Suppose you are interested in trying something new but lacking the confidence to take a chance and go for it. You may feel time-starved because you find it difficult to say no when asked for help? It could be that you’re struggling to find love due to being jealous and insecure.

In that case, you need to know solutions are close by. Indeed, the universe has some exciting and positive plans for you. They’re usually delivered in the form of a message from your guardian angels. 

Our angels devote their time to watching out for us, trying to keep us safe, and helping out with little things like looking for a lost item. [Next time you are searching for your keys, a book, your bag, or pretty much anything, stop, relax, and ask your angels for help.

When Angels try to communicate

Chances are you’ll somehow ‘just know’ where to look. This is angel telepathy in action!]

The one thing these angels cannot do is communicate through speech in a language we understand. When they wish to send an in-depth message they use a code which we call an angel number.

You may see the number 616 on your clock or miss a call from a number with those numbers in proper order. You spent £6.16 on your lunch one day and then total for groceries later that day was exactly the same. 

The angels have enormous patience. They won’t give up until you realise that seeing these numbers is not just a coincidence. Instead they led you here, where you can crack the code and read your angel message.

The meaning of angel number 616

This message contains a good mix of advice, ideas, information, and encouragement. These are sent to help you work through issues. They give your life a kind of MOT or just generally help you find some direction. 

Whatever’s behind the message you can be sure it’s sent with good intentions. Now let’s take a peek at what angel number 616’s message has to say.

Watch out for exciting new work opportunities

One aspect of this message concerns a possible change in your professional life. What this refers to may not be obvious, so keep your eyes peeled and stay aware. Why not update or refresh your online presence? Whether that’s on a career networking site like LinkedIn or a business-related website/social media page you maintain.

Do your best to seriously consider all leads, even if they seem unlikely or beyond your scope. You may not feel you are quite ready or have the perfect qualifications. However, holding back delays you and you may never move forward, so just go for it.

Stop caring what other people think 

Being sensitive isn’t a bad thing unless it means your day crumbles because your teenager was stroppy at breakfast. Maybe your boss sent something minor back to be re-done.

Your angels can see that letting other people control how you feel every day is a destructive habit. It weakens your sense of self-worth and poisons your mind; so tackling this bad habit is crucial.

One way to beat it involves working through tasks and exercises which help you identify your strengths, and personal value, as well as boosting your self-esteem.

This could involve something like studying, taking up a hobby, joining a group, or doing some volunteer work. Stay alert to the opportunities that come up to do these things; your angels will have that covered and give you the clues to find what you need.

Care for yourself as well as others

As a naturally kind and giving person you may find it difficult to put yourself first, but you need to learn how to set limits and stick to them. Being thoughtful is fine, but it’s not healthy to neglect your own needs to please others.

There’s also the risk that some selfish people will take advantage of your drive to take care of others, which leads us nicely to the final part of this section.

Plan daily ‘me time’

The occasional spa day or afternoon tea with friends is always nice, but this angel message reminds you that it’s not enough. You are an accomplished, high achieving person with lots of time for everyone else, and now is the time to put by some of that for yourself.

Think of it as a daily rescue and remedy strategy, a plan where you make time to have regular rest and quality sleep, nourishing food, some fun, and some exercise. Phase things in if it feels too overwhelming at first, and try out helpful techniques like meditation if relaxing is something you find difficult.

Examples of 616 angel number messages 

Jamie had always liked the ‘pay it forward’ philosophy, so helping others out was just what he did. Giving people lifts, walking dogs, cutting grass, posting letters, and picking up shopping – there wasn’t much Jamie wouldn’t do for family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours. 

His wife, Kay, was not as easy going. She was concerned that Jamie’s drive to fill every minute of downtime with tasks like this was wearing him down, and that he needed help to reset his boundaries, but whatever she said fell on deaf ears.

It was only when the number 616 started to show up all over the place that he began to take notice. Jamie realised his need to help others, regardless of the personal cost to himself, was due to the problems his mother and siblings faced following his father’s early death.

He had grown up desperate to ‘fix’ other people’s problems, in a quest to overcome his own, and over time this need had become a habit.

Counselling helped him come to terms with his loss, and to lead a more balanced, fulfilled life. Two years on Jamie is still happily married to Kay, who loves that they now have time to do things together. He has also found a new job as a support worker, a role which he is perfect for. 

Angel number 616 and love

If insecurity is spoiling your relationship or making it difficult for you to meet someone in the first place, now is the time to tackle it. Angel number 616 has some advice on this topic which should help.

Emotions like jealousy and suspicion come from your lack of trust. The surface even when you have no reason to feel that way. In most cases, these issues stem from your insecurities. Those feelings like you are not clever, cute, skinny, tall, young, or rich enough to stand a chance.

Your angels know this serious lack of self-confidence and belief leaves you vulnerable. Ultimately, only you can make the changes needed to properly enjoy a romantic relationship.

Angel number 616 and numerology 

Numerology offers further insight into the meaning of a number sequence; that means looking at what number 1 can tell us when the powerful effects of the number 6 sandwich in.

Number 1

This is a definite action number. It’s all about achieving, taking control of our lives and making better choices. Above all, to be enjoying the new starts and opportunities which will be ours for the taking!

Number 6

Where number 1 is more about attitude, number 6 represents the material elements of life. This includes things like our job, where we live, how we get around, and our general possessions.

Number 616

As a sequence, this number suggests we may be ready to explore a new direction in life. However though, we may be held back by things like work, housing, or other material things. Perhaps a steady income from a boring job stops you from looking for something more interesting? Or you can’t save enough to move out of the family home? 616 is a sign from the angels that solutions are in hand. So keep the faith and all will be well.

What to do after receiving the 616 angel number message     

One of the strongest threads of this message is the advice to continue helping others. Ofcourse, within reasonable boundaries which recognise, and respect, your emotional and physical needs. You will be better placed to help others when doing that doesn’t mean compromising yourself. 

Spend time every day doing things that make you feel happy and accomplished, and set reasonable goals to work towards.

Final thoughts 

Angel number 616 delivers a message bursting with positivity and a bright future. You can be sure what is ahead will be nothing less than amazing. Open your heart to this energy and make good use of it.

With your focus on manifesting all the good things the universe has to offer, you are destined to live a truly charmed life!

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