Applying Numerology to your Daily Life 

Have you thought about what applying numerology in your earth life can do for you? It can ease your experience once you learn to consider it a manual or a simplified guide.

Perfect Careers for the Numbers

1 – Public Speaker, Businessman/Woman, Lawyer, Surgeon, Personal Trainer

2 – Writer, Teacher, Conflict Resolution Communicator, Hair Stylist, Make-Up Artist

3 – Dancer, Comedian, Actor, Journalist, Psychologist, Fashion Designer

4 – Banker, Accountant, Lawyer, Architect, Publisher, Office Administrator, Engineer

5 – Chef, Travel Guide, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Nature Photographer, Tech Startup Worker

6 – Environmentalist, Au Pair/Kindergarten Teacher, Animal Rights Worker, Chef, Healer

7 – Researcher, Astrologer, Historian, Dancer, Mathematician

8 – Psychiatrist, CEO, Politician, Law Enforcement Worker, Head of Education

9 – Paramedic, Human Rights Worker, Non-Profit Organizer, Radio Announcer, Musician

11 – Astrologer/Clairvoyant, Artist, Scientist, Charity Worker, Psychologist

22 – Diplomat, Judge, Computer Programmer, Professor, Philanthropist

33 – Musician, Healer, Interior Designer, Yoga Instructor, Nutritionist  

Understanding the Symbols & Numbers That Appear in Daily Life 

11:11 – You need to become more conscious & aware. Your spirit guides are trying to reach you. 

22:22 – Embody more self-discipline. Learn to let go and trust the Universe.

3:33 – This number indicates that your prayers are about to be answered

4:44- Seeing this confirms that angelic beings are near and giving you support, protection and encouragement.

5:55 – If you’re seeing this number, it means that a big change is on it’s way to you and it will be positive.

666 – Trust your creativity, imagination and intelligence to create positive results.

777 – You are ready to grow spiritually by being the best version of yourself. It is the number of God.

888 – You need to bring balance into your life and follow your heart and dreams.

999 – Something in your life will be coming to an end.

Tips for Cultivating Intuition

Build your intuitive skills by lighting a candle each day.

Green is the color of healing and abundance. It’s a particularly good candle to light for wellness and prosperity.

Purple represents spiritual enlightenment.

Close your eyes, say your prayers of gratitude and meditate for 20 minutes if you can. Listen carefully to your “inner voice”/angel guidance as you meditate for answers you are looking for and your intuition will strengthen daily. Keep a journal. 

Where to Go from Here? 

Quick Overview of Numerology

Applying Numerology in this reality gives you the answer to many of life’s mysteries. It gives you simple answers to life’s complicated scenarios, like a person or situation that you wish to understand. In other words, numerology can serve as a guide to where you should be lead when you’re feeling lost.

Be aware of the numbers around you. There are always messages to be discovered!

Start by working out all your core numbers. Work on your strengths and weaknesses and create more harmonious relationships for yourself. Numerology unlocks the hidden messages of the Universe.

Tap into numerology and really discover yourself and your destiny!

About the author 

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