Want the meaning of angel number 1010 and what's so amazing about it?

Do you find yourself often seeing the angel number 1010 on most days in places you never noticed it before? Are you on the cusp of making a huge life change but unsure of taking either the first step or any further steps towards it?

Or perhaps you are feeling restless and looking for something to provide you with a new life path and direction.

If these things sound familiar to you, then congratulations, as 1010 is not just a set of repeating numbers that tells you the universe has some important information for you.

Rather, the message is from your very own set of guardian angels!

What exactly is an angel number? 

Although they cannot communicate with you like another human being on the same plane as you can, your guardian angels are always around. Their task is to take care of you and also to provide guidance at times when you need a little support.

You don’t need to be religious to connect with your guardian angels or to receive messages from them. However, this is what many people mistakenly think to be the case.

Although making sure you come across a lone or repeated set of numbers is one of the best known ways guardian angels send you messages, it isn’t the only way they make sure you know they are around. 

Other signs of angel communication 

• Feathers falling on your path

• Colored orbs in the sky

• Angels appearing in your dreams

• A sudden rise or drop in temperature for no reason

• Angel shapes appearing in clouds

• Tingling feelings at the back of your head

Most signs of an angel presence mean to simply reassure you that your angels are near you. They are walking the same path as you to pick you up on days when you feel down and to cheer you on during the times you are struggling.

Their role is to offer endless and non-judgmental support and reassurance. Although you may not get endless signs they are around, you can be sure they always are.

Sometimes your angels want to pass on a particular message to you. Because they cannot communicate with you through a shared language, they choose to use numbers instead as a kind of code.

Once you become aware of how angel numbers work, you can easily learn and understand the meaning of the messages that they send you.

Being able to recognise and then interpret angel messages is a sure way to enjoy the benefits of the wisdom, knowledge and guidance of your guardian angels.

After all, they are celestial beings who know you better than anyone else in the universe.

Where might you see angel numbers?

One of the most common ways people first notice angel numbers is through time. An example is noticing it is 10.10 when you glance at your phone, watch, alarm, or wall clock at least once on most days for a few days in a row.

There are plenty of other ways numbers appear, though. They are found on things like receipts and invoices, lottery tickets, car plates, account numbers, bus, train or plane numbers, price tags and even billboard ads.

The meaning of angel number 1010

The major message being transmitted through 1010 as an angel number is to grab a huge opportunity which is (or is about to be) offered to you and make it happen.

The angels are confident you will succeed. That is, as long as you believe you can do it and are ready to take the plunge into what could well be the great unknown.

What 1010 means in angel number terms

The numbers 0 and 1 symbolize confidence, determination, self assurance, and enough strength and drive to be super successful. 1 + 0 combined means you can overcome any problems.

1 and 0 represent both the beginning and the end. Therefore, when these numbers appear together as 1010, their effect is doubly powerful. We know number 1 is about new starts, progress and achievement.

Zero signifies the end due to the ultimate success of whatever challenge it is you are undertaking. 

1010 is all about creativity, freedom to realize dreams, and feeling personally fulfilled. Also, be ready for new beginnings when you see the angel number 1010 appear in several places.

Fresh inspiration for your life is on the horizon; exciting times are ahead. If you feel you have never reached your full potential or found your true purpose in life, then be ready for that journey to begin.

You have probably heard the saying, “When one door closes another opens.” This is a phrase many people have found comforting at various times throughout their lives.

It represents the meaning of 1010 as an angel number really well. The new doors which open are always going to have something both surprising and uplifting waiting behind them!

Examples of 1010 angel number messages


Mike has been offered the chance to work at an overseas branch of his company. He loves his job and has dreamed of living abroad for several years.

However, now that the opportunity is on the table, his nerves are kicking in, and he is starting to doubt his abilities. When Mike’s angels reached out by bringing his attention to the numbers 1010, he was able to believe in himself.

He could then understand this was a journey they would take with him. They are supporting him through new changes and paving the way for a lot of great fun and new adventures.


After several years of looking for ‘Mr. Right’ Suzie met a man who seemed perfect. However, over the next few months, several small things made her sense something wasn’t quite right.

She had no actual evidence of anything being out of turn and was struggling with a decision: should she push ahead and see what happens or end the relationship and become officially single again?

Her guardian angels stepped in with messages sent via the number 1010. This helped Suzie realize new beginnings are based on making positive choices, as well as taking direction from the inner wisdom we all have (and often call intuition).

Ultimately, she called it quits, relying on the wisdom of her angels to help her find new direction. Shortly after, she met the man she was destined to marry. 

What the angel number 1010 says about love

1010 is a positive number sequence when it comes to all things love-related. It can symbolize fresh energy being introduced to an existing connection or be the sign that a current relationship is about to be strengthened in some way.

Perhaps marriage is in the cards or a baby. On the other hand, it may be the trigger you need to step away from a negative romance and be good to yourself. Whatever happens, the journey will be a fruitful and rewarding one.

Wider connections to the angel number 1010

1010 in numerology

In numerology, 1010 is known as a mirrored number and is often reduced to 2 (1 + 1 = 20) when analyzing its meaning. As with angel number 1010, it reflects an upcoming period of change on both a personal or professional level.

There is good luck in love and relationships on the horizon, so long as you are prepared to be open to those things.

1010 in the bible

Biblical interpretations of 1010 consider this number sequence to be symbolic of hope, independence, support, and guidance.

1010 in karmic numbers

Karmic number 10 represents a sudden boost of good karma, which gives us the insight and energy to bring closure to any tricky or undesirable life situations occurring. For true rebirth to happen, we must first tie up all loose ends.

1010 in the tarot

In the world of tarot, the corresponding image for angel number 1010 is ‘The Wheel of Fortune’, a card which represents the cycle of life. It embodies both the start and the end which you are already familiar with. 

Especially when money matters are involved, this card represents good luck and extreme success.

What to do after receiving the 1010 angel number message

Receiving such a powerful message through the angel number 1010 can be overwhelming at first. Therefore, take a little time to process things if you need to.

Then get started on fulfilling the promise 1010 is offering in whatever aspect of your life it is calling to. There are no rules about how fast you should go or how much you should achieve.

Stick to your own pace, and you will get where you need to be.

Remember – the angels are sending you an important message in the number 1010.

Although you may not feel quite ready, you can be assured the time is right to take several positive steps towards fulfilling your destiny.

Final thoughts

Never forget that ultimately, you are in charge of your life. Even though the angels will always be there for you, sending messages at those times you need special guidance and support, only you can make the final moves to turn dreams into reality.

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