The compatibility of Aries and Leo Horoscopes

These two positive masculine fire signs have such similar emotional natures that they feel an immediate kinship.

They both radiate the warmth of the sun and find themselves caught like a moth in the other’s flame. Aries and Leos are both larger-than-life by nature.


Aries and Leos have considerable amounts of pride and don’t like to admit they are wrong. This is especially true for Leo, who is born under a fixed fire sign, denoting stubbornness. Getting a Leo to change his/her mind before she’s good and ready is like trying to move the Great Wall of China by thrusting yourself headlong into it, again and again.

But that’s just what Aries does. Born under a cardinal leadership sign, the action-oriented Aries approaches most situations by taking charge of them. 

Still, even though many power struggles arise between these two, Aries and Leo are so emotionally alike that they tend to keep returning to each other.



Aries and Leos are the cliched pair of BFFs who were as inseparable as Siamese twins throughout high school, yet frequently talked behind each other’s backs. They likely played their mutual friends against each other like pieces on a chess board. The high school experience was begrudgingly divided into two sections: times when Aries and Leo got along, and times when they didn’t. Male Aries and Leo friends, or male/female friendships under this combination are familiar with this phenomenon.

Even adult friendships between these two fire signs often include disagreements of dramatic proportions. How could they not? The lion sees himself/herself as royalty, and Aries is an indomitable character who likes to win.

However, both of their hearts are as larger-than-life as their personalities. They’re usually more generous than most, and make more benevolent leaders as they age and become more secure in themselves. Aries and Leo admire each other greatly.

But as with romantic relationships, this combination works best when Aries allows himself/herself to look up to Leo as the unofficial, benevolent “leader” of this friendship. However, this only works out if Leo is, in fact, a benevolent leader who keeps Aries warm under his sun-ruled Sun.



Although their anger is combustible enough to freeze each other out at times, they quickly melt back into each other. Especially when the Aries is female. The headstrong ram has a secret fairy tale wish to be conquered and to abandon herself to a lover who sees her vulnerable core. For the most part, Leo is that fabled knight in shining armor in the flesh. 

Aries men also have a need to be loved unconditionally in this way, though not conquered, as their archetypal masculinity inclines him toward “rescuing” a damsel in distress. The female Leo is anything but a damsel in distress. All Leos have an inborn sense of superiority, and they have less to prove by winning than rams.

Even insecure Leos feel entitled to a feeling of superiority and project it out onto the world, which they consider their stage. For this reason, male rams are sometimes as intimidated as they are enamored by their female lioness lovers. 

Two same sex partners in this combination will have closely aligned egos that require constant stroking by each other and the rest of the world, which, again, they consider their stage. 



As mentioned before, this couple works best if Leo is the unofficial leader. To all the Aries reading this and balking, don’t impulsively gather your things and leave your kindred lion just yet. See, Arians don’t actually have to do whatever Leos want. They simply have to look up to them for guidance, stroke their considerable egos, and know how to lose gracefully when Leo’s fixed wall of pride won’t budge. 

That’s a hard one for Aries, who is used to winning and often feels she’s won life’s battles before they begin. But let’s not forget the association of Aries with the infantile age. Although cloaked in lots of fiery strength and bravado, Aries often feels like a vulnerable child inside. He/she has not yet learned the restraint necessary for effective communication. Leo recognizes this and kindly guides Aries through many of the emotional decisions the ram (or their relationship) faces. 

Deep down, the lion’s heart is as big and soft as a teddy bear’s. When Aries allows himself/herself to be embraced by the lion’s extraordinary love and expressiveness, the ram is fulfilled.



Although going over the basics may seem redundant, it’s important here. Aries is a cardinal fire sign, which means she approaches most situations in life by taking action. Sometimes, this can manifest as forcing her will on others. Leo is a fixed fire sign, which means no one can really force his will on the lion, at least not for very long.

Yet the power struggles here are often melted away by the love that burns brightly between them. They like to live life fully and don’t do anything halfway, including loving each other. This is true of lovers and friends in this powerful sun sign combination.



There can be a lot of fighting and making up here, which only makes this fire burn brighter. Since both of these signs are passionate and self-expressive to the extreme, they hold nothing back from their lover in bed. 

Also, neither Leo nor Aries is afraid to act on their spontaneous desires, and they like their sex lives to be adventurous and exciting. This couple can be a bit exhibitionististic, especially for Leo’s pleasure. The icing on the cake: Aries and Leo are romantic enough at heart to fulfill one another’s epic, novelesque romantic ideals.

This relationship spices up traditional romance and is nearly a perfect match for these two.



  • Since Aries and Leo are both fire signs, they understand and are attracted to each other’s intensity. Their strong personalities may have scared others off in the past, but these two embrace all of each other.
  • Leo sees the vulnerable, highly emotional side of Aries, and like a real king or queen, protects it with his/her life. Aries feels understood. 
  • Aries and Leo are romantic and dynamic enough to fulfill each other’s storybook romantic ideals.


  • Because Aries is a cardinal sign, he sometimes uses force to get his way with Leo. Leo, however, is a fixed fire and won’t be moved unless he wants to be.
  • Both signs need to be in control, and they have to learn the art of compromise in order to be harmonious with each other.
  • This pairing inevitably leads to a lot of power struggles.

Summary of Aries and Leo

Aries and Leo usually have a strong enough emotional connection and understanding to sustain their relationship through its power struggles. With these two larger-than-life personalities, the highs are worth the lows, and their empathy helps them come to a resolution.

Even though it can (and often will) start all over again, the bond between this harmonious trine is usually strong enough to keep Aries and Leo connected for the long-term.


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