Angel Number 11 usually appears at a time in life when you’re thoughts seem like these: Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a support network watching out for you 24/7?

The ones who’d be happy to guide you towards favourable opportunities, have your back in times of trouble, and make sure you are living your best life? The truth is, there is such a group. We call them angels.

These celestial beings spend their time watching over those on the human realm they have been assigned to. Although angels cannot speak our language, they have other ways to get in touch.

Signs like making a rainbow appear to brighten your day! Or, sending a white feather when a spirit wishes to say hello. Sometimes the angels need to communicate in more detail.

That’s where numbers come into play. Every angel number contains lots of specific guidance, information, encouragement, and support.

All you need to do is figure out the connection and then do some research to discover the meaning of that particular angel number.

Now the angels have a really important job – to make sure that you notice the number they are sending. The most reliable way to do this is by drawing your attention to it.

You may do things like wake up at precisely 11 on both Saturday and Sunday; treat a friend to a lunch that costs £11 dead, or book a train ticket for seat 11.

There are many ways the angels will try to have you notice the number 11. If you do miss them at first they’ll whisper in your ear to nudge things along. One thing you can always be sure of is that the angels will never give up on you.

The meaning of angel number 11

Angel number 11 is rarely sent to anyone on the earth plane. So, if you get this message it means you have been chosen especially to make a difference in the world.

The standout message behind angel number 11 is one of self-discovery and of learning to use the abilities you discover inside yourself. You must use these to inspire and lead others on the same journey.

This is your destiny, your life mission, but to reach this ultimate goal there’s plenty to do and learn. Here we look at what else this message has to say to those who receive it.

Identify and tackle your blocks

There are plenty of things we can use as reasons, (or excuses), for not meeting our goals, but the way forward is to be honest about what they are and then devise a plan to get past them.

This means evaluating your life and the people around you, identifying what or who generates more negatives than positives in your life, and then making changes to turn things around.

Be ready for change

It can be challenging to be the new person in a job, to switch careers and retrain, or to strike out and start a small business, but this kind of change is what the number 1 represents.

In angel number 11 the number one is doubled making the message twice as powerful. This could mean that you will take on a leadership role in your new adventure. You may not feel ready for what comes your way, but that shouldn’t stop you. Adapting is essential to succeed.

Overcome your insecurities

Being a sensitive, emotional kind of person brings many benefits; it’s these qualities that make you a caring, kind, understanding person, and a good listener too.

Unfortunately, the downside is you are more likely to suffer from destructive emotions like anger, insecurity, and jealousy.

This instability can affect your relationships not only with family and friends, but also with current or potential romantic partners. It won’t always be easy to overcome these issues, but to be truly happy it’s vital you get your emotions into good shape.

Tap into your inner powers

Everyone has the same ability to tap into the universe’s energy inside them, though only a few of us learn how to find and use it. If you have ever experienced a ‘gut instinct’ you will be familiar with this ability, and receiving angel number 11 is a sure sign that you should be open to developing it further. 

Trusting your inner self may seem strange at first, probably because we are brought up to believe we should follow the guidance set by official or important people in our lives.

However, once you seek ways to connect to yourself, and recognise what you are capable of, life will really take off. For you, part of this journey involves sharing your new-found abilities. In particular, you may get to guide others on their path to self-discovery.

Examples of 11 angel number messages 

Thirty years ago Carmen married her childhood sweetheart, and within five years she had quit her office job, and thrown herself into the role of full-time mum to three children. Mother & baby groups, Scouts and Brownies, football sessions and ballet classes, day trips and family holidays, plus visits to the park, the zoo, and the cinema; it’s fair to say that Carmen enjoyed motherhood and all it stood for.

However, she also used it as a shield to keep most people at a comfortable distance. Now, with her kids all grown up and making families of their own, and a still devoted husband busy with a full-time job and an addiction to golf, Carmen had started to feel a bit lost.

She did some volunteer work and loved spending time with her children and grandchildren. Still, she felt like something was missing. Meanwhile, her dedicated guardian angels were getting ready to step in and guide Carmen towards the next phase of her life. 

Over the space of a few weeks she was bombarded with opportunities to notice the number 11. It appeared on party invites, clocks and watches, cafe receipts, and even phone numbers. Once Carmen realised the connection, she was keen to read more about it and be open to the messages it contained.

As a regular at yoga sessions, she was especially drawn to the idea of developing her spiritual side. After attending more classes she decided to take it further.  

A year later and Carmen is not only a qualified yoga teacher, but she’s also leading meditation classes. She’s found her niche and gets a lot from making a difference to others. She has also learned to enjoy spending time with those outside of her immediate circle.

Angel number 11 and love

Angel number 11 sends a positive message about romantic love, whatever your relationship status is at that moment. Strong bonds are deepened while minor problems are resolved with some advice to be realistic about what you can and cannot reasonably expect someone to change about themselves. 

This message doesn’t mean the angels think you should tolerate bad behaviour, or stick with something that doesn’t make you happy; after all, angel number 11 is also about new starts. So, don’t hesitate to call time on a relationship that has hit the rocks and is now sinking!

Overall, angel number 11’s message is that love in any form should be an inspiring, satisfying, positive experience. It should add to your life rather than take away from it, so don’t hesitate to commit to what makes you feel great, and ditch connections which don’t make you happy. 

Angel number 11 and numerology 

11 is known as a Master Number in the world of numerology as it channels the highest of universal powers.

This number specifically represents spiritual enlightenment, leadership and teaching, charismatic personalities, and keen insight and intuition. Any of these qualities that you aren’t already aware of will develop when you begin your journey of discovery.

Another thing to consider is that as well as 11, the combination of 1 + 1 makes number 2. This number represents friendliness, sensitivity to others, and a fair-minded attitude, all traits that complement what number 11 stands for. 

What to do after receiving the 11 angel number message         

To make the most of this opportunity stay aware of opportunities that could help you reach your goals, or realise your dreams. You never know where these could pop up; maybe a contact extends a surprise invite, or you could get inspired by an Instagram post. Just make sure you keep your eyes and mind open.

Final thoughts 

Your angels are happy to guide you as you work out what you are good at, and what you want to work on. So go for it, do something, even if small. Start making a commitment to the future and showing the universe you are aware of your self-worth. You will find the path you need to tread when the time is right.

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