1122 Angel number and the meaning of this blessed number.

Ready to make some changes in your life and break away from negative situations and people?

Are you guilty of avoiding things which trouble you rather than tackling them head on?

If so, hold on tight. Things are about to change for the better. All this and more is possible when you are lucky enough to receive the special angel number 1122 message.

Everyone has guardian angels assigned to them. They are dedicated to watching over us. They have our welfare and best interests at heart and are always there to step in and offer a helping hand when it is needed.

Angels communicate with us on earth in various ways.

The most popular ways they let us know they are around and are offering us love, healing, protection, and guidance include sending white feathers, robins, rainbows, butterflies, the sensation of being lightly touched on the arm or neck, goosebumps which appear for no obvious reason, shapes of hearts or flowers in the clouds, and angel numbers.

Angel numbers are what we are looking at here.

Every angel number carries a special message. To make sure you notice it, the same number sequence will appear at various times over a fairly short period of time.

In this case you may happen to keep glancing at the clock and noticing the time is 11.22. Or perhaps you regularly come across these numbers on receipts, in the change you get from a purchase, on a bill from a café, on your bank balance, or on a price tag.

In fact, anytime that numbers appear, you need to decode it and understand the message angel number 1122 is sending you.

The meaning of angel number 1122

Interpreting angel number 1122 is pretty straightforward. Simply take a look at the various aspects of advice, guidance, and information it contains. This will allow you to have an instant guide to help you improve your life, reach your full potential, and deal with any issues you have going on.

Let’s take a closer look at the main points of the message behind angel number 1222.

Problem solving requires positive action

It’s normal to ignore a problem rather than tackling it when it first comes up. Over time, this can mean it grows bigger, and then dealing with it feels quite overwhelming.

Receiving the 1122 message from the angels is an important sign that it’s time to stop putting things off and face them head on.

This will probably involve making a decision. That could be a difficult task, but it’s vital that we take this responsibility if things are to change and improve.

It’s time to acknowledge your true value

You don’t need a high flying job, the perfect partner, a mansion-sized home, or a flashy sports car to be a valuable human being with plenty to offer to the world.

If this is the way you think, then angel number 1122 is sent to remind you it’s time to give yourself a shake. Realize that the real meaning of life is found when you acknowledge (and make good use of) your unique talents and abilities.

Don’t pigeonhole yourself

Angel number 1122 represents the need for balance in life. Too often we get wrapped up in and held back by narrow views of who we are or what we can do.

The angels want us to understand that it’s not healthy to label ourselves. It’s perfectly possible to combine several different roles in your life, so there’s no reason why someone can’t be a parent, a lawyer, an artist and an athlete.

Limiting yourself to one identity means you miss out on much of what life can offer. You will also be unable to reach your full potential.    

Drop toxic relationships

Take a good look at the people you spend time with, whether they are family, friends, acquaintances, or neighbours.

Do you enjoy being around them, or do they make you feel drained and depressed?

If you are stuck in relationships with people who take and never give, make you feel anxious or unworthy, or generally add nothing extra to your life, seeing the angel number 1122 is a prompt to jettison them out of your life forever.

This is an important task, as negativity breeds negativity. You will never find true happiness with them around.

Be braver

Comfort zones are called such for a good reason, and breaking out of them can be a tough thing to do. However, seeing number 1122 around should reassure you that your angels are there to support you as you find the courage to take up new challenges and opportunities.

Now is the moment to do those scary things you like the idea of but never felt brave enough to actually do.

Facing the fear will bring rich rewards as you build self confidence and a feeling of genuine achievement.

Explore new opportunities

In part, the message from angel number 1122 is concerned with you reaching your full potential or life purpose.

If you have wandered off the path destiny has marked out for you, this is the opportunity to get back on it. The angels will do their best to steer you that way.

We all have a role to play and special gifts to share with others, but not everyone gets such an amazing chance to achieve this goal.

Seeing angel number 1122 is a sure sign that you have been chosen to do so.

Examples of 1122 angel number messages

Simon had devoted a few decades of his life to the army, and retirement was looming. This is when started to notice the number 1122 in various places at least once a day, and often more.

His military career had been long and rewarding in its own way, but he’d been desk-bound for several years. He no longer felt any great sense of satisfaction from his career.

Receiving angel number message 1122 gave him the opportunity to contemplate his future and make the move into youth and community work.

Working with deprived young people on adventure courses provided Simon with the chance to exploit his life skills, and put them to good use in situations where he really made a difference. It was a role which offered him more fulfillment and satisfaction than he could have ever guessed it would.

Leaving the armed forces can be difficult. It means losing a community of familiar faces sharing the same kind of lifestyle, but Simon quickly adapted.

In fact, he relished the opportunity to make new friends and connections based on wanting to be around them, rather than simply having to be.

There were times, at first, when he struggled with the decision making civilian life involves. However, with the support of his angels, he worked though such problems and adapted to his new responsibilities well.

Angel number 1122 and love

If you are seeing 1122 around, the message you are being sent about love is that you cannot find true happiness until you genuinely love yourself.

Single people will find this approach means they radiate positive energy, an attractive trait to others. Those in a relationship will find it flourishes when they feel truly happy and fulfilled.

Angel number 1122 in numerology

Numerology offers further insight into the meaning of angel numbers by looking at each component and how they fit together to deliver an important message.

Angel number 1122 is made up of numbers 1 and 2, doubled so they become 11 and 22. Both are powerful master numbers. It is also closely associated with number 6, the total of 1 + 1 + 2 + 2.

Number 1 represents new projects and opportunities. However, to make the most of them, we cannot be passive. Instead, action and effort is required. 

Number 2 is all about achieving balance in life, being open minded about what comes our way, and adapting to situations rather than being fixated on having things happen exactly as we wish. 

Number 6 promises us that we will soon have no shortage of money or material goods in our lives. However, other things, like a happy family, are just as important and should not be neglected.

What to do after receiving the 1122 angel number message

The angel number 1122 carries a message promising a more rewarding life with more focus than you had before.

This is your chance to centre yourself, to develop an inner calmness which will bring many benefits, and to enjoy a more balanced life.

When you are exposed to this number, take the time to allow yourself to go with what it brings. Don’t resist change, as it is always positive.

Final thoughts

Angel number 1122 has a very powerful and life changing message. But it also promises achievements and rewards which wouldn’t be achievable without the dedicated support of your winged guardians.

If you receive this message, be prepared for adventure, change, and a lot more harmony in all aspects of your life.

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