The compatibility of Aries and Aries Horoscopes

As the first sign on the zodiac wheel, Aries is traditionally associated with ages 0-7. Nowhere do we see this correlation more eminently than in the love bond between two Aries.

The single-mindedness of this sign is observed in almost every aspect of their lives. It is a clear reflection of Aries’ relation to the first seven years of life. 


Aries are often admired for the single-minded determination with which they pursue the things they want. But in love, this mentality can create an obstacle. Someone really ought to tell Aries that you can’t bulldoze your way through love. Actually, more than one someone probably has, to not much avail.

The art of subtlety is often lost on this fiery, emotionally driven sign. True love is a flame that lives deep in the heart and requires time and patience to uncoil. But like the infant who operates purely on instinct, the Aries heart seems to open up all at once or not at all. 

Once an Aries guards his or heart, prepare to be stonewalled at reentrance, at least for a little while. The good news is that Aries rarely holds a grudge, and the walls around his or her heart are faster to crumble than any other sign.



Aries friendships tend to be less conflicted than Aries love affairs. Because they have so much in common, people of this sign bond quickly to each other. Aries are often at odds with their vulnerability, and romantic relationships bring this to the surface. But Aries friendships tend to be more simple and straightforward. 

Rams are dynamic and spontaneous, so there’s no limit to the kind of fun and creativity these two can get into together. There’s also no limit to the kind of trouble they can cook up if so inclined. Even in the most quotidian of situations, they seem compelled to stir the pot. Few people (except for maybe Geminis) can keep up with this enthusiastic, high-energy pair.

Aries people are endowed with the wide-eyed wonder of a child discovering the world for the first time. Even elderly Aries are young at heart, and two Aries can learn new things from each other every day.

 A bored Aries is a dangerous creature, so it’s a good thing they have each other. Sure, they both have quick tempers and can easily wound each other, but the good news is that they’re usually just as quick to forgive.



There are formidable couples, and then there are two Aries in love. To be fair, the Aries’ show of strength compensates for more than a fair share of vulnerability. If Aries has been hurt in the past, there may be a dam guarding the depth of his or her heart. But when an Aries truly loves someone, the dam breaks almost instantly. Her depth flows out in a torrent that sweeps a lover away on its tide. 

Two Aries who have fallen in love are rarely able to discern which one of them fell in love first. It transpires naturally and all at once, just as a river knows into which ocean it flows. When his or her lover is another Aries, a tidal wave is created, and they must make a decision to sink or swim

Remember, everything this sign does is larger than life. So when two Rams get together, they magnify one another’s already strong personalities and characteristics. In many respects, Aries lovers find a soulmate in one another.



Married Aries tend to get lost in emotion and intensity. When their relationship moves beyond a love affair to marriage, they can suffer from fears of abandonment and demand dramatic demonstrations of love from their partners. This might put some other signs off, but not Aries. 

If anyone is up for the challenge of loving this sign, it’s another Aries. Their efforts will not go unrewarded (or, at times, unpunished). But the things they have in common engender a deep emotional understanding.

If they can push past their fears, their relationship can be likened to a rubber band. Although it’s sometimes stretched to its limits and snaps back solidly in place. They understand each other in intrinsic ways no one else understands them.  



In Aries, love finds a pure expression that can be really delightful to see. Aries partners should guard against being too harsh and critical with one another, as they both tend to lack a filter. 

However, their candid honesty is more of a boon than a disadvantage for them, at least in terms of their marriage.



The Aries sexual persona depends on the context of the relationship. Aries of both sexes have a highly physical nature. Single rams pursue sexual relationships with as much straightforward intensity as they do anything else they want. Of all the zodiac women, the female Aries is probably the least likely to romanticize sex or idealize sexual bonds.

True emotional intimacy between two Aries is another story. They bare their bodies and souls first with abandon and then with ease. For this Mars-ruled combination, sex is as vital to the relationship as air is to breathing.

 During times of conflict, they often default to sex as a way to reconnect. There is nothing wrong with this unless it becomes an avoidant behavior. Even in that case, this is an issue they can usually overcome with clear communication.



  • Aries people are generally honest, and their ability to express themselves genuinely acts as a saving grace in their relationship.
  • Rams are usually able to move on from conflicts without holding grudges, especially because they are so like-minded.
  • Aries has an adventurous spirit. They are usually open to change and thrive on adventure. Being in love with another ram means they won’t have to worry about getting bogged down by tiresome routines. 


  •  Aries is big on starting projects, but can be slow to finish them. If both people in a relationship are easily bored or distracted, this couple could become poorly organized and ineffectual.
  • Aries can be highly competitive. In a friendship or partnership, they shouldn’t let their need to win or dominate get in the way of relating to one another with kindness and compassion.
  • There is a strong element of aggression in this relationship. Aries’ fights don’t just light a fire; they burn the whole house down. These two seem to have invented breaking up and making up. 

Summary of Aries and Aries

Like all sun sign combinations, one Aries often finds a kindred soul (or at least a like-minded friend) in another. But more than any other sun sign pairs, Aries relationships require a healthy dose of compromise.

 Luckily, there is often enough understanding and energy between them to strike a balance between fighting and making up. Compassionate compromise must be the cornerstone of the survival of this relationship for it to thrive. Otherwise, the relationship itself may become a long-winded battle, with each trying to wear the other down. 

Aries can be stubborn, and two Rams butting heads is not a pretty picture. If they raise the stakes high, they might find the fall wasn’t worth the risk. 

However, because they are typically open, loving souls, they can usually find their way back together. Sometimes Aries can be accused of being all emotion and no logic in relationships. When both rams have overcome their childlike tendency to forgo logic in favor of what they need in the moment, this relationship has a better chance of being a happy one.


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