Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

The Compatibility of Aquarius and Gemini Horoscope


Although blunt, logical Aquarius finds lying absurd, and Gemini is prone to stretching the truth, the twins will probably be a lot more honest with the water bearer than anyone else.

Because Aquarius can be an eccentric loner at times and values freedom as much as Gemini, she doesn’t have to lie for the sake of her freedom. (Side note: The use of the word “freedom” here doesn’t refer to infidelity, but space and time to pursue their varied individual interests.)

Gemini also won’t have to create imaginary flights of fancy to stave off boredom in this combination.



Gemini and Aquarius are thick as thieves and partners in crime. They can often be found engaging in friendly intellectual debates that explore every aspect of a topic and then some. Their conversations can seem very “stream of consciousness” to onlookers, who likely can’t follow anyway. 

Although Gemini is generally the more self-involved of the two, her subjective world colored by her own experiences, she admires how rational and humane her Aquarian partner can be.

That doesn’t mean the twins will take a lesson from the water bearer and start caring more about the world as a whole than herself and the people she loves most. See, just because a Gemini understands or even agrees with Aquarius’s broader, more objective world view doesn’t mean she’ll live in accordance with it.

Gemini does not always live according to truths he perceives, and this disconnect makes him seem cold to other signs. However, Aquarius’s intellectual understanding of Gemini means that conflicts in this friendship rarely drive a real wedge between them.



Relationships between these two kindred souls often last a lifetime. Even when they don’t, the memory of their connection profoundly shapes their life experience. Gemini is a mutable sign, which usually means they can live alongside vastly different opinions. Thus, they need not agree on everything. Gemini’s opinions frequently change with the tide. 

As a fixed air sign, Aquarius is more attached to his or her thoughts, ideals, and worldview. Still, Gemini is smart enough to understand this-and to leave it alone. She knows she has a great thing with Aquarius, who also processes most things in life on a cerebral level.

These two air signs rarely get too bogged down in a sea of emotion. When they do, their logic is their life raft. Rationality overcomes emotion in the end, and everybody wins.

The only danger here is that they both live so much in their heads that the passionate, emotional nature of love misses its mark here. If they fail to make a deeper emotional connection, they’ll probably still part as great friends.



There may be no such thing as a match made in heaven, but this has the potential to live up to the idea. Notice I said it can live up to the idea of love, not necessarily embody the emotional reality of it. Neither of these signs particularly like to delve deep into their own emotions and expose their vulnerabilities. However, if they’re connected enough, they can gain an emotional understanding of one another (rather than just a mental one, which comes quickly for them). Then this marriage has the very real potential to survive this couple’s quirks and last far into the future. 



Communication is usually the cornerstone of this relationship, and it’s what saves them when they each get lost in their own perspectives. However, Gemini and Aquarius have a tendency to get lost in the vivid landscape of their own imaginations. Together they are all talk and no action.

They have to make a concerted effort to ground each other. When they succeed in this, they can make many of their dreams into reality.



If the idea of an intellectualized sex life sounds boring to you, you’ve never met this couple. Gemini and Aquarius are primarily excited by mental stimulation. Period. The verbal encounters and spars of these intellectualized lovers can take them further than actual sex does many other couples. 

Often, when these two indulgently recollect their sexual experiences over coffee (which they often do), it’s the nuanced parts of sex that turn them on – a look that spoke a thousand words or the way they know how to use deprivation to intensify satisfaction when it comes. Gemini and Aquarius can really find a million ways to love each other, and often do.

Sex between the twins and the water bearer is rarely of the garden variety. And when it is, rest assured that signifies the idea of something special between them in that moment.

They favor variety and readily explore sex in new places. These new places can be real or mental. Either way, there’s always something new to try or a new game to play. They’re like children on the playground, and the fun never ends.



  • Although Gemini and Aquarius both live for variety and can be major flirts, their mental bond means they gravitate back toward each other. 
  • Because they’re both logical people (save for Gemini’s flights of fancy and Aquarius’s wild quirks), they don’t usually let emotion cloud their vision long-term.
  • Aquarius has the ability to provide both stability and excitement, a combination Geminis desperately need in their lives.


  • Gemini often has more than one view of the same subject and is not as emotionally attached to his ideals as Aquarius is. Since Aquarius is a fixed sign, his stubbornness can infuriate Gemini, who embraces change.
  • Although these two are intellectually compatible, they’re both avoidant when it comes to emotions. Matters of the heart need to be processed with the heart and mind. Too much of either one causes conflict.
  • Aquarius can be blunt and insensitive, and Gemini’s fragile ego is bruised by this. Even if she moves on easily, if this happens often enough, her wounded anger will surface. And Aquarius will brush it off because he finds it illogical.

Summary of Aquarius and Gemini

Gemini and Aquarius are one of the most compatible combinations in the zodiac. As air signs, they both value intellect and need an excess of mental stimulation to thrive.

As evidenced by its symbol of the twins, Gemini is a world of contradictions. If anyone has the ability to understand him or her, it’s Aquarius.

And while some other signs might grab Gemini’s attention for a fleeting encounter, Aquarius is one of the only signs who is more than capable of holding her interest for the long-term.


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