The compatibility of Aries and Taurus Horoscopes

These seemingly opposites often attract, but their differences present challenges to long-term relationships.

On the surface, it seems as though rams and bulls have a lot in common. After all, they are both horned animals who are known to charge. But their elemental qualities mean that their stubbornness is expressed quite differently.


Aries, a cardinal leadership sign, takes action to get what he or she wants. Taurus, on the other hand, gets what he wants by refusing to do anything else, stubbornly wearing down the resistance of opposing forces. And Aries is very often an opposing force for the bull. Do you see the difference here?

Aries uses force to get her way in a conflict, whereas Taurus uses passive resistance. Therefore, the dominating ram could be in for quite a surprise with Taurus, who can’t easily be controlled. 

However, these two both value honesty above most other principles in a relationship. In a positive relationship between a bull and a ram, Aries’ spontaneity inspires Taurus not to be so ploddingly cautious that life passes her by. Taurus’s careful, reserved approach to life and love (not to mention finances) is a stabilizing force for Aries. 



Aries are ruled by positive masculine forces. This means their intensity takes on the form of optimistic enthusiasm, dynamism, extravagance, impulsivity, and even aggression. Taureans are ruled by feminine negative energy. This means they tend to be introverted, reserved, and somewhat inclined toward pessimism. They’re slow to let down their guard and share their Venusian sensitivity. 

Although the restrictive part of Taurus’s personality can smother Aries’ natural optimistic enthusiasm, if the Ram takes the time to get to know the bull better, she will be amply rewarded. This is because Venus is the planet of beauty, pleasure, and romance. Its rulership over Taurus renders the bull wonderfully creative. Aries is also a highly creative sign. 

The ram has the Mars-driven determination to actively pursue their creative goals. Taurus recognizes this, and they often work well together on creative or artistic endeavors. For the ram, creativity is either a means unto itself or a way to fulfill their hungry ambition. Taurus wants his creativity to yield a tangible, often financial result. In a friendship between these two, both parties quickly realize that they don’t have to share the same motivations to enjoy and even help each other.



Aries pursues love. Taurus has an innate belief that he/she is love and thus does not have to do anything to actively attract it. However, in order to hold the ram’s interest, Taurus has to be emotionally receptive to the frequent Arian sparks of dreams and new ideas. Otherwise, Aries will experience a disconnect that leads to disinterest. This is unless she has already fallen in love. Then feeling ignored by Taurus, whose temperament is milder, leads to depression. 

Again, Taurus’s restrictive, conservative approach to life may feel stifling to a fiery cardinal leadership sign like Aries. However, Taureans don’t usually want to change others, including their lovers. They’re generally a contented sign who is independent enough to let their partners have their own private worlds in which they do things Taurus can’t understand. If the bull lets down his guard and treats Aries to his rare Venusian sensitivity and romance, Aries can feel satisfied in this relationship.

We are all born with the childlike belief that if we want something badly enough, we will get it. In Aries, this belief miraculously survives the pitfalls of childhood and persists into adulthood. In some ways, even as the ram matures, this mentality stays with her all her life. Taurus, having already karmically experienced the Aries sun sign, is aware that diving into life and love headfirst has harsh consequences. 



In the most mutually beneficial bond between these two, Taurus tempers Aries’ impulsivity, and Aries’ relentless drive gives momentum to Taurus’s goals. If these partners can recognize the differences in the frequencies of their vibrations and assimilate some loving harmony from it, they have a chance at a happy marriage.

Taurus needs to have a clear purpose and function for the things she does, whereas Aries doesn’t necessarily need to define all aspects of his life into blacks and whites. Even if the bull was initially swept away by the romance and excitement of the whirlwind Arian life experience, Taureans need to stop snowballing. Therefore, this combination needs to give Aries the excitement they need and Taureans the stability that is so vital to their existence. Neither can be compromised, so these two will need creativity to find a solution.

Sex is often a generous source of this kind of creativity. Their mutual love of music and art can be another. Let’s not forget that both of these signs share an old-fashioned romantic idealism. They believe in love and soulmates and dressing love up in decadence. They merely take different routes to the shared goal of ecstasy and must converge somewhere along the way.



We’ve already covered most of the normal manifestations of Arian/Taurean communication in the other sections. So now let’s explore a wild card. There is a wild card here. In an unbalanced combination of these energies, Taurus’s willfulness and Aries’ determination can create a destructive kind of power. The lowest expression of Aries’ strength and Taurus’s willpower can make them into hunters for sport, using their power against each other and people outside their union. 

However, if this relationship is not complicated by these kinds of emotional disturbances, the power principle in this combination can be used to create positive changes, both in themselves and the world around them. 



Aries and Taurus are two of the most physical signs in the zodiac. They both express love primarily through touch. Neither will get too lost in the world of ideas to be fully present with each other, body and soul. Aries’ Mars-ruled fire tends to penetrate the core of their bond, fueling the slow-building Taurean fire. 

It’s true that Aries takes an aggressive approach to sex and love. Also, Taurus’s passive resistance is at its languid finest in bed. Aries sets her sights on a sexual goal and pursues it. Taurus lets tension build up until the release is so complete that it shatters the earth he lives on. This proves that one doesn’t have to leave the ground to experience ecstasy. Their different approaches can deter them at first. However, if they remain open to each other’s lovemaking styles, their opposite forces combine for an explosive result.

Aries is so strong that he/she may secretly want to be conquered. Taurus won’t do this in the traditional way. Even the most macho Taurus men passively draw pleasure from their mates in bed with such gentle touches and kisses that their lovers almost feel that they’re being deprived on some level. And it is true that on some level, they are. 

In this way, Aries feels on a subconscious level that Taurus holds the power in this dynamic. While some ego-driven Aries who require instant gratification might be put off by this, many are secretly turned on by it.



  • Aries’ appetite for life and eternal sense of wonder inspires Taurus to take more healthy risks.
  • Taurus gives stability and direction to all of Aries’ fiery, Mars-fueled enthusiasm. The bull also makes the ram feel emotionally safe.
  • The sexuality between these two often builds a bridge over their troubled waters. It also adds harmony to their bond despite their glaring differences.


  • The Taurean need for security and stability can become an obsession, causing the bull to shut out all of Aries’ spontaneous dreams and creative desires. When this happens, the Aries either leaves or, after a long time, submits to the Taurean will and dies inside. This may sound dramatic, but that’s how intense the negative consequences of an unhealthy pairing between these two can be.
  • Aries’ determination and Taurus’s stubbornness can lead to heavy conflict, as well as a lot of hurt and misunderstanding.
  • Sometimes these two don’t stick around each other long enough to get to know how wonderful they can be for each other. If only the Aries inclination toward impulsive action and bull’s resistance didn’t get in the way of their bonding. They should give this association time to see where the attraction leads, but many of them don’t.

Summary of Aries and Taurus

Overall, this is a pairing that yields a lot of important growth if these two practice patience, tolerance, and acceptance. Taurus has patience in spades, but he also needs to cultivate acceptance, which can be hard for a bull.

Aries is short on all three, but Taurus can wait for her when need be. Bulls should remember that waiting Aries out is different than shutting Aries out, which has virtually the same effect as shutting out an infant. Aries will kick, cry, and scream until the bull relents. And if the bull really loves the ram, he/she should.

Similarly, a ram who really loves a bull will give him/her time to make decisions at his own speed.


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