The Compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus Horoscope

When Taurus meets Aquarius, it may seem as if everything about the water bearer goes against the grain of the bull’s nature. At the most basic level, their needs are not met by each other.

Taurus is earthy, practical, and needs security. Aquarius is airy, idealistic, and understands the impermanent nature of this world.

Whereas Taurus seeks to set boundaries and live comfortably within them, Aquarius is primarily concerned with breaking them. 


So what draws them together when they do form a close bond? It may be a genuine case of opposites attracting.

Within every seemingly opposite zodiac pairing, there lives the potential for strong bonding and karmic learning. Each realizes that he inherently lacks what the other has in excess.

Taurus can help keep Aquarius balanced enough to explore his dreams. Aquarius can help open up the world to guarded Taurus, and help the bull see it in enlightening new ways.

There is a lot of spiritual growth to be gleaned from this pairing if they can harmoniously manage their differences.



Friendships between Aquarius and Taurus can be lifelong because of the lessons they teach one another. Taurus is ruled by Venus and innately believes that love holds the meaning of life. Aquarius considers intellect the purest form of knowledge, because it is untainted by emotion.

If Taurus can show Aquarius over time that some answers can only be found in the heart and that love is life’s greatest connector, Aquarius will feel a lifelong respect and admiration for the bull.

It is best if the water bearer can open the stubborn bull’s mind to the beautiful diversity of the world. Seeing the world from multiple perspectives can give Taurus the understanding and compassion he or she needs to embody love. 

Although these lessons can be especially powerful in a romantic relationship, they might learn it more completely as friends. That’s because friendships between Taurus and Aquarius are less likely to trigger their fears as intensely.



For Taurus, love gives natural order to the chaos of the universe. To Aquarius, the meaning of life is something to be studied from the distance of objectivity (or a telescope in a lab under the stars, if such a thing exists).

The key to learning from one another is letting their guard down, which neither sign does easily. Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs. Thus, each have a deeply ingrained resistance to change (yes, even Aquarius, who is very attached to his own belief system).

The real reason for their resistance to one another is fear. Although neither wears his emotions on his sleeve, both Taurus and Aquarius have hidden sensitivity. In order for this relationship to have staying power, they have to make peace with the hidden vulnerable core they don’t readily show the world.



As you might imagine, Taurus and Aquarius marriages can be complicated. In order for a marriage between them to work, they have to stretch themselves to meet each other’s needs.

Because they’re both fixed signs, this can be challenging. This is especially true for Taurus, whose earthy sense of practicality is threatened by Aquarius’s abstract, ever-changing outlook. 

However, Taurus has to open his or her mind and show interest in Aquarius’s thought process for this relationship to work. Otherwise, Aquarius closes off to Taurus and their relationship dies out.

If Taurus decides to step out of her comfort zone and embrace Aquarius’s way of thinking, she may be steeply rewarded; he might just respond by taking a step forward out of his own comfort zone and opening his heart.

It may not happen all at once, though. Chances are, it will happen the way everything else with Aquarius does: piece by piece, gradually forming a bigger picture. And Taurus, who was once put off by his seeming lack of romance, will become the gatekeeper of the water bearer’s heart. 



Both Taurus and Aquarius have a certain passivity about them. They don’t always make their needs clear in a straightforward manner. This can complicate their relationship even more.

The bull tends to brood for a while before finally charging at full force, a move that sends the water bearer sprinting in the other direction. Aquarius responds to force with this sign’s signature detachment, further wounding the bull. 

Again, relating to one another with love rather than anger can do wonders for this relationship. Luckily for them, love is a Taurean specialty. Ruled by feminine Venus, they will dote on their mates and nurture them, even at times when their partners are hardest to love.

They subscribe to the saying, “Those who are hardest to love need it the most.” They are hands down the most pampering sign in the zodiac. If Aquarius responds in kind, this can be a match made in heaven – at least some of the time.



Taurus is probably the most conventionally romantic sign of all, and Aquarius might be the least. Earth-ruled Taureans crave earthy, sensual pleasures, while Aquarius is a more complicated sexual character.

The biggest thrill for Aquarius is mental foreplay, and the mind games often continue throughout the whole affair. For Taurus, sex is all about the romance. As an earth sign, Taurus innately feels that emotions and attraction are best conveyed through touch. As an air sign, Aquarius tends to express love through ideas and shared experiences. 

Yet when they bring their different worlds together, this pairing has earth-shattering erotic potential. If Aquarius can share the deep well of emotion that lives inside him, his creative ways of showing love take on new, sacred meaning for Taurus. If Taurus can take care of Aquarius both physically and mentally during lovemaking, they can reach heights few others have skimmed. 



  • Both bulls and water bearers prefer peace rather than conflict. A Taurean bull only charges when he feels threatened. And Aquarius usually has the logic to pull back and discuss matters of the heart when both have had a chance to calm down. 
  • Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs, meaning they don’t easily quit something once they’ve invested themselves. Once they bond, they’re eager to stick it out.
  • They can bring out the best or the worst of each other. However, when times are good, they’re often good enough to outweigh the bad.


  • Taurus believes what he or she perceives with the five senses. They may distrust the intangible concepts Aquarius embraces.
  • When an Aquarius truly falls in love with a Taurus, the bull’s warm nature can bridge the gap between Aquarius’s mind and heart. Taurus brings harmony to those around him.
  • Aquarius can be blunt and insensitive at times, and Venus-ruled Taurus is easily hurt. This can lead Aquarius to believe Taurus is just too sensitive and wants him to sugarcoat the truth, which he will never do. 

Summary of Aquarius and Taurus

The differences between Taurus and Aquarius can be the driving force that either keeps them together or pulls them apart.

Often these two meet and don’t click, but when they do feel an attraction, it’s often worth exploring beyond first impressions. The relationship might just be the experience of a lifetime.


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