Angel Number 44: Introduction

Here we look in more detail at angel number 44. If you have seen this and been led here, keep reading; don’t let this amazing opportunity to live your best life slip by.

Life can be tough sometimes with so many things like love, money, work, friends and social media to think and worry about every day. When pressures build up and spark arguments, depression, fear and sadness in our lives.

We all need someone to offer a listening ear, some useful insights, or helpful advice. It’s this time when we feel lost and vulnerable that our angels let us know they are around. 

We each have a set of dedicated angels – often known as ‘guardian angels’. These heavenly beings are always watching over us, ready to step in and offer a little help, support or encouragement as we need it!

You may have felt a bit down and then noticed a rainbow had appeared as compensation. How bout when someone close to you passed on, noticed a white feather appearing when you cried tears for them?

These are popular ways angels offer us support. Today, hen they have a more substantial message to convey, they usually choose to communicate through numbers.

As numbers feature in so many parts of our daily lives, they are the perfect channel to pass on particular messages. Angel numbers come in sequences of two, three, or four digits, and can be found on regular items like clocks, invoices, receipts, phone number, car number plates, or the bill in a cafe.

If you notice a particular number sequence is popping up more often than usual, make a note of it, then check out the meaning in the angel number world.

The meaning of angel number 44

Every angel number 44 message contains specific wisdom, insight, and guidance for the person receiving it to tap into. Think of it as a short guide to how you can live your best life and deal with any current challenges and dilemmas you may have. 

Here we look at the most critical parts of the message to help you understand why angel number 44 is the number your angels are sending you.

De-stress your life

Getting rid of the things (and people) that cause you stress means you leave space for lots of new, positive, rewarding experiences and relationships, in a calm, ordered, future – so don’t hesitate to grab this opportunity to improve yourself.

You are on the edge of success

At some moments in life you can find yourself on the see-saw of success. Number 44 is a sign that you are ready to tip over into a winning situation, so grab it while you can. Your dreams and plans are on course to become a reality, as your efforts will be suitably rewarded. Enjoy the new opportunities which are heading your way.

Explore connections

If you have neglected friendships and family relationships, now is the time to build bridges. Be open to reaching out and communicating with faces both from the past and the present. This number indicates new beginnings and opportunities opening up for you. Your efforts are beginning to pay off, but holding onto past grievances will only hold you back. 

Angel number 44’s message also announces new friendships and the improvement of your current friendships. The angels are warning you to focus on the future and stop thinking about your past fears, experiences, and mistakes.

Avoid rash decisions

This number often appears in your life during times when you are facing some obstacles you need to overcome. It is a reminder to be patient and make wise decisions. Don’t be too eager to do what people suggest without thinking it through and being sure; this is your time to take control and make things work.

Invest in yourself

Angel number 44 promises that if you put the effort in, even when that is difficult, then success will be yours. It may take a little while to see the results of your hard work, but you should not get impatient and quit. Another element of this guidance requires you to think deeply about why you are here on earth. You should be ready to discover your life calling, your true reason for being, and the angels are ready to help you explore the options.

Jettison negativity

Losing the downers is a significant part of the message angel number 44 sends. You cannot ever reach close to your full potential if anyone, or any situation around you, is mostly negative. Now is the time to lose those toxic friends, quit work that drains your energy and spirit, avoid stress, and be completely ready for the great new experiences waiting for you.

Examples of angel number 44 messages 

When the angels stepped in to send Harry a message through angel number 44, he was at a serious crossroads in his life. At 28 his acting career was failing, his girlfriend wanted to settle down, and he couldn’t even afford a car that started the first time in the morning.

It seemed that the walls were closing in on him, that perhaps the time invested in drama school, contributing to volunteer productions, and taking on any theatre or TV job the agency found for him, that this was the end of the road.

In desperation, he asked the universe to send him a sign, and as a result, he was ready to notice the number 44. It was the door number of a new friend, on phone numbers he noticed on TV ads and billboards. It appeared as 4.40 on receipts and on digital clock displays, and Harry was grateful for it.

Reading about angel number 44 gave him plenty to think about and lots of much-needed guidance on his next moves. Six months later he had a new agent, a steady job on a soap opera, and a fiancée.  

Angel number 44 and love

This number has plenty to say about love, in all forms, so pay close attention and see which aspects of this message are relevant to your current lifestyle.

Don’t be afraid. Your generous heart means all your friendships and relationships are special, so if negative thoughts and doubts threaten to interfere – banish them right away.

Let go of the past. Everyone has a history, with romances that have faltered, and friendships that died from neglect. Whatever your past mistakes, angel number 44 tells you to forgive yourself and others, and move forward.

In fact right now would be a great time to spark up something new as 44 represents stability, success, and opportunity. A partnership forged now is gifted with lots of positivity.

Angel number 44 and numerology 

Being represented by a double letter means the characteristics of number 44 deliver twice the punch a single four would – which is great news for those receiving the special message behind it.

Number 4

Some of the things the number four represents include: success, effort, determination, drive, stability, and self-worth. This number drives our passion and energy levels; can you imagine this multiplied by two?

Number 44

This number doubles the effect of the inspirational and achieving terms number 4 alone represents, but importantly, it also provides a solid grounding that allows those attributes to grow and shine. By sending you the number 44 message, the angels are letting you know that you will achieve all you dream of with some effort and have lots of opportunity to enjoy your rewards.

What to do after receiving the 44 angel number message      

By now you may have realized that when angels send the 44 number message they are saying your dreams are there to be realized. As long as you get things together and make the right effort, that is. This is an important number and your responsibility here is to get on with things or risk losing out on the many benefits it can realize for you. 

Number 44 is about new starts and new connections. The universe often sends people into your path so make the most of that and get to know new people rather than always sticking with familiar faces.

Final thoughts 

Angel number 44 is a fantastic gift to receive. It represents everything an ambitious, hardworking, kindhearted person could want – the promise of healthy relationships and success in life. Enjoy all that lies ahead, and be thankful you took the time to connect with the angels after noting their special number message to you.

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