Are you facing a crisis and in need of some support? Angel Number 1122 is here to the rescue. Looking for guidance on how to manage a situation? Feeling a bit lost and open to ideas on how to change things?

Whatever is going on in your life, you can be sure the angels are around to help you. Angels have lots of ways to communicate with us humans. They may send white feathers when we grieve a loved one who has passed or rainbows to brighten a gloomy day.

When their message is more detailed and important, they try to contact us directly. Angel number messages are the way they do this, as numbers are something people around the world understand.

Every message has a different set of information, advice, guidance and ideas which are geared to our particular situation; and the angels make sure we get the message by making it appear where we will (eventually) notice it.

Someone may notice the time at 11.22 each morning or evening; Take down a phone number that has these digits. You may spend £11.22 on lunch in a café or count the change from a shopping trip and find it adds up to this magic number.

Your angels will keep on putting the number out there until you make the connection and go looking for the answers it is leading you to. From that point, it is down to you to absorb the message and make its content work to achieve your goals and live your best life.

The meaning of angel number 1122

Angel number 1122 is a special message which contains a helpful guide on how to overhaul the physical, financial, practical and emotional aspects of your life that need attention.

It’s unlikely that everything the message contains will apply directly to your current situation, but there will be plenty to take away and work with.

Here’s a peek at the central points of angel number 1122’s message.

Don’t hide your talents

You may be shy or even a humble kind of person, and the angels don’t expect you to turn into a show-off diva. Still, if you reject praise, hide your talents, and feel unworthy of recognition, you need to work on overcoming those feelings.

You cannot reach your full potential unless you do. We are born with unique gifts for a reason, say to inspire and please others, so to waste them is an unfortunate thing.

Get out of that comfort zone

Sure, it is easy to stay in a place where you are safe and cosy, unchallenged but quite easily left to stagnate. A good life is a balanced life, and that means facing the things which create barriers for us and making adult decisions about what we really want.

There’s a whole world out there, so why not explore it – baby steps to start are fine!

Take off the blinkers

You are not a racehorse! Focusing on end goals is admirable, doing that at the expense of essential tasks is a no-no. Angel number 1122 acts as a nagging reminder to face up to things early, don’t let them turn into bogeymen!

Break tasks down into bite-size pieces if it helps but be disciplined. Moreover, don’t let things build up again.

Appreciate your worth

They say that good looks start from the inside and work their way out, and that is a message angel number 1122 seriously conveys. By being honest about our positive skills, qualities and abilities we can gain, or boost, our self-respect.

Sure it’s nice to look cute or have a great wardrobe, but it’s as important to show off our caring nature, endless patience and artistic ability. In a world where appearance dominates, it is healthy to cheer for more intrinsic qualities.

Lose the toxic connections

You know those ‘go-to’ items in your wardrobe? The ones that fit just fine, can be put on and forgotten and take you to most places with little fuss or attention needed?

Well, for a healthy life the people you spend time with should be like those favourite clothes. Of course, there are times when you need to wear something a little less comfortable; the overly formal business suit for a meeting at work, or some painfully high heels for an unavoidable cocktail party. 

Just as in life you will have to tolerate people who you’d rather not spend time with, but, where possible, you should stop spending time with people who never add any sunshine or happiness to your life.

Such negative people wear you down and damage your mental health, so protect yourself.

Examples of 1122 angel number messages 

Peter was not living his best life when the angels sent a message in the form of number 1122 to help him out. He struggled to maintain romantic relationships once the initial sparkle faded. At 34 he worried that he was destined to become a lonely bachelor.

He spent lots of time in the pub with work colleagues who liked to escape their wives. They weren’t close mates, but the nearest thing he had, and like many things in life, he was willing to settle for it, rather than make an effort to change.

His angels could see all this and they feared that without intervention his future would be a long and lonely one filled with beer and boredom.

However, they also knew that Peter had a passion in life – he loved the weekly karaoke at the pub and would sing all night if he could.

Peter realized he could make more of his love for singing once he was encouraged to look at his life. This led to him helping out (for pay) on the local karaoke scene in his free time. Then gigs of his own, and along the way the woman who, last year, became his wife.

Peter is forever grateful to the angels for stepping in and giving him a few much-needed prods in the right direction, in a message he will never forget.

Angel number 1122 and love

Angel number 1122 is often sent to people who are passionate about life and love. Because of that, it also makes them quite emotional. Consequently, finding stability in romantic relationships can be difficult as feelings can switch so quickly from consuming love to burning hatred.

With the right person these feelings don’t cause a problem, so the message here is a warning not to settle for a second-best relationship, which will inevitably lead to heartache down the line.

Angel number 1122 and numerology 

Numerology is a good source of information on the message each digit represents, as well as what they mean as an entire angel message number like 1122.

To understand 1122 we must look at the influence of number 1 and number 2, on the entire number – 1122. When numbers are doubled like this their message becomes extremely powerful. It is important to understand what they are conveying.

Number 1 – This number represents independence, privacy, exploration and adventure (in a leadership capacity), and self-sufficiency. There will be no shortage of options on offer when you see number 1 in a number sequence. This doubled means you can enjoy a high level of popularity. The trick to success will involve balancing the attention achievement could bring with a natural preference to work and spend time, alone. 

Number 2 – Ironically, number 2 has traits which are almost the opposite of 1. This number is all about teamwork, group identity, people, communication and cooperation.

Imagine the power and influence of each of these two numbers with such contrasting qualities doubled – the result could be disastrous yet it works. Somehow the two blend together to produce a powerful, high achieving, confident, and professional angel number 1122 message.

What to do after receiving the 1122 angel number message         

Angel number 1122’s message is one that will challenge most people. It is a straight-talking, all action message – all about stripping back the comfort blankets and fakeness.

Get to the heart of who you are and exploit every second of every talent and ability you have. Strap yourself in and get ready for a full-on experience. 

Final thoughts 

If you are stuck in a rut and need some radical life coaching, 1122 is one of the most rewarding angel number messages to receive. 1122 can also be challenging as it inevitably involves compromises, but the result will be worth it, for sure. So have faith, trust in the angels, and keep an eye out for those special numbers!

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