The compatibility of Aquarius and Capricorn Horoscopes

Traditional astrology makes the mistake of presuming that Capricorn is pragmatic and doesn’t believe in intangible realities he can’t perceive with his five senses.

It would be much more accurate to say that Capricorn believes in plenty of the same theories and abstract philosophies that Aquarius does.

The difference is that she doesn’t put stock in the world of ideas. He does, but it’s usually enough that she explores them with him.


There are a few things that most people don’t understand about Capricorns, but Aquarius does. For one thing, Caps are as internally sensitive as they are outwardly stoic. They have a deep emotional core that shallow people can’t tap into. But Aquarius is insightful enough that she might just open it up to him.

The other thing people don’t seem to know is that Saturn-ruled people seek to transcend hardship through extraordinary experiences in life. The planetary influence of Saturn usually dictates that they’ve survived some sort of trauma or difficulty in their early lives. They escape it by side-stepping mediocrity and biding their time until an unusual love comes along. 

Aquarius is definitely unusual. In their younger years, Caps might mistake the complete inability to assimilate with society or show empathy for most people as “extraordinary”. But hopefully, as she grows, her ideal Aquarian type will be one who channels his/her mad genius into humanitarianism.



One (of many) things people don’t understand about Aquarius is that he is ruled by Uranus, but Saturn is the sign’s secondary ruler. That means that Aquarius has a logical and somewhat restrictive nature, as well. Usually, Aquarius does not restrict his ideas, but rather, his emotional expression.

The same could be said of intellectual Cap, so these two connect on many levels. Their friendship often starts with mutual artistic and intellectual interests. Only later do they realize their emotional understanding of one another is what deeply bonds them. 



Although Saturn definitely imposes restrictions on these people in the form of hardship, Capricorn is one of the most patient signs. The pain and suffering they can endure before giving up is awe-inspiring to Aquarius. Capricorn has often felt old since he was very young.

Playful, curious Aquarius commonly brings the child of Capricorn to life, restoring her own joy and wonder. This unlikely love connection has a strong foundation in friendship, which is one of the reasons they may just last for a lifetime.



No matter how conventional or unconventional Capricorn is (and he usually tends toward the conventional side), commitment is important to him. Aquarius is capable of such a commitment, but has so many individual interests and friendships outside their relationship, Capricorn might initially have trust issues. 

However, these two are clear, honest communicators who have the ability to understand where each other are coming from. And once practical Capricorn understands something, she leaves her doubt behind permanently. Also, her earthy, grounded personality means that she has the strength to deal with Aquarius’s changeable moods. 

Capricorns of both sexes tend to be career oriented, so their partners can feel free to pursue their separate ambitions and interests.



The average Capricorn gives a lot of careful contemplation to decisions and likes to adhere to a plan. Aquarius, whose quicksilver moods and impulses strike like rapid-fire, can easily grow impatient with Capricorn’s careful plodding along.

However, both are straightforward. They do not lie, or at least they believe they always tell the truth. Aquarius is morally attached to “the truth” in most situations, and practical Capricorn believes in putting all of his or her cards on the table. After all, he believes he can’t get what he wants unless he asks for it.

Capricorn is very attached to getting the things they want. To be fair, they’ve wanted such things since they were small children, and their entire life has been hinged upon a long plan toward the realization of their dreams. 



The goat has a secret kinky, adventurous side that Aquarius happily indulges. Saturn’s restrictive influence means Cap has had little time to play and be totally free. Aquarius gives her this in bed. Few would suspect that Capricorn needs a mentor, but in bed, Aquarius often takes control. The water bearer acts as a gentle, adoring mentor to Capricorn, who opens up to him emotionally and physically.

The one caveat is that the emotional and physical have to go together for this sexual relationship to work. Aquarius likes to keep a certain distance from his emotions, but unless he expresses them to Capricorn, it’s unlikely that Cap will feel safe entering an intimate relationship.

If, however, it’s a purely sexual fling, Capricorn and Aquarius share a strong enough intellectual bond that Cap is willing to go all the way. Aquarius is a highly mental sign, and in many ways, so is Capricorn. The mental stimulation they give to each other is the most exciting part of this affair. 



  • Aquarius makes Capricorn feel alive, and they have fun together.
  • Capricorn, like all earth signs, can help make Aquarius’s larger-than-life dreams come true in reality.
  • Capricorn and Aquarius are both creative and intellectual enough to never bore each other.


  • Capricorn can be much more grounded than Aquarius and may not be willing to go with the water barer down every twisting, turning path she travels. Usually, if Cap goes on some of them, that will be enough for the individualistic Aquarius. But if Cap can’t keep up with Aquarius intellectually, all bets are off.
  • Aquarius’s changeable moods might scare or agitate the more sensitive Caps.
  • Capricorn is a cardinal leadership sign, which means she acts on what she wants. Her approach to conflict is action-oriented. Aquarius is a fixed sign, which means the goat might be butting her head against a stone wall when she tries to goad Aquarius into taking the action she wants.

Summary of Aquarius and Capricorn

This relationship has serious long-term potential, but these two are undeniably different in many ways. The probable worst case scenario for a romance between them is that they part ways romantically, but stay good friends.

The best case scenario is that they may not live perfectly ever after, but love each other for who they are. They can make fun of the imperfect parts of their relationship, especially in the bedroom.


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