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Of all the areas in which Cancer and Aquarius differ, this is probably the biggest. As a water sign ruled by the moon, Cancer lives within his deep core of emotion. Being so emotionally driven, Cancer struggles all his life to apply logic to his life decisions.

However, the crab’s deep connection to others’ emotions and the unseen forces in life make him highly intuitive. He won’t hesitate to trust his instincts, even without concrete evidence to back them up. 

Aquarius is an air sign, which means he generally processes life intellectually, believing that emotions cloud the truth. You can see where problems might arise. However, Aquarius is also an emotional creature beneath his detached exterior.

 While Cancer is ruled by the waxing and waning cycles of the moon, and as such feels intrinsically connected to the darker, mysterious forces of the world, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.

Aquarian moods strike like the unpredictable lightning flashes of Uranus, and the water bearer often emanates an electrical energy. This is usually what first draws Cancer to him.

Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn, the planet of logic and restriction; this helps explain their adherence to logic and restrictive attitude toward emotions.



Aquarius and Cancer can have one of the richest, most interesting friendships of the zodiac. They are both drawn to the occult, mysterious aspects of life, and their eccentricity bonds them instantly.

With his extroversion and wacky plethora of ideas, hobbies, and theories about everything under the sun, Aquarius knows how to draw Cancer out of her shell. This adventurous friendship might find internalized Cancer coming into herself and her place in the world rather than hiding herself away.

Cancer’s dry, somewhat wacky sense of humor reflects her own feeling for the absurd, and offbeat Aquarius loves this about her. Their friendship often takes on the mood of a satire; they endlessly amuse one another and everyone else who knows them.

When these two become close, there may be an exclusive quality to their relationship; they’re up high on a stage of their own making, and everyone else is a spectator. 



A romance between Cancer and Aquarius will also find Cancer coming out of her shell. The water bearer’s intelligence and constant metaphysical theorizing about the meaning of life connects the crab to the world outside herself.

Because of her connection to the cyclic moon, Cancer also feels viscerally aware of a universal force greater than herself. And Aquarius applies intellect and understanding to this sense. 

The trouble typically comes once emotional intimacy develops between the two. Cancer’s strong emotions make her a decidedly insecure character at times. She takes comfort in convention and quite relishes the idea of building four walls around her relationship to keep Aquarius in. But Aquarius has an innate need for freedom.

He often perceives Cancer’s insecurity as a desire to trap him and her love of convention a way to keep him inside the box. However, he’d rather live outside of it, exploring the unknown. 

Life for Aquarius is often an unending expedition onto new lands and into unexplored realms of being. Yet Aquarius’s need for freedom has nothing to do with his or her love for Cancer. It’s about who he is, not who she is. The sooner the crab learns this, the better their chances to make it to the next step.



Marriage can be successful for these two as long as they respect each other’s differences. They also have to accept that both their moods will be unpredictable. Also, there will be times when they just don’t understand one another.

This marriage works best if Cancer is at a point in life where he or she has accepted herself for the emotional person she is and Aquarius is emotionally secure enough to give her the nurturing she needs.

A word of advice to Cancer: Aquarius wants to be loved, but he does not want to be drowned in a sea of it. His need for freedom and some level of detachment is part of who he is. He needs both space and love.

A word of caution to both: Cancer is a natural caretaker, and should be careful not to sacrifice her dreams to support the water bearer’s own, even if they’re larger than life. 



These two need to take extra care with this part of their relationship. Aquarius sees herself as bluntly honest, believing it’s better to tell a truth that hurts than save feelings with a lie.

While this may be true to an extent, Aquarius’s trademark detachment can make him seem insensitive at times. To Cancer, this delivery of harsh truths can easily cut too deep. This method will make the crab retreat into his shell every time.

When Aquarius can speak what he perceives as the truth with compassion and emotional sensitivity, the two can overcome this problem.



The sexual relationship between Cancer and Aquarius is intense and unique. For Aquarius, the cornerstone of good sex is experimentation. Cancer is one of the most sexually open-minded and expressive signs of the zodiac.

As in every other area of the relationship, Cancer has a strong desire to take care of Aquarius and bring his dreams to life. They are both usually more than willing to try new things and play new games, especially when they involve role playing.

The only possible drawback of this sexual relationship lies in the emotional climate between them. When Cancer is wounded, he or she often withdraws and pulls away before exploding (usually at some unexpected time in the future, over a small slight).

Straightforward Aquarius has trouble understanding this behavior, and often responds by criticizing it. If there is a conflict brewing between them, the problems will show up in the bedroom.



  • The sexual chemistry between these two is strong, and they never become bored with each other in the bedroom.
  • Aquarius has a way of getting Cancer out of her shell and helping her feel more connected to the world.
  • Cancer engages the emotional side of Aquarius and makes him feel secure enough to share it with her.


  • Both of their moods are unpredictable and can become volatile at times.
  • Cancer is a cardinal water sign, which means she acts on her feelings and asserts her desires in strong (if sometimes passive aggressive) ways. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. This means he is straightforward and doesn’t take kindly to being controlled. He also doesn’t react well to passive aggression.
  • If Cancer tries to possess Aquarius, the water bearer might be scared away or feel boxed in.

Summary of Aquarius and Cancer

This pair is often attracted to each other.

Whether the connection evolves into something more than a fling depends on many factors, such as how strong their connection is and where they each are in life.


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