories and unjustified fears to begin your next chapter in life.

Wider meanings of 000 as an angel number

·         Make use of the unique talents you were born with to find fulfillment.

·         Spend time meditating or getting in touch with your inner self if you are unsure of your future direction.

·        Developing your confidence can help you easily accept that you are capable of achieving anything you want. Ultimately, the positive thoughts you send into the universe are what will come back to you.

·         New beginnings can be tough, as they often depend on letting familiar and comfortable things go. The angels use this number sequence as a way of telling you that they will be there to support you. Let go of those things you need to move away from.

·         Letting go and starting over can be scary, but seeing angel number 000 is a sure sign that now is the time to go for it.

Examples of 000 angel number messages


Claire felt stifled and undervalued in her factory job, but quitting wasn’t an option with a family and a home to support. Over the years, people offered her several ideas for alternative work.

Her work was boring and depressing but Claire was too worried about taking a step away from what offered financial security.

After her triple zero message from the angels, Claire allowed herself to face the fear of taking a risk. and started exploring the possibility of realising a long-held dream of teaching.

Research produced leads on grants and bursaries Claire could make use of while training. After working hard to throw off her chains of low expectations, she said yes and made the move.


Joe was a popular guy. He made friends easily and was never lonely as he was easy going and fun. Sadly, though, some people took advantage of his kind nature. They’d borrow cash and never totally paid him back, made plans which they would cancel at the last minute, and generally treated Joe with no respect at all.

Joe though about those instances a lot. When he started seeing the 000 angel message in a few places he then asked a medium friend about it. Then he understood what the advice were.

The never-ending circle of each zero neatly symbolizes the closing of an episode of life, as does baptism – which is where Joe’s personal journey led him.

Joe finally identified the difference between giving as a free and natural thing and being exploited.

Wider connections to the angel number 000

If you are especially interested in angel numbers, it is always good to look at what other branches of the mystical sciences have to say about them.

000 in numerology

Numerology sees zero as the meaning of all things and of nothing. This means it’s a number that represents all actions – from doing nothing about a situation to completing a full and satisfying circle of positive growth.

Zero being magnified by three is ultra-powerful.

000 in everyday sayings

You are bound to be familiar with the saying “when one door closes another opens”, and this philosophy is another good way to interpret the 000 angel number combination.

Best represented visually by the ‘ouroboros’, an ancient symbol showing a snake or a dragon-like creature eating its own tail. You’ll see the zero and eternity on Ouroboros, a horizontal shaped number 8 which represents that life never actually ends, just made up of a series of cycles flowing into one another.

So every ending is the beginning of something new. This is the perfect way to represent 000.

000 in the tarot

Here, too, zero depicts someone who has not yet chosen the path they wish to take to start an important new journey.

Endless possibilities and options are waiting to be explored with our own choices.

Angel number 000 and love

Triple zero is connected to love, representing the chance for new starts. This applies to either a new or a rescued relationship.

Seeing the angel number 000 should give anyone hesitant about taking on a relationship reassurance to go ahead. Seeing the sequence indicates that the negative issues that have plagued previous romantic connections are long gone.

What to do after receiving the 000 angel number message

Receiving a zero message can be an incredibly powerful experience. When a zero is tripled delivering three times the impact on your life. So allow yourself a few moments to take it in.

When you have an understanding of the meaning, meditate on it; consider the options it puts on the table and the opportunities the universe has placed right within your reach.

Throw away the shackles, and think about things with a clear mind. After all, 000 is not an angel number that appears very often.

Final thoughts

When the angels send you a message using the numbers 000, you have perhaps the biggest opportunity in your life to cast aside all that holds you back and start over with a completely clean slate.

The possibilities are endless, so make sure to get as much from them as you possibly can.

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