Do you need more self-confidence? Angel Number 3 is all about giving you that. Are you ignoring your creative needs, or looking for a way to have a more balanced life? These are just some of the issues you can get help with from a very special source.

We all have angels assigned at our birth to watch over us and help keep us safe. As we don’t share a language, they communicate through symbols like flashing orbs, rainbows, scent of a perfume we recognise or by sending a white feather. 

Sometimes though, the angels have a more detailed message to send us. That’s when they use their unique number system. The number is like a symbol. 3, once decoded and interpreted share the valuable insights, advice, encouragement and support. Sometimes but very rarely, it offers warnings.

Where you might see Angel Number 3

To make sure we get the message, the angels are pretty clever. They make sure the number pops up here, there, and everywhere so you have the best chance of noticing it. You may wake up in the night and the clock reads 03:00 AM or you see three magpies in the garden.

You might be visiting a new friend means catching bus number 3. Perhaps a missed call on your phone has multiple 3s in its number? Or, your boss calls to arrange an impromptu meeting for 3 pm of course.

These signs and signals can go on for quite a while, though the angels will soon start whispering in your ear to help you notice some of their clues. They are there to look out for you, to make sure you don’t miss out. 

The meaning of angel number 3

Every number has a special meaning, and it is this information we tap into to understand the message behind it. Three is a very powerful number as it connects the elements of mind, body, and spirit. All those together make up a whole person. Seeing angel number 3 is a sign that lots of creative and fun opportunities are ahead of you along with some crucial decisions to be made.

Three is a number which in general terms promises inspiration, reassurance, and success. Here we look at some of the more specific information, inspiration, advice and guidance angel number 3 has to share.

Build your self-confidence

It’s common it’s common to feel wobbly when pressured even when you’re reasonably confident in regular daily tasks and activities. You feel this when things don’t go as smoothly as you would like.

Your angels are keen to help you overcome the limitations that are holding you back. Truth is that you’re capable of doing pretty much anything you set your mind to. So, why not just go for it? Learn that language, visit that country, join that class and all that you desire! The angels will guide you to success if you are prepared to walk with them.

Do more socially

Social interaction is a pretty important part of everyday life. Although some of us are social butterflies and others more like hibernating bears, a life without human contact is generally quite lonely and bad for our mental health. Of course, a typical issue with maintaining friendships is that ‘life gets in the way’. 

Unless we make a special effort it’s easy for people to drift out of our lives gradually; neighbours when we move house, university friends who disappear back to their hometowns after graduation, or mates who fade as relationships and babies take up their time and attention. 

Angel number three’s message includes a reminder of how important it is to either nurture or revive old friendships, as well as being open to making new ones. The benefits of having friends are immense, so don’t neglect this part of your life.

Stay focused

When you receive the message held by angel number 3 it means your angelic guardians have established a connection, so there’s nothing to hold you back. Tap into the information and guidance on offer, and use it to help reach your goals and dreams. The power of number 3 means you will succeed, so it’s a win-win situation.

Let your creative side shine

Angel number 3 is very closely bound to the arts, so this message nudges you to either continue, resume or begin a creative project. There are lots of hobbies or activities you can do, from painting and knitting, to sewing and repurposing furniture. As long as what you do creates a buzz of challenge, satisfaction, and fun that’s all that matters. 

Examples of angel number 3 messages 

Five years ago Stefan set out to seek his fortune, but his is a story with a difference. Stefan’s journey involved leaving his home county, his job as a teacher, and his close family behind, in the hope that these sacrifices would be worth it.

Over time Stefan’s determination and hard work paid off, and by living a very low-key life he has managed to reunite his family. He feels ready to move on up in the world, but also kind of ‘stuck’ in a lifestyle which covers the essentials like rent, bills and food, but is limiting socially.

It’s fair to say that Stefan was feeling depressed, homesick, and bored with his unskilled job when the angels decided drastic intervention was needed. Pretty soon he had picked up on their message and was able to take some affirmative action as a result.

By reading more about the message behind angel number 3 Stefan realised he needed a confidence boost, and to do more socially. This motivated him to explore resuming his career in the education field, something that would provide both job satisfaction and a better salary.

Stefan and his wife also joined a local church choir and gained an instant social life, which helped boost his confidence and helped them settle into this new stage of life. He’s never forgotten how much comfort and support the angels brought him through their number 3 message, and is forever grateful.

Angel number 3 and love

The message angel number 3 sends about love is quite short and to the point, concentrate on quality, not quantity! We can interpret this to mean it’s not good to get into a relationship for the wrong reasons.

Maybe your friends are all paired off, and you feel like you are getting older and may not have another chance, or you need someone else to care for you to feel good about yourself. If this is the case then stop!

It’s wiser to wait for someone who feels ‘right’ to come along than settle for anything less. Protect your heart from being broken or damaged.

On the other hand, if you are in a genuine, happy, relationship this message reminds you to commit to it fully – fight for it to survive if you hit a rough patch. The angels are confident that you are capable of doing this, and that it is worth it.

Angel number 3 and numerology 

Numerology tells us that number 3 is connected to lots of positive terms. These are creativity, warmth, kindness, and imagination. 3 is a number with lots of good energy that’s filled with fun and optimism. More over, it represents the triple aspects of mind, body, and spirit, you can fully exploit the benefits of a holistic approach to life.

Three also represents change, possibly through transitions from one stage of life to another. This could mean something like going from single to married, reaching a milestone birthday, becoming a parent, graduating from university, or starting a new job.

We already mentioned that angel number 3 is about creativity, both producing and consuming all kinds of creative arts. This is the time to teach, learn, practice, or share things like art, crafts, music, or dance, to express yourself.

What to do after receiving the angel number 3 message    

To make the most of angel number 3’s message pledge to be more positive, to look for the joy in everything, to seize the moment – as all you wish for is in place. Grab this opportunity, and look for ways you can encourage, support or inspire others; so while you are creating your best life, you are a role model and mentor for those who need help.

Final thoughts 

Angel number 3 has a compelling message; the news that there are no real barriers between you and your full potential as the angels have your back. You have the rare opportunity to achieve whatever you want to, so long as you have enough belief in yourself. It’s time to fall back and let the universe catch you; there’ll be no looking back. 

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