There are times when a major overhaul of our lives is necessary to help us move on and reach for the stars. Imagine living your best life? What would you be like? Where would you go? What could you do? How much goodness could you bring to the world?

You can find the answers to these questions, along with information, encouragement, and even words of warning, in angel number 33’s message.

We are all assigned guardian angels at birth, and these other-world powerhouses work hard to support, nurture, and generally watch over us.

Sometimes we may feel, or see, their presence directly; perhaps when a feather falls from the skies for no reason, a rainbow forms without rain or you notice the scent of someone, [now passed on], is in the air.

These are just a few of the ways angels let us know they are around, but when they have a longer, more detailed message to share, another strategy is necessary – and that’s where angel numbers come into play.

How we may see Angel Numbers

Angels use a sequence of numbers to create a special message packed with information, guidance, advice, encouragement, support, or whatever else we happen to need at that time in our lives.

That’s why you’ll see number 33 in phone numbers, on the clock, on your car’s speedometer, or perhaps on a receipt of some kind. The angels will continue putting the numbers out there until you finally make the connection, and start searching for the meaning behind the special number 33.

Which leads you here: to an opportunity to learn more about angel number 33, and the message it has to share with you.

The meaning of angel number 33

Every angel number is designed to send a powerful and unique message to someone still living on the earth plane. Each has an overall message and plenty of other information to support, inspire, educate, or guide the person who receives it.

If you receive angel number 33, the universe is telling you that you can have whatever you want or need through the art of manifestation. Indeed, anything is possible should you choose to open up and let your spiritual side blossom.

Let’s look at some of the other messages angel number 33 has for us.

Embrace opportunities for growth

Things are changing; new doors are opening, and these will allow for plenty of personal development. Receiving angel number 33’s message is a sure sign that various opportunities for professional, spiritual, or personal growth are on the near horizon.

This process can be difficult sometimes, but it’s essential if you are to let go of the past, forgive yourself for any mistakes made, and leave space for new adventures and experiences.

Let go of the past

On a similar theme to being open to growth, this aspect of angel number 33 sets you a task. After considering your life, and analyzing what got you to this point – both the good, and the not so good, decisions, you must face any regrets or mistakes and forgive yourself. This is the only way to acknowledge that the current you is the result of all the experiences you have had. Loving yourself means accepting your past, whatever it looks like.

Get creative

If you have an excellent imagination and a strong creative streak, it’s time to use these talents. Remember, creativity inspires vision, activism, and change. Living your best life involves finding the courage to be open to the possibilities that are out there, regardless of what other people think.

Start a project

This is the perfect time to take on a project, fully supported by the angels. So long as you are confident with your abilities, and sure you can deliver, you will have the support you need to succeed. If you already have a project underway, this is the moment to breathe new life into it and get it finished.

Face your fears

Being afraid isn’t much fun, but fear comes in many forms and is fuelled by many things. What’s essential for your journey is that you can both identify, and deal with, what triggers this negative emotion. Coming up with an achievable plan to tackle your worries will help you clear the decks and start achieving.

Examples of 33 angel number messages 

After a car crash and an extended hospital stay put an end to a promising career in sport, Jake had settled into a good, but tedious, job, and a habit of staying home alone every evening.

Luckily, he loved number puzzles like Sudoku, so it was no surprise that Jake noticed the number 33 kept appearing in places that caught his eye. It started with the clock, suddenly 00:33 was the time Jake woke up just long enough to glance at the time.

Then he met a girl whose phone number ended in 33, before spending £33 on presents for his mother’s birthday. Learning more about angel number 33’s message helped Jake to face some demons from previous romantic relationships, giving his new relationship a fighting chance.

Jake also acted on the advice to get creative by taking up his long-neglected hobby of painting. He is now considering putting on an exhibition, something that would never usually have crossed his mind.

Jake’s life hadn’t been miserable before the angels stepped in to offer some advice and encouragement, but they have the benefit of special vision. They could see he wasn’t living a full life; that he needed a bit of help to get back into the world, and angel number 33 did the trick.

Angel number 33 and love

The first significant point angel number 33 makes about love is to never settle for less than you deserve from a partner, friend, or even family member. Any relationships which often make you feel sad, weepy, anxious, insecure, or any other negative emotion are toxic, so treat them that way!

Learn to value yourself as much as the angels do, and you will soon restore your emotional health, and meet people who make you feel fantastic. That’s what you deserve from life, so don’t accept less.

Angel number 33 and numerology 

Being sent angel number 33 in a message is incredible, as it is one of the most potent angel numbers out there. Let’s learn more about what this means for you.

Number 33 is basically 3 + 3, which makes it a repeating number. Any double number means the message is super strong, and the effect incredibly impactful. Strap yourself in for a wild experience that could well bring considerable changes to your life.

Number 3

The main traits of this number are:

· Growth, Open minds, Communication, Helping, Skill development, Coaching/encouragement, Manifestation and Self-expression

Something else that makes an angel message 33 special is its connection (through number 3) to the ‘Ascended Masters’. 

More about Ascended Masters

Masters have lived through their allocated number of lifespans in the human realm and now act as team leaders, guiding regular angels and taking care of particular people who are brought to their attention as special cases. 

Number 3 taps into their energy and 33 makes this doubly powerful. If asked for assistance the Masters will help you work on yourself, creating a peaceful mind and healthy self-esteem. The Masters are also good at helping their charges develop the art of manifesting.

Number 33

A compelling number, 33 shouts from the rooftops that there are no limits to what you can achieve. That doesn’t mean everything should be handed to you on a plate, but with key traits featuring:

  • Bravery
  • Self-discipline
  • Integrity
  • Good work ethic
  • Compassion for others
  • Honest attitude

The overall message from angel number 33 is that with some leadership and support, nothing is impossible. That’s a pretty liberating concept, right?

Receiving this message means you can look forward to many good things, like an improvement in any health issues, a career boost, and a satisfying personal life.

What to do after receiving the 33 angel number message   

The best thing to do is prepare yourself for some major [positive] changes to your lifestyle, attitudes, and relationships. Open your eyes and mind so you can openly accept what comes your way, and happily love a newer, updated version of yourself.

Acknowledging the blessings and support around you will help you lead your best life, manifest and receive what you need to meet your wishes and dreams, and boost your personal and spiritual development along the way.

Final thoughts 

Being sent an angel number 33 message is extra special because it’s a repeated number, which magnifies its power and effect. Whatever number 33 brings you, it will be many times more powerful than you could have imagined.

This is an unusual opportunity to benefit from lots of angel wisdom, support, and love, so don’t hesitate to grab, and enjoy it, and let the manifestation begin.

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