Are you resisting making changes in your life? Angel Number 811 is a messenger from the etheric realm that you may have dreams you are afraid to take the risk on.

Is fear of the uncertain holding you back? If so, then fasten your seat belt – there’s a pretty wild ride ahead.

It’s perfectly natural to feel anxious about breaking out of your comfort zone, but you don’t need to worry. Your angels know that you resist change, but they are there to help you get past this.

You may feel nervous, but the angels will reassure you. They will be offering all the support and encouragement you need to identify and go after the things you want.

We all have guardian angels, beings from a higher plane who spend their time looking out for us. They’re always ready to step up and help when we need it.

Angels cannot communicate in human languages they use signs and symbols to express themselves. We see them often through white feathers, butterflies, small birds, surprise rainbows, or clouds that form heart shapes.

However, the most in-depth form of communication the angels use comes in the form of number sequences. Each angel number is a code that acts as the key to the in-depth message it represents, which is a great idea.

Except – how do you know 811 is a special number when you don’t even have a clue the angels are trying to contact you?

The answer is that the number sequence 811 will start showing up in various places and keep on appearing until you make the connection.

You may see it on clocks and watches, on bus or train numbers, receipts, and bills from café and shops, or many more ordinary, everyday places. 

So, if you see number 811 over and over, don’t assume it’s a coincidence, because this number carries one of the most important messages of your life so far.

The meaning of angel number 811

Angel number 811’s message has lots of information, insights, challenges, tasks, and advice. Here we look in more detail at the messages this number has to share.

Put some thought into your decisions

It’s easy to power through each day almost on auto-pilot, not giving much thought to the things we do. Unfortunately, this approach can come back to bite you at some random moment in the future.

Eating what you feel like at any moment can show as weight gain. Buying whatever you like can lead to debt. Messing about at work could mean missing out on promotion. Lastly, and not having the nerve to ask someone out on a date could see you miss out on a loving relationship!

Angel number 811 reminds us that decisions made without much thought can generate results that hold us back in the future, so get into the habit of looking beyond the immediate, long-term outcomes.

Break down your barriers

We live in a culture where so much seems possible, but there’s also plenty holding us back. We may struggle to break free from limits society has created, like how we should act according to our gender, age, job, or postcode!

These add to the hurdles we have created for ourselves, like believing we are not bright enough, pretty enough, or old/young enough to do the things we want to.

By sending you the number 811 message your angelic bodyguards are reminding you to challenge these limits. If you can’t break them down entirely, then at least start chipping away, because eventually, you’ll make the breakthrough you need to fully blossom.

Don’t be all talk and no action

Coming up with lots of good ideas is an enviable gift, but if they never get beyond the vague planning stage you are cheating yourself out of making progress in life. Now is the time to organize your thoughts, identify what you want, and get on with it.

Less fear, more passion

This message offers clear reassurance that your biggest dreams are achievable if you want them to be. Until now, you may have lacked confidence or felt unsure of the outcome. Through this message your angels are telling you to go for it, that all will be fine.

It’s your passion and interest in something which will drive your plans to success. Therefore harness that power and benefit from it. It may feel risky, but you will always have full control, and your angels will help take care of everything.

Don’t give up on your dreams

Do you have a yearning to write a novel, fall in love, travel the world, have a baby, or change careers? Angel number 811 is a sign that whatever it is you dream of may well come true.

Don’t quit when things don’t go your way, instead keep on trying; and looking for ways to boost your chances of success. Even on the days you feel crushed you should remember – the angels have your back.

You should also be open to change, to embracing exciting opportunities you would usually dismiss. Change is part of growth and achievement, and it may not always come in the form you had expected. Be open to everything, trust your instincts, and enjoy the blessings which follow.

An example of an angel number 811 message

Lynn was in her late 40s when, through number 811, she became aware of guardian angels and the messages they can send; a discovery that turned her life around completely. It all began as Lynn was in the middle of a low life point.

As the youngest of eight children she’d never managed to break free from her family home, spending the last ten years caring for both parents until they passed away.

Although she’d never married there had been a few boyfriends and the occasional lover, which she’d juggled around her domestic duties and a part-time job at a local paper shop.

Now she was at a crossroads and seriously in need of some support and guidance from her guardian angels. Creating a new version of life as a person with no real responsibilities was a pretty scary task.

Lynn found her family and friends expected her to slip quietly into semi-retirement with no financial pressures rather than explore what her real dreams and ambitions were.

Angel number 811’s message gave Lynn the confidence to discover, and then forge, her own path. Two years later, she was living in Thailand and teaching English to children. She’s also with her partner Clive who she met on the training course.

Angel number 811 and love

If you find it difficult to truly trust others, then having a romantic relationship will be tricky. In this case, the angels ask you to step back, work out what is making you feel this way, and get yourself mended before looking for love.

It could be a personality defect like jealousy or insecurity that’s the problem. It may be a result of experiences where trust has been broken or kindness was taken advantage of. Regardless, your angels know that you can get past this, so long as you face it head-on.

Don’t settle for less than your soul mate. Remember that even the perfect partner is a real person, not a character in a fairy story!

Angel number 811 and numerology

To understand the meaning of 811 in numerology, we must first look at numbers 8 and 1 separately. Then at the overall effect of the 811 combination.

Number 8 is a very positive number, one that represents traits like confidence, honesty, self-motivation, and personal achievement. While one is more about new starts and exciting opportunities. When a number is doubled, as one is here, the effects are doubled too.

Your default reaction may be to resist change, assuming it will only have a negative effect; however, angel number 811’s message reminds you to feel confident about the developments and changes due – all with positive outcomes. So sit back, and enjoy what lies ahead, as it’s all good.

What to do after receiving the 811 angel number message

This is your chance to turn long-held dreams into reality and enjoy a shiny bright future stuffed with the well-deserved rewards for your hard work and effort.

Even better, the positive changes you have secured are going to benefit the wider community, as well as yourself. Be prepared to encourage and support others to get involved and help out.  

It’s also vital that you keep believing in and developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities that got you this far. Who knows what else lies ahead for you!

Final thoughts

Sometimes the thought that anything is possible can be as terrifying as it is liberating. It can be challenging to relax and go with it, but angel number 811’s message asks this of you because the angels know you will do okay. Succumbing to the experience on offer will lead to a once in a lifetime result.

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