The compatibility of Aries and Cancer Horoscopes

Ruled by the moon and swayed by the tides, lunar beings have changeable moods, as do Aries. But there are some important differences. For one thing, the moon has a dark side, and Cancer is often pulled inward by forces he/she doesn’t fully understand.

The crab’s emotional nature renders him/her a somewhat fragile creature with a delicate constitution. Aries is a much heartier sign, a flammable extrovert who may need to slow down at least a pace to keep cancer feeling secure. And security is of the utmost importance to crabs. 


However, Aries has a hidden, vulnerable side that Cancer is empathically drawn to. Sometimes all of that wild, reckless Mars energy is actually seeking love and acceptance while seemingly courting disaster.

Cancer understands this, and being a caring, often martyred character, swoops in to “rescue” Aries. This is fine, so long as this emotional rescuing doesn’t attempt to restrain or control the ram.

Aries is a force of nature as uncontrollable as the phases as the moon. As long as Cancer recognizes this, this bond holds potential for growth and joy.



Cancer sees Aries for who she really is, and not many people do. Arians project an image of indomitable strength. Many Cancers both respect and benefit from that kind of strength in their lives. Aries makes a fiercely protective friend, and Cancer’s loyalty to someone he truly values is often lifelong. 

However, Cancer has a secretive nature and tends to express his feelings and needs indirectly. Aries likes to know where she stands. He doesn’t understand people who are not as straightforward as he is.

Sometimes the extroverted show of strength that is so typically Arian will send Cancer retreating into her inner world. As with romantic relationships between these two signs, friendships require patience and empathy.



Most rams are driven by a hidden desire for someone to see that they’re not as tough as they seem; they, like Cancer, simply want someone to see their vulnerable core and hold it safely in strong hands. Cancer has the empathy, emotional depth, and willingness to do this.

But it should also be noted that crabs are quite literally “watery”, and their strength can wax and wane with the moon. Their emotional fragility can be secretly threatening to the Aries who looks upon rare, empathic Cancer as his or her emotional savior. 

Whether or not Cancer is Aries’ knight (or princess) in shining armor, Aries will maintain her freedom. And since her warrior spirit is her birthright, she will fight to break free of restrictions that limit her individuality and freedom of expression. There are no real passive rams (not unless there are strong forces in their birth charts that say otherwise). 

There are, however, passive crabs – though not entirely. Although they are sometimes genuinely passive in relationships, Cancerians can be better described as passive aggressive. A crab walks sideways along the shoreline; so, too, do human crabs move indirectly toward the object of their affections.

Aries’ Mars energy pierces the core of any situation, making her one of the most straightforward characters in the zodiac. The ram’s surefooted stampedes can be intimidating to cancer, whose emotional sensitivity means he often sulks to get what he wants. 

Whether he/she means to or not, Cancer can be emotionally manipulative. That’s partly because this person is constantly absorbing the emotions of those around them. It’s also because Cancer’s emotions often cloud their logical perspective. When they are unfair, even without meaning to be, Aries explodes into a rage of fire that sends Cancer shrinking away – at least, temporarily.

For this relationship to work, Cancer needs to give Aries the space and freedom she needs. If Cancer does this, the ram will usually stay close, her fire warming Cancer’s heart for a long, long time.



If Aries can temper her aggression just enough to make Cancer feel comfortable opening up, this relationship may make it to the altar and well into old age.

In a healthy association between these two signs, they protect each other so completely that even Aries couldn’t conceive of leaving the cozy nest Cancer has created for them. Cancers are the nesters of the zodiac, and even the most freedom-loving, fast-paced Aries need to find a home at some point.

Cancer has an innate need for security. Sometimes the ram’s way of charging ahead without thinking worries the crab. For their rhythms to exist in any semblance of harmony, Aries also has to temper her blunt honesty, which will undoubtedly hurt the crab. Remember – if a crab is too hurt or perceives an outside threat, he retreats into a hard shell. And we all know what happens when we startle a real crab from its shell. 



These two are usually both coming from an emotional place. At first glance, it seems that they’re coming from different emotional places, which is very true to an extent. But inside, larger-than-life Aries is as open-hearted and innocent as a child. Cancer sees and embraces Aries’ vulnerability, which is probably the strongest point in their relationship.

The Cancerian emotions often fool people into thinking they are just big, unrestrained puddles of feelings on the floor. Hopefully, Aries doesn’t make the mistake of attempting to mop up the crab and douse it in its own waters. While Aries’ first instinct is to attack at the first sign of conflict, the crab’s is to retreat, deliberate, and then move sidelong toward a resolution. 

Just as the moon has a dark side (and dark doesn’t equate to bad here), the crab also moves with some secrecy. If Aries wants a real resolution rather than the instant gratification of a direct attack, he should give Cancer time to process his emotions and come to his own conclusions. This is difficult for Aries, but it surely cultivates patience.



Although Cancers are extremely sexual beings, it can take some gentleness to draw them out of their shells. Sometimes, this is true even in a purely sexual relationship. Aries can lack a gentle approach, but they make up for it in passion. Both Aries and Cancer tend to envelop their lovers so completely during sex that there’s a sense of both consumption and fulfillment. 

Cancer is a passionate, sensitive lover whose sense of romance is grand enough to satisfy Aries’ larger-than-life ideals. Not only that, but as an empath, he becomes a sponge who senses every nuance of her being and emotions during sex.

Cancer is a giving sign, and he/she will stop at nothing to make the vulnerable part of Aries feel safe and loved – and, perhaps most importantly, seen. 



  • Aries imbues anxious Cancer with some healthy optimism, whereas Cancer gives Aries the nurturing he/she needs.
  • Both signs love fiercely and passionately. In turn, they make each other feel emotionally secure.
  • Aries and Cancer are both creatives at heart, and they find outlets of expression in each other.


  • This is a water and fire combination, which means there is the potential for destruction. Cancerian water can douse Aries’ fire and optimism. Arian fire can burn Cancer’s sensitive emotions. 
  • Crabs often approach situations in life indirectly, whereas Aries is probably the most directly expressive sign in the zodiac. This can create a lot of conflict and hurt along the way.
  • The ram’s impulsive ways can make the careful, pessimistic crab feel insecure, which is a feeling most Cancers are overly susceptible to.

Summary of Aries and Cancer

Aries and Cancer relationships are often conflicted by different motivations and approaches to life. Thus, they require a great deal of patience and compromise to stay together. If they are bonded strongly enough, each will be motivated to find ways to live in harmony with each other’s differences. 

Ultimately, the ram and the crab are so different, there will usually come a point in which they have to decide whether the good parts of their relationships outweigh the bad. Is there more joy or pain?

When that time comes, both of these highly emotional beings would do better to speak from the heart than simply analyze the situation. If the emotional connection is too valuable to give up, the ram and the crab are certainly creative enough to find ways to live together in more harmony.


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