Let’s take a close look at the meaning of Angel Number 1144, shall we?

Life can be tough sometimes. Confusing, exhausting, stressful or plain baffling, some days are a struggle for some people, but if this is you don’t give up.

When you feel down, lost, lonely or in need of some advice, take the time to look around you. Take notice of things you may usually miss, things like symbols that the angels may use to let you know you have not been forgotten. 

Angels are around us all the time, but they communicate through signs. They send white feathers, rainbows, familiar scents or, sometimes, more detailed messages via number sequences.

These work because after being bombarded with an angel number like 1144, you will be puzzled. Do some digging to figure out why you are seeing the same number over and over again. Consequently, access the information, advice, support, warnings, and guidance the message contains.

Sometimes this can take a while, as people assume the repeating numbers are just a coincidence. You don’t need to worry if you did the same, the angels are determined you will get the message. They won’t quit trying to bring it to your attention somehow.

Once you have access to the data, it’s worth taking the time to read through it to see how things apply to you and your circumstances. Then it’s onward and upward all the way.

The meaning of angel number 1144

Angel numbers are extremely special as they lead us to a message packed with lots of insightful information, advice, ideas, encouragement, and warnings. 

Here’s a closer look at what angel number 1144 has to say.

You have some amazing opportunities ahead

Life in general is unpredictable,, but messages featuring number one almost guarantee a major shakeup. Here then we see new adventures ahead, but don’t forget this feeds off your drive and ambition. What a wonderful way to exploit your skills and experience and be rewarded for it. 

Fulfil your long-held ambitions

Angel number 1144’s message is a wake-up call, a reminder that the clock is ticking, so why keep putting things off? It could be that you are stuck in a rut, lacking self-belief, or just plain lazy.

Whichever it is this message reminds you to change gear and get on with things. You may not be 100% confident of success, but that’s okay. Your confidence will blossom as your investment in yourself does so focus on imagining success over failure.

Work smarter, not harder

This is good advice if you find yourself working long hours for little reward. Take an honest look at your life – are there times where you are too caught up being ‘the busy fool’ to make any valid progress?

If your efforts aren’t being properly rewarded, look for ways to make things change. It’s easy to get sucked into low paid work, zero-hours contracts, or dead-end jobs; but the angels are around to support you in breaking free if you are ready for that.

Take responsibility

Did you know we all have an internal active energy source we can learn to tap into? This particular tool lets us help find solutions and fixes for issues at certain moments in life.

By tapping into this power, we take some control over our life and realise we can, in some way, influence the direction it takes. Remember, the angels only ever want us to be happy and fulfilled, so the more this is our focus, the sooner the universe will respond.

Reawaken your ambitions

It’s normal to have outrageous ambitions that are unlikely to ever actually become a reality, but that shouldn’t stop you having your share of realistic dreams and plans.

Sadly, these can get overlooked, swallowed up by the effort required just to survive the month, week, or day. If you find days pass in a blur, that you struggle to move out of lazy mode, or that nothing much inspires you, then it’s time to tackle your low mood and relight the spark.

Examples of 1144 angel number messages 

Some people grow up with a clear idea of the kind of work they’d like to do, but that wasn’t the case for Lucy. Actress, singer, model, flight attendant, as a child she worked her way through the same list her friends did. Knowing the school career’s officer who’d recommend a factory job instead. 

Ten years of assembling cakes later, Lucy was more than ready for a change, so discovering the reason behind the almost constant appearance of number sequence 1144 was a true turning point for her.

She grabbed the chance to reflect on her life, identify her dreams and ambition, and take on the responsibility of making things happen.

After some careful thought and planning, Lucy is now on a pre-university foundation course preparing to take a degree in nursing.

She is excited about the challenges and adventures ahead, which is all thanks to angel number 1144 and its powerful message.

Angel number 1144 and love

This is such a positive number for all things love related. Singletons will find a new love interest is about to appear, while those in relationships can expect a major change too. It could be that proposals or babies are just around the corner, or perhaps even the end of a partnership. 

Whatever the outcome it is positive, as this is the moment the universe delivers what you have been asking for.

Angel number 1144 and numerology 

The combination of both one and four doubled, then hitched up together, is explosive. In brief number 1144 is linked to keywords like efficient, hardworking, down to earth, and logical. But to properly understand it we must look at the meanings behind its components, numbers one and four.

Understanding number 1

This number is the champion of all things new, revamped or re-launched. From makeovers to 100% original, all actions are valued. One is also a positive number, one which inspires confidence, the Buzz Lightyear of the numerology world!

Understanding number 4

In contrast to number one, 4 is the practical digit. Sometimes a little blinkered, 4 represents action, achievement, effort, graft, and common sense.

Understanding number 1144

As 1144 consists of two sets of doubled numbers, the overall effect is extremely potent. You could pretty much achieve anything with this number behind you, harnessing the dynamism of double one with the tenacity of double four.

What to do after receiving the 1144 angel number message  

Like Lucy, it’s vital you draw on both the positivity and guidance the angel number message contains, and your own strength and personal motivation to move your life forward from this point.

It would help if you kept your head down, worked hard, maintained contact with the wider world, and thought positively. All these good things can be yours when you are in touch with yourself and your angels.

Final thoughts 

Enjoy this angelic communication, bask in the warmth of the angel’s blessings, and live your best life, confident you have more support than you could possibly imagine around you, at all times.

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