A guide on the Aquarius horoscope which is represented by the Water bearer.

A Quick Introduction to Aquarius

Aquarius, the last of the air signs, is known as the “friendly” sign. It is the one that seeks equality and human rights for all.

As an Aquarius, you emphasize the group over the individual, which makes you someone who can be an impactful altruist. You’re often someone who has the right ideas to make the world a better place.

You live by these ideals. For you, a Utopian world of brotherly peace is not an impossibility, and it starts with your own, inner circle.

Always someone with many friends and easily popular, you are known to be sociable and graceful in a group environment. Aquarius usually brings others together.

You just love sharing your ideals and opinions with others and to learn all you can in the process. 

This ability and love of learning makes you a born philosopher. Because of this, you generally are able to take all of life’s challenges lightly, knowing that it’s all for your personal growth.

You see life as a school of which you are an avid student. There’s never any end to the lessons. This also translates as a passion for actual learning, and seldom are you not studying or teaching. You take in information at the same rate as you pass it on, never wanting to cling too much onto any intellectual property. 

However, this quality doesn’t stop you from being a little proud of your ideas. At times, you can be rather surprisingly rigid in your opinions. With your key phrase being “I know”, you can come off as rather stubborn. 

The Aquarius Symbol 

The symbol for your sign often confuses people and leads them to believe that you are a water sign. However, the water bearer is in fact carrying and pouring out the “waters of knowledge” into the world. You share what you know, intellectually, to make the planet a better place. 

These waters of wisdom that you share nourish mankind by bringing them consciousness and awareness. You help others to understand themselves and how to take that knowledge and share it even more widely.

In short, the water bearer is a kind of teacher and one of the few “human” symbols in the zodiac, along with Gemini and Libra. This means that your group is the most conscious, socially intelligent, and smartest trinity of all the signs! 

Element of Aquarius

As already mentioned, your sign is often thought to be water, though nothing could be further from the truth.

Your ruling element is, in fact, air. This imparts the gifts of intelligence, rationality, detachment, and objectivity, as well as bestowing you with sociability and quick wit. 

Your air element often marks you out as a great thinker of sorts, and in some cases, makes you inventive as well as intellectually progressive. You are often light years ahead of the world, thinking far ahead into the future. This often makes you the “weirdo” with the strange ideas.

You need to be able to share your wisdom with others, which makes you a natural teacher and an eternal student. Nothing is more pleasurable to you than learning, and your airiness makes you a pleasure to learn from.

You tend to be light and don’t give in too much to messy emotions. You prefer to rationalize a problem and solve it from a mental perspective. This is a wonderful gift, yet can make you appear cold or distant to those who are more feeling-orientated. 

Ruling Planet of Aquarius

You are one of the signs that have two rulers. Your traditional, “old school” ruler is Saturn, the planet of responsibility, duty, wisdom, and lessons.

You display strong qualities linked to this planet. Even though you can be rebellious, you tend to only rebel against that which is unjust or inhibits your precious freedom.

Generally speaking, you are an authoritative member of society, quite often very serious, and can be highly responsible. After all, Saturn is said to be in his “joy” in Aquarius, showing his lighter and more positive qualities. 

The other ruler associated with your sign is Uranus, the planet of eccentricity, rebellion, freedom, change, and technology.

This is the planet that gives you all those quirky qualities that many people associate with your sign. It also adds to that unique nature of yours, perhaps balancing the need to be free with the need to create lasting structures and attend to your responsibilities. 

Aquarius Birthstone/s

The well-known stone associated with your sign is the beautiful amethyst, a stone known to deepen intuition and help you tap into your inner wisdom. Wearing or carrying this stone can assist you in maximizing your positive Aquarian qualities. 

Key Traits of an Aquarius


Your greatest and most wonderful strength is your ability to inspire others, Aquarius. Through the passion you have for knowledge and your talent for sharing it, you help others to live their very best lives and to learn as much as they can.

Paired with your fantastic ability to share information in an accessible, fun, and friendly way, you are someone that others look up to and admire.

