The compatibility of Aries and Capricorn Horoscopes

Aries and Capricorn have more in common than it might seem on the surface. Yes, Capricorn is reserved. Her emotions are often internalized (unless other aspects of the goat’s chart dictate otherwise).

Aries, symbolized by the infantile age, expresses herself as openly and instinctively as, well, an infant. The goat has learned patience along his cosmic journey, whereas Aries favors instant gratification and often behaves recklessly to get it.

Capricorn was never so innocent, even as a baby. Each was born a proverbial “old soul” with an uncanny sense of the wisdom and endurance he/she would need to make it up the steep mountain of life. 


Yet both the goat and the ram are cardinal leadership signs who take action to get what they want. And they don’t stop until they get it. Aries is emotionally driven, and in her estimation, she doesn’t have wants but rather she has needs. She will kick and scream to get them met.

Capricorn also has determination in spades, and will get what he or she wants in one way or another, no matter how long it takes. Cap has the patience and foresight Aries lacks, meaning that all his careful planning and plodding is even more powerful than a charging ram.



Friendships between rams and goats can actually be very fruitful if they don’t butt horns too often. Although Cap doesn’t wear it on his sleeve, he has a wealth of creativity and depth of emotion once you get to know him (if you ever do). Remember – the original symbol for Capricorn was the sea goat with a fishtail submerged in water (emotion).

 Cap is greatly inspired by Aries’ vivid creative ideas, and as an earth sign, helps build them into something tangible step-by-step. As an earth sign, Cap gives the ram’s dreams a plan to chase into reality.

In turn, Aries’ guileless sincerity and enthusiasm for life helps Capricorn take some of her guards down, beginning to believe that at least practical miracles have some odds of coming true. If that doesn’t sound downright whimsical, it’s a step in a lighter direction for this soul that spends a lifetime unburdening himself from Saturn’s restrictions.



Admittedly, Aries’ impulsive nature makes Capricorn mad with uncertainty about the future, which is a feeling Caps find more miserable than exciting. But Capricorns have an abundance of tolerance. And this tolerance is what they’ll need to draw upon frequently in a relationship with Aries. This is because Aries is like a top, constantly spinning in different directions. In case astrology hasn’t taught you, Capricorn likes to follow a steady path through life.

If Capricorn can indeed tolerate the Aries instability long enough to form a solid, loving bond, something beautiful can happen here. All Capricorns age backwards. That is, they are born old and often to adversity or difficult family situations. As time goes by, they begin to loosen up and embrace their desires rather than restricting themselves. 

Aries, with their childlike wonder and open-heartedness, helps ease along that process. Their guileless honesty and loving natures touch the deep, hidden hearts of Capricorns. When this happens, Capricorns entrust Aries with their vulnerabilities. Aries restores the weathered Capricorn soul with lots of nurturing and coddling, which are things Cap might never have gotten as a child. 



Once Aries and Capricorn make the kind of emotional bond described above, sustaining it can be on the tricky side. I’m just going to put this out there – it’s probably best if Capricorn handles the financial matters in this relationship and Aries acts as the adviser.

This may sound extreme, but it’s easier this way. This is because Aries tends to spend impulsively and lacks organization skills. The typical Capricorn has organizational skills in abundance but is eaten up by anxiety and agitation when there are money problems in their lives.

Also, Aries is idealistic, whereas Capricorn is anything but. Cap typically hopes for the best, but expects the worst in luck and human nature. It is beyond Aries’ understanding how someone who works so hard and invests so much in their futures sometimes doesn’t seem to believe in them.

Even though Cap is an earth sign, their fits of pessimism can really douse the Aries fire, which can cause disturbances in the flow of the ram’s energy. It can also lead to holes in the careful plans Capricorn has made for their life together, as Aries stubbornly rebels. 

This marriage works most harmoniously when Aries understands that Saturn periodically rains its gloom on Capricorn’s emotions, and the storm has to pass on its own. It’s a delicate balance here. Aries often has the ability to cheer Capricorn up, eventually.

But they can’t force their optimism, or the goat just becomes more obstinately attached to her pessimism. Capricorn, in turn, should give the ram free reign to be distracted by all those colorful Arian diversions and distractions until the goat’s good mood has recovered.



We said before that the Arian expressiveness draws out Capricorn’s childlike, hopeful side and opens their stonewalled hearts. That’s a beautiful thing, but we must remember that Capricorn will never be quite as enthusiastic or openly expressive as the ram. That is, unless he or she has an Aries ascendant or moon. In this case, their relationship can be nearly perfect if such a thing exists (which Cap will rightfully never believe).

Capricorn needs to draw on his patience and tolerance when Aries spins out of control like a top. And although it may not come naturally to the goat, he/she needs to be more affectionate and openly expressive of love in order to keep the ram from growing despondent and subsequently wreaking chaos on the Capricorn natural order.



Both of these signs have strongly sexual natures. This is a fact astrology has hardly tried to conceal. It oftentimes even makes cheesy references to their “horn-iness” as rams and goats. Yet there is a theme of freedom and restraint here that can work beautifully or terribly. Aries doesn’t simply seek freedom of expression; he/she is freedom of expression, flowing into her lover without holding back.

If Capricorn holds back his/her own love and affection in bed, the unthinkable will happen; the fiery Aries will shrink and retreat or burn out in a heap of flames, seeking a more emotionally receptive lover. If, however, the goat does submit to love and Aries on occasion, this can be one of the hottest sexual combinations in the zodiac.

Aries and Cap are both cardinal signs that like to control others on some basis. Thus, there can be lots of domination and submission role play here. At the end of the day, people who are in charge often like to be released of such restraint.



  • Aries’ warmth often melts the ice around the Capricorn heart, restoring the goat’s faith in love and joy.
  • Underneath Cap’s practical exterior, he/she is looking for an uncommon love bond and life experience. With Aries, he/she can’t help but rise above mediocrity. 
  • Capricorn formulates a plan to make Aries’ lofty dreams into realities.


  • Capricorn often isolates themselves and is cloaked in melancholy. At first, Aries finds this romantic, as he/she sees herself as the answer to the goat’s loneliness and pursues him at full speed. However, if the goat is slow to open up, Aries, who is lacking in patience, might give up too easily.
  • Capricorn often measures love by practical standards, while Aries measures it by emotional ones. If, for example, Cap loans Aries a significant amount of money, he/she may expect it back. Meanwhile, Aries thought it was a gesture of goodwill, more than compensated for by the extravagant Christmas gift she bought him last year. The conflict here is obvious.
  • Capricorns don’t move on as quickly as Aries. So if this relationship ends with the regret of not having tried hard enough on both sides, Cap will hold onto that pain and responsibility for longer.

Summary of Aries and Capricorn

This is often a case of “opposites attract” that ends well as frequently as it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, if often seems as though Capricorn holds onto the pain of loss for longer.

This may or may not be true, but Aries is quicker to adapt to change and let bygones be bygones. For this reason, Cap should take Aries’ lead at least in one major respect and learn to express his/her emotions in the moment. This way, understandings bring them closer together in the future instead of further apart.

Overall, there is a lot of joy and growth to be gained from an association between these seeming astrological opposites. As with all cases of opposites attracting, they just have to love each other for who they are. Also, they must try to avoid changing each other.

It’s easier said than done. However, when it is done, Cap and Aries’ differences can add to their growth and wholeness as individuals.


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