If you have been noticing the number sequence or Angel Number 818 popping up on receipts, phone numbers, licence plates, when you look at the clock, or any other of the hundreds of places we come across numbers every day, then the angels have done their job! 

We cannot see them, but angels are all around us, working hard to make sure we stay safe, reach our goals, and live our best lives.

They love to communicate and will do their best to have you see things like a feather to comfort you when you feel sad thinking of someone you have lost, or whisper in your ear to look down – where there’s treasure to be found. 

Sometimes though, say when you are in a bad place or feeling a little lost, your angels want to send a more substantial message. It could be packed with advice or information, encouragement, or ideas – depending on your situation. Numbers are how the angels choose to get your attention, and ultimately, their message to you.

Now you need to learn more about what the angel number 818 message has to tell you so that you can get the maximum benefit possible from the incredible wisdom and insight from the angelic world.

The meaning of angel number 818

Numerology – the study of numbers – tells us that each has a unique vibration and energy, which can change when added to a number sequence. Here that means looking at the vibrations of number 8 and number 1, along with 818 as a whole.

Angel number messages are important because they are the only way the person being targeted can access the information on offer. Don’t write these things off as coincidences – instead, educate yourself on what angel number 818 has to say.

Develop your intuition and spiritual abilities

How often have you had what is known as a ‘gut feeling’, and been right? Or met someone who seems perfectly pleasant, but they still creeped you out? These are just two ways we rely on a sixth sense to help us out, but not everyone makes the most of this opportunity.

Some people think we are born with the gifts of insight and intuition, however, only a small percentage develop this. Now is your opportunity to polish these skills, and make full use of the benefits they offer.

Seeing angel number 818 is a sign that you have got what it takes to do well in this field, maybe even to find work in it. If the idea of channelling energy to help people excites you, grab this fantastic call to service with both hands.

Identify your potential

Are you living your best life? Getting the most out of every day? If not, then angel number 818 is around to give you hope for the future. This includes tackling any worries you have over your career, health, finances, and so on, to forge a workable path to success.

Focusing only on material wealth or social status as ways to measure happiness means you miss out on so much of life’s good stuff.

Embrace positivity

Negative people are draining. The moaning, the bitterness, the gossiping, and the fear-mongering all pollute your air space, filling it with negative ions that choke your optimism and bring your mood down.

If people cannot or will not, change then the only solution is to avoid them! This leaves space for your upbeat, can-do, have-a-go attitude to thrive, pump out plenty of positive ions, and reap the rewards.

Picture your dream life, pour positivity into your efforts to achieve this, and the angels will respond and help drive good things your way.

Own your actions

Taking responsibility for your life and actions is one of the main messages angel number 818 communicates. This means becoming self-reliant, doing things for yourself where possible rather than automatically passing tasks on. Taking control of your life is empowering. You make the rules, and you reap the benefits of the good things you do.

Learn to let go

A significant part of angel number 818s message is about endings. It can be really tough to let things go or come to an end, but sometimes new opportunities cannot emerge until there is space for them to push through. Officially ending a phase of your life may be sad, but the new adventures which follow will soon fill the gap. Plus, the angels will be with you to offer support and encouragement as you work your way through them.

Examples of 818 angel number messages 

At 62, Gayle was eligible to retire but unable to tolerate the idea. Having never had a family, she couldn’t imagine living alone and losing her social contact with work friends. So she pushed on and ignored the messages the human resource people sent, with helpful suggestions for possible exit routes.

Pretty soon, her angels decided to step in and give Gayle a nudge in the right direction. By leading her to the messages behind angel number 818, she was able to see the possibilities retirement offered, rather than merely panicking over the limitations.

It took some time and effort on her part, but eventually, Gayle saw the benefits of taking on the responsibility for her future. She accepted that leaving work would be tough, but she also welcomed the space created for new ventures and friends.

Angel number 818 and love

Seeing angel number 818 is usually a bit of a warning to look carefully at your love connections. Your love life is more likely to be about routine than romance, efficiency rather than spontaneity, boring where it once was fun and exciting. Does this sound like you?

People seeing 818 around are often guilty of over-committing to their career, and chasing promotion, high sales, or whatever else represents achievement, at the cost of a partner’s needs and desires.

Being successful in providing well for your family is an admirable trait – unless it destroys the family along the way, then it’s kind of pointless.

Take this opportunity to compromise: maintaining routines and goals that fulfill your family commitments and your need to succeed in the workplace.

Angel number 818 is a clear sign that now is the time to identify any problems in your relationship and tackle them. If you are single and looking, then number 818 is a reminder to give love a chance. As you feel more comfortable when things are more structured and organized, why not use a dating agency to help you find a love interest?

Angel number 818 and numerology 

To examine this angel number, we must approach it as 8 +1+ 8. So the qualities of number eight will sandwich those of number one. Mixed numbers affect the overall vibration, so it’s good to look at them both alone and as a set.

Number 8

This is a number that vibrates confidence, stability, personal integrity, good judgment, power, and dependability. It’s drawn to people who like to both give, and receive, have their feet in reality, and are capable manifesters, so they attract the benefits of karma. 8 is a positive number in angelic numerology for both career and financial good luck.

Number 1

This number is bolder than eight, vibrating with energy representing achievement, progress, ambition, success, new ideas, and fresh starts, setting and reaching goals, independence, assertiveness, and inspiration.

Number 818

When a number sandwiches another, as 8 does here, its qualities are magnified, so 818 is pretty intense when it comes to inspiring confidence and being the ultimate achiever in all areas of life.

However, like all numbers, it does have a dark side, and there is some potential for angel number 818 to manifest the negative aspects of doing well financially – like greed and ruthlessness.

What to do after receiving the 818 angel number message  

Probably the initial thing to concentrate on is the message angel number 818 is sending about change. A phase of your life is coming to a natural end, and the transition to something new, and amazing, is about to be undertaken. Typically this involves things like marriages, or jobs beginning or ending; and although the experience will not be the same for everyone, the common thread is a positive outcome.

It is also essential to accept the advice and ideas the angels offer with an open mind and a willing heart. You may not always have things go your way, but you must never forget that the angels only ever have your best interests at heart. 

Final thoughts 

Angel number 818 packs a seriously powerful punch in its message. This is no-nonsense, pull your socks up and get to it kind of talk. If you happen to receive this message, then you are blessed. It represents a positive change, new beginnings, and immense personal growth. Who could ask for more than that?

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