Your mind is another one of your strengths (you can even verge on genius). As long as you out your ideas into action, you really can change the world.

Your love for mankind and helpful friendliness are qualities that help to make lives better and draw many people to you. It provides you with friendships that last a lifetime. 


The biggest thing you have to work on, Aquarius, is your fear of emotion, which can prevent close, intimate bonds to develop.

Sometimes, you have to try and take the spotlight off the mind and intellect and learn to dive into the heart. This way, you can prevent feelings of loneliness, even when in a crowd.

Once you have balanced feelings and reason, you can find yourself more “whole” and take your friendships even deeper. The other weakness to work on is a tendency towards intellectual superiority, which can make you appear as a “know-it-all”, hating to have your opinions challenged.

Being truly open to other ideas makes you someone willing to grow and learn.

Love & Sexuality for the Aquarius

For you, love has to go hand in hand with friendship. If your partner doesn’t feel like your very best friend, then you may not invest yourself in the relationship as all.

And whilst passion is fine, you prefer to have someone with whom you can share your ideas, dreams, and ideals. You also prefer someone who shares theirs with you and cultivates a deep mental bond.

Above all, you need your space and independence, and you can’t abide a clingy, needy, or emotional partner. The upside of this is that you are very happy to give your partner the same space to grow, explore, and expand, keeping your relationship fresh and interesting. 

Sexually, you can be detached. You may perhaps even analyse the physical a bit much rather than just losing yourself in the simple primal act of lovemaking.

Your challenge is to switch your mind off and to see your partner as not only a friend, but also someone sexy and sexual. This way, you can switch gears in order to make your sex life exciting and passionate. 

Aquarius Friends & Family

Friendship is your highest ideal, and community is your greatest pleasure in life. You are almost never short on friends, unless by choice, and those friendships tend to last forever.

You have a close inner circle, as well as an outer circle usually comprised of groups you belong to and communities you’ve created.

You are generally a very loved and popular sign and extremely friendly to all. Though, at times, you feel as if you are on the outside looking in. Learning to open up emotionally is the key to even greater friendships! 

When it comes to family, you’re likely to have been highly independent from a young age and a rebellious teen.

You may have given your family grief when young. However, when you’re older, you tend to mend the bridges and become closer and more willing to form deeper bonds, though always remaining independent.

When family becomes suffocating (as a child, sibling, or a parent yourself), you tend to suffer and need to carve out precious time for yourself. 

Aquarius Career & Money 

Your chosen career needs to be one in which you can flex your mental and analytical muscles and keep learning and growing.

If you’re unable to keep the flow of new information in and out, you get bored quickly. This may result in you moving into a profession that satisfies this urge.

Teaching is the perfect profession for many of you, no matter the subject. However, you do prefer to be passionate about the content!

Writing and technology-related careers are also very appealing to you, as is a profession that allows you to help others in some way. 

Financially, you tend to be quite responsible, though not very materialistic whatsoever.

You prefer to spend your money on experiences and knowledge over things. Thus, you may have a few well-worn, old pieces of furniture but a proud display of educational achievements. 

Signs most compatible with Lady Aquarius

A female Aquarius can be threatening for those who need a submissive, emotionally sensitive partner.

Your independence and detachment suit a man who is equally so and one who is able to happily give you all the space you need. You crave a powerful mental bond and won’t be able to be with someone who doesn’t match your intellect.

You also need someone who values friendship more than passion. 

A lady Aquarius goes well with: 

  • An independent Aries
  • A fun-loving Sagittarius
  • An airy Libra 
  • A clever Gemini 

Signs most compatible with the Male Aquarius

As a male Aquarius, you can be extra detached and rational. So you need a woman who is not going to be overly sensitive when you need a bit of space and distance, or when you prefer to go the logical route instead of the emotional one.

You give a lot of space and need a lot, so your ideal woman is independent and self-sufficient. She is able to do things happily on her own, as well as be your closest friend. 

Your sign is best matched with: 

  • An analytical Virgo
  • A smart Gemini
  • An independent Aries
  • A balanced Libra 

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