If your life feels pretty dull, with no fresh challenges or surprises on the horizon, don’t worry. Seeing angel message number 1155 means that big changes are ahead. Moreover, you won’t have too long to wait to enjoy the benefits they bring.

Right now your angels are busy organising the next stage of your life. They’re making sure you have the insight and support needed to make everything go magically well.

As they spend their days watching over you and keeping you safe, your angels know exactly what you need right now to improve your life. They just need a way to get your attention so they can prepare you.

As angels cannot speak a language we understand they choose to communicate through symbols instead. These can be general, like white feathers, rainbows, orbs, birds and scents. Some are more detailed and delivered in the form of a message attached to a unique number sequence.

From telephone numbers on motorway billboards and menu receipts to digital clock displays and car plates, number 1155 will appear in both obvious, and less familiar places.

The angels will keep on bringing them to your attention until you finally notice and get curious enough to research what this could mean.

The meaning of angel number 1155

As everyone has a unique life with their own concerns and issues, some parts of an angel number message may not seem entirely relevant. Regardless, they could still have some information or advice which could help.

That’s why it’s best to read through everything and look out for anything which addresses your concerns. Here we look at the main messages angel number 1155 shares.

Start managing your life

Positive changes are necessary to make progress, but it’s naturally more comfortable to talk about things than to do them. That’s where life management comes in useful.

This may be difficult but to get ahead you need to properly evaluate your life. Identify and kick into touch your bad habits, listen to and take on board the advice of professionals and those close to you.

Don’t feel cheated if plans are not laid out clearly. Being left to your own devices is the best way to reach a pattern for your way of life which you are comfortable with.

Be open to new experiences and challenges

This is advice aimed at those stuck in a situation that feels like quicksand is closing in, trying to swallow them whole. The angels are telling you to hold on tight for a little while longer as they sort out your difficulties. Whether that’s a hiccup with work, people, or pretty much anything else. So when you feel a bit stuck take comfort that the escape route will become clear very soon.

Once liberated, it’s essential to turn the page; put the past behind you, and chase new experiences and opportunities. Now is the time to make more friends, start a new business, sign up for college. Do whatever it is that you found impossible before.

Focus on being optimistic

It may be a stretch, but when possible try to be as upbeat and positive as you can. This isn’t easy when dealing with challenging issues, but even just finding the joy in small things, like the taste of your first coffee of the day, the sunshine breaking through on a cloudy day, or the smell of freshly cut grass, can work wonders. 

This is helpful because positive vibes attract more of the same, and this helps to get your difficulties resolved faster. You may find it useful to draw on support mechanisms like mindfulness and meditation to help you develop the art of positivity.

Prepare for changes to a rocky relationship

If you are caught up in a turbulent relationship, or involved with someone who messes you about, then be warned. Things are going to get shaken up but it’s all for the good, so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

By adopting a positive, calm, open-minded approach, and plenty of time to be sure you are happy, this messy connection could well be mended, and move forward stronger than ever,

Make plans to seize the moment

Anyone can take a random leap into the dark and hope they land on their feet, while smart people wait at least until they can see the safety net. So how can you know when the perfect moment for you to make a move is almost here? By staying open to the angel vibes you should get the feeling in your stomach that tells you the time is right. This may be your big chance, so grab it and enjoy it.

Accept and enjoy the responsibility of independence

Okay sure, it can feel a little scary to take control of your life, but along with the tasks and pressures that brings are the benefits of genuine independence. This is your opportunity to make decisions, shape plans, to carve out your destiny.

Examples of 1155 angel number messages 

Matthew had grown up in the care system, graduated to squats and sofa surfing, and spent long periods depressed, unemployed, and on the fringes of society. With no fixed address, little schooling, and hope for the future shrinking every day that passed, Matthew was in dire need of help.

Despite this he often felt like there was someone invisible around offering support when he hit rock bottom. This helping hand steered him towards a random building with a number entry code of 11-55, which housed a local charity.

In an emergency case like this his angels took more direct action than they usually would, and it paid off. Three years later we find Matt working for the same charity which offered a lifeline. He has his own flat too, and he has found romance.

Such a radical change in circumstance took effort and commitment on Matthew’s part. But, he happily took on new responsibilities by being open to seizing the moment rather than being frozen by indecision.

Angel number 1155 and love

This number may be sent to romantics, to those who are holding out for the right partner, looking for long term commitment over short term fun. Angel number 1155 will steer the right person your way to help create the love story of the decade – at least in your eyes!

So, if you are hunting for your perfect prince or princess, stay with us. So long as you make an effort and are open to meeting people, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

If you are in a relationship when you receive angel number 1155’s message, then things are a little different. Currently, turbulent partnerships are almost always going to settle down and be fixed. They eventually will provided that all involved make an effort to explore new ways to go forward.

Part of your recovery from a destructive relationship of any kind should involve some retrospective thought on what went wrong and why. By fixing the root of the problem, you can establish a secure base to build something more substantial together.

Angel number 1155 and numerology 

Numbers have meaning beyond their value in maths. In fact, each number represents special characteristics that influence and explain not only people’s characters but also the situations they face.

To better understand how this applies to angel number 1155 we must break it down a little, like this: 1 + 1 + 5 + 5, or 11 + 55.

Either way, we can see that it is numbers one and five which are in charge here, and their qualities which will influence the content and tone of this angel number message.

Number 1

This is a number representing positive thoughts, an optimistic nature, motivation, ambition and drive, and a strong belief that ‘anything’s possible’.

Messages with this number suggest plenty of exciting opportunities are close, and whether that means starting a business or taking on a creative task, success is pretty much guaranteed.

Number 5

This is another positive number, but in different ways to number one. Five is more about the upbeat personal side of life, highlighted by keywords like romance, fun, excitement, adventure, and freedom. Number 5’s influence is often about providing the energy and power needed to boost the practical activities in life. This is what makes it such a perfect partner to number one

Number 1155

Appearing twice means this number delivers shots of ‘double power’, twice over. This almost makes angel number 1155’s message too hot to handle! New opportunities are under your nose and these promise a leadership role of some kind. 1155 Angel number is all about going for it. There’s no doubt that you’ll shine, so don’t hold back.

What to do after receiving the 1155 angel number message  

For all the exciting things it promises, this angel number also represents change. That can be a challenge even when it is welcome. To adequately prepare yourself to embrace what could lay ahead, work on building your coping mechanisms. Managing short term stress is a skill you’ll value all your life. 

Final thoughts 

Angel number 1155 means different things to different people, but one consistent, very appealing aspect which we treasure is the reassurance it offers. Ultimately, over and above everything else 1155 tells us that we are, and will be, okay.

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