The compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces Horoscopes

Aquarius’s approach to life couldn’t be less different from that of Pisces.

While Aquarians tend to process most matters on a cerebral level, Pisceans are intuitive and emotional. Pisces may not even be able to explain to themselves why they think or feel something is true. 


Aquarians, however, pride themselves on being objective and believe that emotions only serve to cloud the truth. Essentially, Aquarius prefers to live life on a mental plane of existence. On the other hand, Pisces finds most truths inside the depth of their sensitive hearts.

Yet these two have a few strong commonalities. They are both enigmas to themselves and others. They’re continuously transfixed with the hidden aspects of life. Each is deeply shrouded in the unseen and mesmerized by the other’s approach to uncovering the mysteries of the world.

Aquarius tries to solve the question of existence with physics, as if the universe were coded in one long, measurable equation. Pisces has a more esoteric interest in the cosmos and doesn’t require tangible answers to be satisfied. 



Friendship is probably the smoothest kind of bond for these two. Romantic relationships between them can crack under the pressure to fit their lives together intimately.

But without that pressure, friendships between Aquarians and Pisceans are free to explore their very different worlds together.

These unfathomable creatures recognize a fellow eccentric in the other. They stand to learn a lot from each other and have a great time doing so.



Romantic relationships between Aquarius and Pisces are challenging but have the power to transport them both into another world. To Aquarius, Pisces’ internal world doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Luckily, if there’s one thing Aquarians like most, it’s to solve a riddle.

Elusive Pisces is a tough code to crack, which only makes Aquarius more determined. Water bearers usually have a deeply rooted fear of intimacy and attraction to the unknown, so they relish the chase. Pisces, however, may feel emotionally neglected or misunderstood by an Aquarius lover. 

There’s a reason the sign of Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisceans themselves are seemingly characterized by contradictions. Like Gemini, they see more than one truth to every situation. They crave romance, yet they often retreat into themselves when they most need connection.

They want to be understood, but their beliefs vary based on their ever-changing moods. All too often, Aquarius might grow weary of keeping up with Pisces and get sidetracked by his own plethora of interests. 



Marriage presents its own unique pleasures and challenges for these two. Because marriage requires them to fit their lives together, the love and commitment between them has to outweigh the dissonance that naturally occurs within this pairing.

It’s all too easy for Aquarians to get lost in their minds and Pisceans to get lost in their emotions. If they each live too fully in separate realms, they may not be able to build a bridge back to each other. 

Yet the alchemy between fish and water bearers is often so strong that their marriage is periodically sustained by passion alone. Besides, they’re both so idealistic that they believe their love can survive anything, including their differences. 

Although Aquarius might have thought he caught this slippery fish for his or her own, Pisces soon captures the water bearer’s heart. Once these two fall in love, they must surrender to it completely if they don’t want their differences to tear them apart.

This bond requires a deep commitment, but when they do commit to one another, their happiness can last a lifetime. 



Commitment is the first cornerstone of a healthy relationship between the fish and the water bearer; good communication is the second one.

Pisces tends to communicate nonverbally and indirectly, often saying one thing and meaning another. Although at first this can intrigue Aquarius, the water bearer soon gets fed up.

He lets Pisces know in no uncertain terms how immature and ineffective he finds her evasiveness. Pisces’ emotions have been strong since he or she was born; it’s easy for a Pisces to fall into the trap of believing he is a victim.

Aquarius’s criticisms, which come across as cold, only perpetuate Pisces’ martyrdom. While Aquarians view themselves as logical, Pisceans often experience them as harsh and unforgiving of their all-too-human frailties.

The good news is that Pisces’ mutability means they get over things fast. They live in a constant state of fluctuation; they’re as fluid as a river. 



This is one of the most creative, boundless sexual pairings in the entire zodiac.

Both Aquarius and Pisces are open-minded lovers. Pisces transports Aquarius into a deeper world of intimacy than he or she knew existed. Pisceans are the die hard romantics, attuned to every need and nuance of his/her Aquarius lover.

In turn, Aquarius learns that sex can be a means of opening one’s heart and nurturing his lover. Pisces is a natural role player, and Aquarius indulges the fish.

As they both love to explore uncharted territory, so there is no end to the erotic possibilities in this pairing. 



  • Since they are mysteries even to themselves, Aquarius and Pisces never get bored of each other. The fact that each remains somewhat elusive heightens the excitement factor. This relationship retains its freshness far beyond the usual date of expiration.
  • Their differences can be what brings them together. Ideally, Pisces learns how to temper emotion with logic, and Aquarius makes peace with his or her emotional depth.
  • These two are true visionaries. Thus, their life together can be a beautiful art form if they choose harmony over chaos.


  • As a fixed air sign, Aquarius can be stubborn. It sometimes takes brute force to change the water bearer’s mind, and the fish wasn’t made to knock down walls. Like a fish moving upstream, Pisces was made to go with the flow, and sometimes swims right past Aquarius.  
  • Pisces are empaths, which means they feel and absorb the energy of others. They’re so attuned to the subtle emotional frequencies around them that feelings can cloud logic for them. 
  • Aquarius is highly cerebral. They resent what they view as Pisces’ insistence on taking so many things personally.
  • Pisces often wear their emotions on their sleeve. Less evolved Aquarians might use their mental prowess to antagonize Pisceans. This behavior usually stems from a fear of intimacy and a need to maintain control. 

Summary of Aquarius and Pisces

If both people are open to it, this unique bond has the power to yield major spiritual growth. It is often a karmic bond that imparts important life lessons.

However, if Aquarius and Pisces are not on the same page, this relationship can be very destructive. When these two are inevitably drawn together, the relationship between them is what they make it.

For mature Pisceans and Aquarians, this bond can potentially change both their lives for the better.


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