A guide on the Aries horoscope which is represented by the ram.

A Quick Introduction to the Aries Zodiac

As the first sign of the zodiac, a typical Aries is a leader, a pioneer, and a go-getter. Always ahead of the pack, your sign is dynamic, fast paced, and just loves to initiate new things.

Adventure is your middle name, and you’ll stop at nothing when the thrill of novelty beckons. There are few others quite like you when it comes to taking a risk, and your courage is commendable, dear Aries!

Never one to back down from a challenge, you inspire everyone around you with your ability to face your fears head-on.

Many people may accuse you of being self-absorbed, yet despite your desire for attention and the need to be first in everything, you don’t possess a selfish bone in your body.

In fact, you are one of the most generous, giving and magnanimous signs around – and even though you sometimes forget to take others into account in your haste, you never mean any harm and will go out of your way to fix a wrong.

Your childlike, innocent naivety is a quality that makes everyone around you love you even more. This is despite your sometimes impatient ways and quick, fiery temper. 

The Aries Symbol 

As you know, your symbol is the ram. And, boy, do you wear those horns well. Like this hardy and strong animal, you always charge at life enthusiastically and headfirst, with 100% of your focus.

Whether it’s a new love interest you are pursuing or a promotion you really want, you will put your head down and go for it no matter what stands in your way. 

Sometimes, your horns can tangle up in an obstacle and you may push too hard, often bruising yourself or ending up somehow wounded. However, you are always able to try many more times, fighting hard to get what you want and always able to get yourself back up after a setback.

Some call you stubborn, but you’re not at all fixed in your desires; you can just be a touch hard-headed. Your challenge may be to give just a little so that you don’t have to keep bashing your head over and over again. 

Element of the Aries Zodiac

Of course, it goes without saying that your sign’s element is fire, one that you feel powerfully connected to. Many Aries love being near a fire or even playing with one – literally or figuratively. Being a fire sign and the first fire sign of the zodiac means that you are always full of passion and enthusiasm for whatever you decide to take on.

Whether it’s playing a sport – which you tend to excel at – or being in a loving relationship, you’ll always do it with incredible ardor and dedication. Fire signs live for spontaneity. You’ll enjoy living life on the edge, always pushing and challenging yourself and seeking more and more excitement. 

Of course, fire can be destructive. So you’ll have to be aware of your temper. Though it doesn’t last long, it can burn very hot, and you may, at times, tend to shoot first and think later.

This can end up in regrets or sore hearts. Your lesson is to learn how to tame your fire whilst never losing that exciting spark of yours. 

Ruling Planet of Aries

Your ruling planet is Mars or, in Archetypal Mythology, Ares, God of War. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, you wear this archetype very well, carrying the spirit of a true warrior.

Mars is the planet that talks about our drive, willingness to act, ability to be assertive, our energy, and our raw passions and desires. Being ruled by the red planet means that you possess immense amounts of drive and are a “doer”. You hate sitting around and twiddling your thumbs.

A true Aries needs to be right in the middle of the action, allowing that Mars-like energy, to take charge and lead others. 

Embodying Mars can also mean being the one who speaks up when there’s conflict to be had and inspiring others to be as assertive as you are. You’ll have to try and avoid the temptation to create unnecessary conflict, because as the “God of War,” your natural tendency may be to look for a bit of a fight.

However, if you are conscious, this usually shows itself as an ability to stand up for what you want and go for your desires without an ounce of shame. 

Aries Birthstone/s

Your birthstone is a diamond, and not because it’s pretty (though many of you possess a magnetic sexiness). Rather, it’s because this is one of the hardest stones known to man.

Despite being knocked around and kicked down, you always have the ability to bounce back. Nothing much can truly shatter you. 

Key Traits of an Aries Zodiac


Your greatest strength, Aries, lies in the ability to not only rise to a challenge, but to lead and encourage others on your journey to the top. You do this in a warm, generous, and inspiring way. Your enthusiasm is one of the key qualities that gives you success in life.

Your loyalty and willingness to forgive and forget is a rare combination that makes you someone that others want at their backs. Also, your sensitive, playful inner spirit helps you to bounce back, no matter what life throws at you.

You believe the best of people and situations and, most of the time, you are proven right. This often gives you a solid and dependable team who will fight to the death for you. 


