The compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius Horoscopes

Whereas some signs believe that the truest self lies in the heart, Aquarians believe the higher self is expressed on the mental plane.

Let’s have a look at what we conclude when we pair up Aquarius and Aquarius.


Emotions, they reason, cloud the objectivity required to see the truth. While this may not be the whole truth, it is a part of it. Maintaining a certain distance from emotions does give them the ability to see dimensions of the world outside their own. 

It’s easy to see why Aquarius and Aquarius combined are so often dubbed as eccentric visionaries who live on a cloud.

When two Aquarians meet, they experience an immediate electrical charge. This charge can spark dangerously when they respond to disagreements by turning cold. 



Aquarians are the consummate friends of the zodiac. They think everyone has an interesting story to tell. They love weeding out what makes people tick and finding the contradictions in their personalities.

If you look within a crowd, you can often find Aquarian friends standing conveniently off to the side. The requisite voyeurs of the zodiac, Aquarian friends seem to do a lot of “people watching” together. 

In less evolved Aquarian friendships, their natural curiosity can translate to antagonistic behaviors and mind games. In other words, their minds are their sharpest weapons, and they need to guard against using their perceived weaknesses on one another when feeling vulnerable. The same is true of Aquarians in romantic relationships with each other.



Although two Aquarians experience an intellectual alchemy few other signs achieve together, they run the risk of drifting too far into the lofty sky of ideas and missing the mark when it comes to love.

Most Aquarians are either consciously or unconsciously aware of a deep-seated fear of intimacy. When this fear arises in an Aquarian relationship, their shared tendency to intellectualize feelings can become an avoidant behavior. 

Aquarians would do well to remember that, although they are air signs, they are called water bearers for a reason. A hidden part of them is steeped in emotion that they don’t let most people see.

As cerebral air signs, Aquarians feel more comfortable in the realm of thoughts than of feelings. When they find themselves floundering in a sea of their own depth, maintaining a love bond means overcoming the fear of intimacy.



Marriage between two water bearers can be challenging yet intensely rewarding. Aquarians have strong individualities and can get lost in them if they don’t prioritize togetherness.

While the early stages of love are bursting with hormones and infatuation, marriage is about merging lives together and creating routine. This is something many Aquarians fear more than the grid shutting down. 

The happiest Aquarian couples give one another the freedom they so innately need. Usually, this freedom is not about infidelity. Although other signs married to Aquarians have been known to complain about how many friends of the opposite sex they make in their own time.

Still, even the most free-spirited Aquarius couples face an impasse when the novelty of new love wears off and the need for deeper emotional bonding sets in. If they want their love to last, they must make a conscious commitment to overcome their fear of intimacy and mundane daily life together. 


Although Aquarians are very articulate, they should avoid using words to dodge rather than address issues that make them uncomfortable.

They may be able to give other signs lip service, but they will recognize patterns of avoidance in each other.

Whether they use this intimate knowledge of one another to understand each other or push one another away is their choice.



The sexual relationship between two Aquarians is easily one of the most unconventional and intriguing. Like with most other areas of life, Aquarians think outside of the box when it comes to sex.

With other signs, water bearers might have to temper their stranger desires, which usually have a quixotic nature. Aquarians intellectualize sex more than any other sign. Thus, it’s all about psychological thrills for them. 

When they’re together in bed, they break out of the proverbial box and explore new territories together. They’re not a sign to repress even their kinkiest fantasies, and they feel set free when they’re together. 

Of all the sexual pairs in the zodiac, two Aquarians are the most likely to find satisfaction in a no-strings, purely sexual affair. They are the ultimate friends with benefits and are unlikely to form any false attachments. When Aquarians fall in love with one another, it takes a lot for them to face their fear of intimacy and achieve real, lasting closeness. That’s why when two water bearers make a commitment, it’s usually the real deal.


  • Aquarius people share humanitarian ordeals. They’re a powerful force when they work together for a good cause. They have an expansive worldview, and love is more important to them on a universal level than on an intimate one. Therefore, their energies are freed up to do good things for people around them.
  • Water bearers value their freedom so much that they support it in each other. They don’t smother or try to possess each other. This comes from an understanding that, although human beings are interconnected, no one really belongs to anyone. In the Aquarian mind, our individualities and togetherness are all part of a larger, universal order.
  • Last but not least, Aquarians share an uncanny intelligence and stimulate each other’s minds in ways no one else can.


  • As fixed air signs, Aquarians are stubborn. They don’t easily change their thoughts. This could result in a power struggle.
  • Aquarians can be self-involved and get so lost in their individual pursuits that they tend to neglect the relationship.
  • Water bearers can be afraid of intimacy and run away from it rather than deal with their fears. For this reason, love often misses its mark with them. They may throw away what could potentially be the great love of their lives. 

Summary of Aquarius and Aquarius

As fixed air signs, analytical Aquarians are famously known to intellectualize matters of the heart. This can make them seem like cool customers, but they are actually humanitarians at heart.

Many Aquarians have been known to fight for the underdog. Philosophical by nature, Aquarians are often so focused on abstract, universal concepts that they seem somehow above the mundane details of daily life.

This can be misperceived as arrogance by other signs, whose minds don’t reach quite as high into the stratosphere as Aquarians. 

However, Aquarians often feel an immediate kinship with other Aquarians, whose thoughts travel similar paths into the lofty sky of ideals. Two people born under this sign often seem to be speaking in a language the rest of the world can’t necessarily understand. 


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