Have you noticed that the number 707 seems to be following you, popping up pretty much everywhere you go? Say it’s the weekend and you plan to sleep late but keep waking up at 7.07 precisely.

Your train gets cancelled on a workday. So you rush to catch the replacement bus service – 707. On the way home you pop into a small supermarket to buy a few groceries. Yet again you come across 7.07. This time it’s the total owed!

You may keep seeing this number sequence for days or even weeks. It’s a message code from the angels. They won’t quit trying to get your attention. The point is to make you notice the repeating 707. This will get you curious enough to look for the meaning behind it.

Why these numbers show up

Angel numbers like 707 help lead us to a detailed message, full of advice, support, ideas, guidance, warnings, and encouragement. Angels can’t communicate on the earth plane in a way humans could understand. Instead, they use the number code as a substitute.

There are several other ways angels may let us know they are around. Such as sending a white feather, creating an unexpected rainbow, or making unusual shapes from the clouds.

But for messages with lots of information, a different approach is necessary. This is how the angel number was born.

The meaning of this Angel Number

Every angel number contains several message strands that relate to your life in various ways. Here are the main points from angel number 707.

Don’t place limits on your future

One key message of angel number 707 concerns the need to identify then be ready to push against typical rules and boundaries. Our world (and therefore our future) is shaped by factors like gender, personality, academic achievements and age. These can be manipulated to direct people into stereotypical roles, to help create an ordered society.

Angel number 707 tells us that this is nonsense. People create these rules so that they can be challenged. There’s no reason men can’t be nurses, or women can’t work on the bin wagons.

Not everyone goes to university straight from college. Failing exams at school doesn’t mean being locked out of the learning system. Focus on working out what you want from life and go for it, regardless of the barriers other people create.

Don’t doubt your opinions

Whether you are a naturally quiet person who prefers to listen rather than speak or an incurable chatterbox with something to say on all topics, never forget that your ideas, beliefs, and opinions are as real and valid as anyone else’s.

That doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree on an issue or a subject, but angel number 707’s message reminds you what you think should not get written off as unimportant. Unless someone’s a legitimate expert on something then you should not feel intimidated or ignored.

Don’t be put off by criticism

Although being criticised can feel harsh and unfair, it is the inevitable consequence of doing what we think is right for us. The truth is that while some people will understand what you are thinking, saying, or doing and happily encourage or support you, others won’t. Some may be annoyed or openly critical which may affect any existing relationship you have with them.

Being criticised is never pleasant, but angel number 707 asks you to take it in your stride and not be put off following your chosen life path. Sometimes critical words are used as a weapon to try to gain control over a person’s thoughts and actions so it’s essential you resist. Ignore the haters, and stay on course, nurturing your independent voice.

Always be fair and unbiased

By sending this message your angels are reminding you that the root of success is honesty. Even though you may face a situation where being even a little dishonest would benefit someone close to you, you must step back and create enough distance to make saying no much more comfortable. There may be pressure put on you to do what makes life better for others, but sacrificing your sense of self-worth is never worth it.

Examples of this angel number messages 

Brenda was celebrating her 50th birthday when she decided the time was right to learn to drive. Having grown up in a traditional family, she’d never really questioned that her brothers got all the best opportunities, including both driving lessons and a car each for their 21st birthdays. 

She’d been happy enough with her designer handbag, although she rarely went anywhere flash enough to feel comfortable using it.

She’d married young, had two kids of her own and took a job at the local supermarket once they were old enough for secondary school. Earning herself some ‘pin money’ was how her brothers teased her about it. It was true enough that she wanted for nothing. That’s why she’d been saving most of it for some future rainy day.


In the months before her milestone birthday Brenda started to notice the number sequence 707 popping up in various places, and eventually she got curious enough to look into it. Learning about the angels’ message gave Brenda the motivation to think about herself and her dreams for the first time.

For years she’d envied people who could drive their freedom, but she’d never thought of doing it herself, not at this age. The angels helped her understand life is for living, and that despite her father’s old fashioned attitudes, and her teasing brothers, she could take charge of her destiny. 

Brenda did learn to drive. She funded both the lessons and a smart new electric car from her savings pot. Receiving guidance via angel number 707’s message helped her reassess her relationships and believe herself capable of anything.

Angel number 707 and love

Let’s face it; love can sometimes be a tricky thing whether you are single. Even when you’re attached or anywhere in between, it still is tricky. So what does this angel message have to say on the topic?

The first point from angel number 707 is the reminder that a happy life has no restrictions on personal freedom. This doesn’t mean avoiding commitment or loyalty in a relationship. It’s more about being free to be yourself and never being made to feel small, frightened or insecure.

While that sounds pretty dramatic, angel number 707 reminds us that even those in well-balanced relationships should agree that both partners can sometimes do their own thing. Without a clear understanding of this need, the chances of arguments and tension rise drastically. 

For the single people

Angel message number 707 is a reminder that you don’t need to delay living a full life until you have a partner. Instead, it would be best to concentrate on doing whatever makes you feel good and gives your life true meaning.

If you are actively looking for love the angels remind you to concentrate on one thing – feeling good about yourself. This boosts your aura and naturally attracts the interest of others.

Angel number 707 and numerology 

In numerology, the number 7 represents knowledge, teaching and learning, and the spiritual realm, while zero makes all things possible.

As this angel number consists of a zero, surrounded by 7s, the main message it brings is that you can begin any project from scratch. Be confident there’ll be no barriers to your success.

Additionally, the path you take to make this happen will involve learning some important life lessons along the way. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore your interests and passions and consider becoming a specialist in your chosen area.

707 can also represent a second chance. So, if you missed out on a learning experience before, this could be a sign that you can have another go.

What to do after receiving this number sequence

Angel number messages are sent to help us live our best lives. Each number has unique content, with specific tasks to complete, warnings to be aware of, and advice to follow. To get the most out of an angel number message it’s important to see it as a long term project. 

Make sure you are as aware as you can be of the content included in your special angel number 707 message. This way, the changes made or the guidance followed don’t lose their impact, providing a robust template for us to fall back on if we need more support down the line.

Final thoughts 

Angel number 707 brings a message overflowing with possibilities. In particular, there’s the chance to set out on a brand new journey. One journey which truly reflects who we are and what we need.

Now is the time to look forward to a future our guardian angels have helped us create. One where all things are possible if we want them badly enough.

About the author 

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