555 Angel number and the special meaning behind this number

Are you feeling restless? Are you stuck in a rut and thinking about making changes in your life? Perhaps you are yearning for a new challenge, or a task that shows off your skills and abilities.

These are just three of the reasons why you may see the angel number 555 appearing at various points in your day.

However things are manifested, you can be sure that a major change is ahead.

What exactly is an angel number?

Although we automatically connect angels to heaven, you don’t need to practice any particular religion to experience the benefit of their wisdom and guidance.

Angels exist on a higher plane than earth dwelling souls, and their job is to take care of the humans they are in charge of.

Angels cannot communicate directly through words and conversations, so they choose other methods, such as symbols, signs and numbers to pass on vital information.

Once you become aware of these then you too can easily tap into their insight and support.

Popular signs of angel communication include finding random feathers, cloud patterns, and coloured orbs in the sky, but here we look at one of the easiest to understand – angel numbers.

Some people say angel number messages are saved for the really important things angels wish to share, so be sensitive to unusual number patterns you start noticing in everyday life. Here we are looking at angel number 555.

You may start to notice things like a digital clock says 5.55 am or pm when you glance at it, you make or receive a call from a number with 555 in it, then your lunch happens to randomly cost 5.55 one day.

Angel numbers can appear to you in any capacity that involves regular numbers and it’s when you start to notice the same sequence frequently in a short space of time that you need to make a note of it and learn exactly what the message is telling you.

The general meaning of angel number 555

The angel number 5 represents freedom, travel, and change (personal, work-wise, or location).

When a number is multiplied by three, its message becomes much stronger.

More about what the angel number 555 means:

Growth and change

We cannot emphasise enough how important this is. Huge changes are ahead. While this may seem scary, the outcome will always be very positive.

Personal freedom

The time ahead is going to be more about you and what you need to do to feel self-fulfilled than helping others. Many people who see the angel number 555 have a habit of sacrificing their own needs in order to support others.

Challenge and adventure

There’s no doubt that a roller coaster ride is ahead, but stepping onto it will be fun, rewarding, and have a fantastic outcome. The number four represents stability, as structures like houses are built on four corners.

By simply adding 1 to make 5, the stability of life is lost. Things feel unbalanced and less predictable. The positive thing is this is all for the good in the long term.

Examples of 555 angel number messages


Julietta was not living her best life. As the only unmarried sibling from a large family with ageing parents, she often found herself taking on more care responsibilities than her brother and sisters.

When the angels sent her 555 signs, she realised the trap she was falling into. She was stepping into a life where her job and personal life were becoming stagnant and she herself was taken for granted.

The angels helped her face what was going on and find her voice.

This was a huge challenge, but Julietta now has a more balanced life. She has gained the respect of those close to her.


It took six months of angel messages using the numbers 555 for Mark to pick up on the help and support they were trying to offer him.

He had felt unfulfilled for a long time but was lacking direction. With the help of his angel messages and support, Mark made the decision to quit his high-flying job and retrain as a paramedic, where he enjoys every working day and feels satisfied with life again.

Wider connections to angel number 555

555 in numerology

In numerology, all numbers are said to have a vibrational essence. To understand this, longer numbers must be broken down to a single digit.

Here we can do this as shown below:

5 + 5 + 5 = 15, which is then broken down further to 1 + 5 = 6.

In numerology, six represents harmony in any or all aspects of life

555 in the bible

In the bible, 5 is a number closely connected to God.

Jesus suffered five wounds during his crucifixion. These are often called the five holy wounds.

Jesus is a name with five letters. If you study numerology, the name Jesus adds up to 27, and Christ comes out to 32, which breaks down like this:

27 (Jesus) + 32 (Christ) = 59.

(59) 5 + 9 = 14

(14) 1 + 4 = 5

The number five is also found in important bible stories. An example is when Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread. Also, in the story of creation, humans were born with five fingers and toes, five extremities, (the head, arms, and legs), and equipped with five senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight).

555 then represents these features and magnifies their importance, delivering many blessings.

555 in the tarot

Here, too, we can see the importance of the number five, with the five minor arcane cards such as the five of wands and the five of coins representing huge and often sudden changes.

However, what lies ahead is seen to be within your control, as everyone has the ability to use their free will and steer their own future.

If you have a tarot reading that shows three cards representing five icons, the major message is about your need for freedom. Opportunities to make major changes happen are soon to be yours for the taking.

Angel number 555 and love

Much of what is said about the meaning of angel number 555 refers to drastic change, and that’s no different when it comes to your life and love.

However, this doesn’t automatically mean giving up current romantic relationships or rushing straight into something new.

555 is a very positive number for all areas of love in your life. Of course, if you are unhappily involved with someone, then that will be addressed. However, those in settled relationships will find they thrive regardless of anything else in life which changes.

New relationships may deepen suddenly, and those at a crossroads will find a positive direction.

What should you do when you see the angel number 555? 

  • Examine any fears, then let them go. This is something you are ready for and will be able to handle.
  • Think about any recent opportunities you may have come across that could be connected to what lies ahead.
  • Prepare yourself to trust in the universe; this could be a leap of faith.
  • Get in touch with your instincts. Meditation can be a helpful way to tap into the greater universe.
  • Stay positive, even if the thought of change seems scary or uncertain.
  • Everything happens for the long term greater good. Thus, you can be confident that whatever lays ahead will be amazing and “right” for you, even if it makes no sense at the moment.
  • Learn to just go with the flow.
  • 555 is often seen by people who are very self critical and this, or trying to be perfect, and are holding them back. Being kinder to yourself will leave space to find your true direction and destiny.
  • Stop over-thinking things.
  • Try to detach from what others think of you.
  • If you are hung up on the past and the things/decisions you cannot change, forgive yourself and learn to live for the here and now. There may still be things you can do to put rights wrong, if that is relevant.
  • You are being asked to let go of things which are of no benefit to you anymore. New things will replace them. Be open to these, as resisting them will only cause you upset and struggles.
  • Have faith that the right things will happen, even if the changes don’t seem to make much sense. 555 is very clearly an angel number that signifies change, but this may not happen for a while. Don’t make any hasty decisions. Be open to letting things happen when you and the universe are ready.
  • Work hard at overcoming negative thoughts about what change could bring, as this simply clouds focus and slows down the process which needs to happen. Or, it could lead you to panic and make poor decisions.

Final thoughts

555 is a powerful and intense angel number. There’s no messing around here.

It’s about embracing major changes, being brave, and getting to know more about yourself so you can happily identify, and live, your best life.

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