The Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius Horoscope


The Aries and Aquarius love match is anything but boring. While Aquarius’s detached demeanor may always be an area of contention for this pairing, their mutual creativity means this bond has the potential to hold each other’s interest long-term. If you know someone who is either of these signs, you know this is not an easy feat!

Each has an insatiable curiosity and likes to chase life experiences outside the box of convention. Like pioneers, these two are always looking to discover new frontiers and break old boundaries.

However, the differences between them are colossal. Thus, a long-term romance requires genuine love, patience, and compromise to last.



Friendship is probably the area where this connection flourishes best. Without the pressure of merging their lives together as in marriage, their differences cause less conflict. They also leave more room for more inspiration and exploration.

Both Aries and Aquarius loves to live life on the edge and discover new ways of seeing the world. Their expansiveness often translates into a passion for travel, and these two can embark on some epic adventures together. Friendships between Aries and Aquarius have no shortage of excitement.

As we’ll explore more later, Aries’ cardinal-action status has the power to make Aquarius’s wildest ideas a reality. Aquarius can have his or her head in the clouds, but in a friendship, Aquarius actually has a grounding effect on impulsive Aries.



Intimacy can get a little complicated for Aries and Aquarius, but let’s start with the good news. While dreamy Aquarius often gets lost in his world of ideas, Aries is action-oriented and has the initiative to carry out all those Aquarian oddball genius plans.

In astrology, cardinal signs are oriented toward action. Their instinctive response to most problems in life is to do something about them. Many people assume Aquarius’s lofty, abstract ideals mean this sign likes to go with the flow. However, they couldn’t be more wrong.

In reality, Aquarians are very attached to their own subjective life experience. Because they process things at a cerebral level, they tend to view their perceptions as truth. 

For Aries people, who are strong and even dominating by nature, this can cause extreme frustration. Aries likes to be in control, and Aquarius is mostly living by his or her own set of rules.

Aries also tends to be impulsive and react emotionally, which Aquarius views as foolhardy. It’s here that they reach the first impasse of their relationship. If their love bond is strong enough, which it often is, and both have good communication skills, this relationship can be enduring.



On a long-term basis, Aquarius can be a stabilizing force in fiery, impulsive Aries’ life. In turn, Aries can help bring Aquarius’s brilliant ideas to fruition. This is, of course, as long as they can get past their communication hurdle and learn to use their differences as assets.

Even in the happiest Aries/Aquarius marriages, conflict tends to arise often. That’s why it’s important for both partners to relate to one another with love rather than anger or force. Learning to master this can make or break this couple. 

Both Aries and Aquarius are masculine signs, so there may be a lot of ego-clashing and power struggles here. This can keep a marriage exciting long past the usual expiration date of infatuation. However, it could also induce conflict. This couple should think of gentleness as an acquired skill that they both need to learn to keep their relationship healthy.



Because both signs vibrate at high-energy frequencies, they have what it  takes to keep up with each other. The conflict in their relationship fuels their sexual fire. And sexuality can take on a decidedly psychological nature for them.

They may enjoy role-playing and games in the bedroom together, which can be a healthy way to let off the stress of their relationship conflicts. However, they need to make sure the mind games stay in the bedroom and don’t become a habitual way in which they relate to one another.

Aries is a warm, passionate, and highly physical sign. Aquarius comes off as cool and detached. For Aquarius, mental excitement is generally more important to sexual satisfaction than the physical.

Here, Aquarius might need to take more pains to please Aries in the physical, sometimes aggressive ways that Mars-ruled people enjoy. The good news is that Aries doesn’t lack the creativity and initiative one needs in order to satisfy such an elusive, psychologically-loaded character as Aquarius.



Aries has a natural fighting spirit. Both the males and females can behave like warriors at times. While they should learn to temper their aggression and intensity, it’s not possible to suppress this fighting spirit without ill effects for Aries. (And Aquarius shouldn’t want to.)

Likewise, Aries should not attempt to dominate Aquarius or override his logic with her fiery emotions. Instead, they need to give each other space when there is no chance of meeting in the middle.

Then they can come back to the issue later and use their combined resourcefulness to come up with a creative solution to whatever problem they face.



  • These two tend to admire and inspire one another. They’re creative enough to come up with satisfying solutions to the conflicts that inevitably arise between them.
  • Aries is loving and warm enough to release Aquarius’s emotional inhibitions, unlocking a part of the water bearer’s heart that can be hard for other, more cerebral signs to reach.
  • Aquarius doesn’t try to repress Aries’ free, pioneering spirit. In turn, Aries admires and understands Aquarius’s eccentricity.


  • Aries is a jealous, possessive sign. Aquarius tends to make many friends and can be a big flirt. Need we say more?
  • Both signs can be competitive, but if this moves beyond healthy debates. It can be destructive to a friendship or relationship.
  • Aries likes to be in charge, and Aquarius loathes little else than someone telling him what to do. This is an inevitable cause of conflict if they do not master the art of compromise.

Summary of Aquarius and Aries

Overall, this pairing can be volatile at times, but the excitement keeps both Aries and Aquarius coming back for more. Even after knowing each other for long periods of time, they tend to feel as if they’ve never quite figured each other out.

While some other signs might turn away from such a dynamic, Aries and Aquarius find it stimulating. If they’re not careful, which they probably won’t be, they might become each other’s greatest addictions.


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