666 Angel number and the meaning of this blessed number.

If you are familiar with the Christian Bible, or if you’re a major horror film fan, the angel number sequence 666 will be immediately familiar as ‘the mark of the Antichrist’, or the Devil himself.

So suddenly seeing the triple 6 number sequence on your alarm clock and phone, number plates, store receipts, telephone numbers, or pretty much anywhere else several times a day could easily trigger a mini freak out.

Stop worrying! When you keep seeing the same numbers like this, it’s a sign from the angels that they have an important message to share. It is not a sinister symbol luring you towards the dark side.

What exactly is an angel number?

Every human is assigned angel guides at birth. Although we can’t see or hear them, they are always around, walking close by, keen to help when we need some support or advice.

Our angels can communicate in several ways. If you’ve ever noticed a random feather appear, you can be sure that’s a sign they’re around and available if you need them.

Sometimes, though, your angels want to let you know something in particular. They do this by sending a special message to you using numbers rather than words.

This is possible because every number that exists has a vibrational meaning, and the angels can understand these. So, to understand their number message, you need to learn how to read these numbers, too.

The general meaning of angel number 666

To understand the message behind this number in triplicate, we must first look at the number 6. That is the star feature.

Angel number 6 appears when you need support for an issue you feel unsure or even afraid of. Your feelings of security and stability in life may be threatened in some way, or life events are confusing your feelings.

Add another 6 and we have angel number 66, which represents love and compassion in relationships with others.

When any angel number is repeated once or twice, it is a sure sign that the message being sent is quite urgent. So 666 amplifies what is going on. In a nutshell, it often appears when the angels want to help you get some balance and to think of your own self and life needs over those of others.

More about what the angel number 666 means:

  • 666 is a high energy number, and it often appears to people who are incredibly busy or overloaded and perhaps struggling to spread their time between several people or projects.
  • Most issues represented by 666 are quite short term. In many cases, they’re resolved in a month or so.
  • In the Chinese language, the number 666 sounds very much like the word for “free flowing”. It is also linked closely to good luck, as 666 is the total of the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel.
  • In Greek, the number 666 represents “all people”. This is because the human body is mostly carbon, which is made from 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neurons.
  • You may find the angels send you 666 messages when you also have a physical problem, as there is often a common connection. For example, a bad back could mean you feel unsupported or unanchored, while a sore throat could mean your voice is not being heard or you feel an inability to be honest.

The message for you when you see angel number 666

  • Your life is unbalanced, and this is holding you back from being your best self. Take a close and honest look at your life structure, identify where you are overloaded, and consider how to make adjustments.
  • You need to revisit your goals and dreams and make plans for achieving them. This will get you back on track. When you believe in yourself, the angels can help guide you to success in whatever is next.
  • Plan time to be deliberately creative and unleash your imagination.
  • There are strong links between the number 666 and routines. Routines are what create stability in our life, but they can also become stale and hold us back. Perhaps you always add sugar to your coffee but your teeth are suffering? Ask yourself why. Be critical of the things you do regularly, asking if they are helping you achieve the life you want or if they are holding you back. Only when you identify these issues can you start to find a way to change things.
  • Practice putting your needs first rather than always giving, despite the emotional costs this could have.
  • We all have our unique destiny to fulfill, and the angels are there to help us do this by communicating through their special messages in the form of numbers.
  • Triple 6 is very much about positive thinking and the idea that you get back the energy you give out. It may take some practice, but by thinking more positively, you will soon see the benefits returned in positive experiences. Try reading about the practice called “see it, be it”. It is all about positive manifestation. This is the idea that, by visualizing something, it will become a reality.
  • It’s natural to use low expectations as a kind of protective shield against rejection. But the healthier route is to let the fears go and make space for new and more fulfilling experiences. Don’t forget that your angels are waiting patiently to help you as soon as you ask for support.

Examples of 666 angel number messages


As the oldest of five siblings, Alice had, over time, automatically become the person everyone in the family came to for help, advice, direction, and support. She was also left to carry more than her share of caring for her parents as they grew older and needed extra help, too.

As a result, Alice often had to cancel her own plans to meet other people’s needs. This caused her to reach a crisis point. However, after she received and learned about the meaning of the message through the angel number 666, Alice was able to make some serious life changes.

Now her life is more balanced. She feels able to explore new directions with the support and respect of those who care about her.


Lennie was everyone’s idea of a successful guy. He had a great job and a lovely home. He was a devoted brother and uncle, and he was the owner of a thriving company built from scratch. Also, being both good looking and pleasant, he was the perfect single man for dinner parties.

The only thing missing from Lennie’s life was a romantic partner. He simply didn’t have the time for one. When he mentioned having seen the numbers 666, someone told him to check out the world of angel numbers and messages. That helped him recognize the need to be selfish sometimes.

Now Lennie has employed a manager for his business and has started dating again.

Wider connections to angel number 666

666 in numerology

In numerology circles, the number 6 is seen as the first of the “perfect numbers”. This means it equals the numbers it can be divided by. It looks like this: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6.

The number 6 represents peace and harmony in the home. When multiplied by 3, this message is very powerful.

666 and the spiritual realm

It’s time to move away from focusing mainly on material needs if this has left you neglecting other, more spiritual aspects of life.

666 in the tarot

6 is a popular number which is featured throughout the tarot. Some examples are the six of swords, six of cups and six of wands. However they appear in your card reading, they all represent that you need to take more control of your own life.

Chances are you give a lot more than you ever get back, and over time this can be wearing.

Angel number 666 and love

The angels often use the number 666 to send you a message about your key life relationships, encouraging you to ask yourself if they are truly equal, satisfying, and nurturing.

These relationships can be romantic, family-based, or friendships. What matters is if they offer a good balance of giving and taking over time, as they should. If this isn’t the case, then they can become unhealthy or even toxic.

You may be getting messages to help you put the spark back into a romantic relationship or to get help for yourself if you are primarily in a caring role.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the number 6 is all about balance and nurturing. Aiming for these things in all aspects of earthly life is a good way to find long term happiness and peace.

666 is a number magnified by three to make sure you take action now. It is also a number representing problem solving and imagination. 

By embracing what the angel number 666 is telling you, there’s no doubt you can be successful in tackling what needs to be changed in your life. Just be prepared to get started, as this is a message about taking action now.

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