1222 Angel number and the meaning of this blessed number.

Are you a fiercely independent and hard-working person who has a timetabled life with strict routines?

Are you a person who sticks with something to prove they can, even when it no longer makes you feel good?

These are some of the traits of those who receive the special angel number 1222 message. This sequence is packed with guidance and insight to help you make positive changes in your life.

Angel numbers are special numerical sequences the angels use to communicate with you.

Each angel number has a special message which is sent this way, as angels cannot communicate directly with those on earth. To make sure you get the message, the angel number will appear regularly in various places until you take notice and follow it up.

For example, you may find that you often glance at the time, and it is 12.22. Or perhaps you take a train or bus with that number.

1222 could also appear on phone numbers, or you may find you spent 12.22 in a shop or get that amount back in change.

As numbers are everywhere, it’s a convenient way to pass on messages and to receive them. All you have to do is be aware that when you keep seeing the same set of numbers, they need to be investigated.

The meaning of angel number 1222

Every angel number message contains several different strands, and those for 1222 are as follows.

You need some down time

Being a hard worker is a great quality. However, it’s important that you make some time to relax and have fun, too. Everyone needs the chance to recharge their batteries, so make sure to plan opportunities to do that.

Be honest with yourself about why you are devoting too much of the week to your job.

Perhaps being at work is your way to avoid something, like your romantic partner or family. Or, perhaps you work a lot to make extra money for any future rainy days.

Whatever the reasons, it is wise to tackle them directly. Otherwise, the issue will never be fully resolved.

Be ready for a challenge

Angel number 1222 is letting you know that the changes you need to make in life are likely to need you to break out of your comfort zone. You will need to trust in the angels and the universe for support.

Stop putting things off

How often do you cheat yourself out of doing something by putting up barriers?

Maybe you want to go on a beach holiday but decide to book it only after losing a stone so you feel good in a bikini. Perhaps you see an ad for your dream job but don’t apply because your wardrobe isn’t smart enough.

Both of these reasons for ducking out are basically excuses that we use as shields to protect ourselves from failure, so we miss out.

1222 sends us a message to go for it – to take all the universe sends our way, even when that involves feeling scared and possibly vulnerable. We may not always succeed, but the experience will shore us up for future opportunities.

Don’t avoid asking for help

Independence can be a worthy trait, but not if it means you’re unwilling to ever ask for help and support when you need it.

If you see that as a sign of weakness, think again. Stubborn independence can leave you isolated, causing you to miss out on things.

If you are happy to help others, then learning to ask for and accept support in return will definitely enrich your life.

1222 in numerology

In the world of numerology, angel number 1222 is broken down into 1, 12, 222, and 1222. There is more emphasis being on the number 2 due to it being in triplicate.

However, to understand the significance of 1222, the meaning of both numbers must be studied.

Number 1 represents the need to challenge yourself by doing new things, even if they feel risky or uncomfortable. Angel number 1222 brings the opportunity to enjoy new experiences, which you must actively seek out. You are ultimately in charge of your destiny.

Number 2 symbolizes balance, harmony, and positive relationships. It also promotes the importance of seeking out and following your true calling in life.

Number 12 focuses on changing attitudes and habits. It specifically shines a light on losing those habits that are bad for you and taking up those that are more positive.

Number 22 reminds you to use your personal strengths and brain power to set and reach goals that will help you build a great future.

Number 122 is about banishing self doubt, and 222 emphasizes the need for natural harmony.

Together, the angel number 1222 tells of a promising future in which your life is rounded and balanced. There may be some new adventures and challenges to take on before reaching that point.

Here is one more number to be considered here, and that is 7. This is the sum of 1, 2, 2, and 2. Number 7 is a reminder to trust your instincts and be open to developing yourself as a person.

1222 and love

Love is an important part of life, and the angel number 1222 message has a lot to say about it.

If you are currently single, but keen on finding a romantic partner, the angels want you to build your own sense of worth and self confidence. It may be cliché, but the following saying is very true: “You can’t truly love others if you don’t love yourself”.

When the time is right, you will find your soulmate. In the meantime, your relationships with all the people you love will be strengthened.

This angel number also prompts you to take time to think about what kind of person you want for a life partner. The angels advise searching for those who share your values, opinions, and interests. This way, you can create a harmonious and rewarding twosome.

For those already in a relationship but experiencing a rocky patch, the angel number 1222 prompts you to make time to talk honestly together about the issues and problems you are dealing with.

This is a good way to tackle things productively and move forward with a stronger connection.

Angel number 1222’s message for anyone in a romantic relationship is to always be honest and caring. Don’t take your lover for granted. Keep the spark alive through small gestures that show your appreciation for them.

Things like making a surprise dinner or buying tickets for a movie you know they’ll love are just as meaningful (if not more so) than huge flashy gifts.

Angel number 1222 in the tarot

Further insight into the meaning of angel number 1222 can be found in the tarot. Here, the number 1 (the Magician) represents taking control of your life. Number 2 (the High Priestess) reminds us of the need to balance mind, spirit, and body.

Finally, number 7 (the Chariot) suggests determination and achievement, leading ultimately to success.

What to do after receiving the 1222 angel number message

Not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with this direct form of communication from the angels. So those who are should make the most of the wisdom and advice it contains.

If you receive angel message 1222, here are some pointers on what to do next.

  • Expand your mind

New experiences are one of the best ways to grow and learn, as well as have some fun, of course.

Angel number 1222 tells us that learning is important, whatever form it takes. Whether you want to return to formal studies, master a practical skill like cooking or flower arranging, learn to play a musical instrument, or do some travelling, you will gain knowledge that expands both your mind and your horizons.

  • Don’t put yourself in a box

Plenty of people out there like to put others into pigeonholes, so why do it to yourself, too? Sure you may be a parent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also study or run a business.

You could have a busy full time job and also be a talented painter. What really matters is that you satisfy every aspect of your mind, whatever form that takes.

This makes you a balanced and ultimately more satisfied person. Therefore, if you get this message, take a good look at your life and make any changes you think are necessary

  • Believe in yourself

If your life is currently in a rut, chances are your confidence is dipping and you no longer really believe in yourself. But this angel number asks you to tackle that.

If you are doing a job you dislike because you feel you won’t be offered anything better, or if you’re sticking with a relationship that no longer works for fear of never finding anyone else, then you are cheating yourself out of the chance to live your best life.

Final thoughts

Receiving angel number 1222 releases a powerful force for positive change in your life.

It may shake you right out of your comfort zone. But the results are well worth it. Also, the angels will always be there to help you reach your full potential. 

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