Your greatest challenge in life, Aries, is your impatience. You want to move so fast sometimes that you can end up making silly mistakes or trampling over other people’s desires and feelings. When you learn the art of waiting, you will find life gets a lot less dramatic.

The other area you have to work on is your temper and willingness to engage in sometimes-pointless conflict. Cooling down will change your life a great deal, helping you not to burn so many bridges on your path and maintain important relationships.

The final challenge is to be aware of your innocent idealism. You tend to trust so fully that you may lack discernment of who is deserving of this faith. So be sure to always double check yourself when someone or something new comes into your life. 

Love & Sexuality for the Aries Zodiac

Being ruled by Mars means that you get to be one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac. How lucky for you! Mars is all about the raw passion and desire in relationships, and you clearly demonstrate this when you fall in love.

You fall deeply, quickly, and passionately for the object of your desire, and you’ll stop at nothing to get what you want. This hot pursuit extends into the bedroom effortlessly. You can be a lover that is fiery and fast. Sex is very physical for you, and most Aries can draw a clear boundary between the act of sex and the feeling of love. 

You’ll be very loyal and generous with your partner, though you also expect them to put you first and tend to your desires immediately. When they don’t, you can feel neglected or even ignored which can fire off your temper. Therefore, you’ll have to learn a bit of temperance and be mindful of your partner’s needs, too.

Your main challenge in love is to not burn as hot and cold as you do, as your idealism could lead you to think that Mr. or Mrs. Right is not exactly who you initially thought they were. This can lead to a tendency to cool down after the initial heat.  

Aries Zodiac Friends & Family

Your sign is truly one of the most loyal friends and family members when it comes to astrology. Most of your friends feel like old battle comrades to you, having fought with you through the challenges of life every step of the way.

You are willing to do almost anything for the ones you love and expect the same in return. Your honesty ensures that they always know where they stand with you. They know that they can be completely truthful with you, too. 

You’ll fight hard for your family as long as they have shown their worth. Otherwise, you may fight with your family, especially when you feel overlooked.

As an Aries, you need to be number one. When you are, you will return the affection tenfold, rewarding them with your warmth and steadfastness.

You make a playful parent and an affectionate spouse. 

Aries Career & Money 

Most Aries zodiac people are incredibly successful professionally, though they take quite a beating at many different occasions in their lives. You have probably started multiple businesses and seen just as many fail, only to start all over again.

Your key challenge is to learn from your mistakes. Also, you need to avoid getting swept away by enthusiasm and instead go slowly and carefully into new ventures, as tempting as it may be to rush in. 

Money-wise, a typical Aries is generous. You spend easily on your loved ones.

You know money comes and goes and don’t hold onto it too tightly. Some of you may be impulsive spenders and like to splash out on the biggest and best, especially when it comes to anything that smells of adventure. Whether it’s a new 4 x 4, the newest bike, or a travel experience, you won’t hesitate to spend your hard earned cash on the things that inspire you to explore the world. 

Signs most compatible with Lady Aries

As a lady Aries, you need a partner who has a strong, masculine energy, and it’s important that they can handle your fiery and passionate personality.

Your ideal partner needs to give you loads of independence but still put you first and shower you with attention. Needy partners turn you off. You desire someone who is spontaneous and full of adventure.  

You’re attracted to someone who you can both pursue and be pursued by someone who doesn’t expect you to be domestic and obedient. You’re a firebrand and need someone who can stand near your flames without getting burnt. 

Here are your ideal matches:

  • A fun-loving Sagittarius
  • A strong Leo 
  • An independent Aquarius
  • A sexy Scorpio 

Signs most compatible with the Male Aries

A male Aries loves to be in charge, to lead, and to be the alpha male. You are the protector and provider, and your partner needs to allow you to fully express your attractive masculine energy without trying to hold you back.

Boys nights are important to you, and you expect to be trusted just as much as you trust your chosen person. You will immediately rebel if you feel trapped or if your independence and interests are threatened.

You love a woman that’s both independent and needs your protection, who’s athletic and ladylike, who is adventurous, and someone who is a homemaker.

These are your perfect matches: 

  • A free-spirited Aquarius
  • A vulnerable Pisces
  • An adventurous Sagittarius
  • A beautiful Libra 

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