The compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn Horoscopes

As astro-opposites on the zodiac wheel, Capricorn and Cancer are 180 degrees apart. In some respects, this planetary position does make them exact opposites.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which represents emotions, dreams, visions, memories, and all unseen forces in the universe. Being governed by the moon softens Cancer’s disposition and emotional ways, which ironically explains why crabs retreat into their hard shells so often.

Saturn is a harsh disciplinarian that represents hardship, restrictions, caution, stability, waiting, and all of the harsh realities of the world. (Now you can feel some sympathy for all of those stringent, disapproving Capricorns who rain on so many parades.)


Perhaps Saturn is where Capricorn got her stalwart determination. It would also be fair to say that Cancer’s sensitivity comes from being ruled by the phases of the moon.

But astrologers who stop there aren’t looking closely enough at the goats or the crabs, who internalize their emotions so thoroughly for fear someone might use their vulnerabilities against them. If you do take a closer look at them, you’ll note that Cancer is a cardinal leadership sign, just like Capricorn. 

In the case of Cancer, this leadership role often manifests as tenacity in all areas of life, including love. Think of an actual crab. It moves sideways and sometimes even backtracks on its way toward an object it desires. However, when it finally does get close enough, it grasps its prey in sharp pinchers.

Now let’s take a good, hard look at Capricorn. Did you know that all goats were originally sea goats with their tails submerged in water? This was meant to symbolize the fact that Capricorns are actually just as emotional as Cancers (or at least almost as emotional).

However, we’re talking about internalized emotion. Capricorn doesn’t wear her tender heart on her sleeve, and neither does Cancer. Although it does shine through Cancer’s skin, which isn’t as thick as Capricorn’s.



Friendships between these supposed opposites can actually bring a lot of balance to their lives. Capricorns are hardly as approachable as Cancers, who can be the life of the party when they feel like it. But these two will probably be drawn to each other anyway, because one seems to have what the other lacks.

Cancer embodies his emotions. He lives inside his depth. Capricorn buries and suppresses his, but secretly longs for an outlet to express his true self. As you can see from this dynamic, they’re not true opposites after all.

Capricorn is loyal, a great listener, and is able to stoically weather storms that might have done away with others. Saturn often bestows its hardest lessons on young Capricorns, who are usually born into restrictive or even abusive/neglectful childhoods.

The typical goat survived by employing active faith. Capricorns not only manifest dreams, but aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and work their way up from the bottom. Cancer is also tenacious and admires Cap’s unbending determination. 



When these two become close friends or intimate lovers, their differences start to make themselves more glaringly apparent. Capricorns are much more able to contain their emotions than Cancers. They use logic and reason to process most situations, whereas Cancers’ perceptions are colored by emotions.

Due to the waning of the moon and Saturn’s heaviness, they both periodically fall prey to pessimism and depression. When this happens at the same time, it can feel as if they’ve both been sucked into a dark hole and can’t get out. Actually, even if Capricorn is the only one who is depressed, Cancer is an empath and tends to absorb the emotions of people around him. 

However, if their bond is solid and their love is strong, they usually renew themselves and their happiness together. Note that both of them are cardinal signs, meaning that they’re both leaders at heart. Their power and impact on each other and the world is matched. This means that if they want a harmonious relationship, they have to give a little. Flexibility doesn’t necessarily come naturally to these two, but they’ll learn (their relationship will force them to). However, they’ll be greatly rewarded for their efforts. 



When a Capricorn and Cancer fall in love, they may wait a while to get married. Ruled by feminine, negative forces, neither of them is particularly optimistic or happy-go-lucky. Even when they’re dead certain of their feelings, they will approach commitment with caution. That’s partly because they both have the capacity to bond deeply and for a lifetime. They each have a soft inner core, but it is well-hidden behind a graceful reserve.

Besides, both of these signs tend to take home and family very seriously. Family ties are vital to their existence. If they didn’t have happy or attentive families growing up, they each may have deeply wounded souls. Healing can only be done on one’s own, but certain relationships can certainly have a positive impact.

Making two broken Cap or Cancer souls whole again often involves starting their own family – together. Even if they don’t have children, they will be each other’s home in which they can express themselves freely.

This relationship usually stimulates growth throughout its entire course. That’s because Cancer represents qualities that Capricorn already has within, but needs to develop. The same is true for Cancer. Capricorn has qualities that Cancer needs to develop more fully.

Even when they do encounter a war-torn battle of wills, neither is likely to give up on the marriage, especially if they’re in love. When they’ve invested their time and their souls into each other, they don’t easily let go. This is usually a very good thing.



Capricorns tend to approach matters head on. Goats get right to the point; they don’t don’t waste time cushioning their opinions with flattery or sugarcoating them with saccharine sweetness. However, that’s exactly what they need to do if they want their crabs to be receptive to such opinions.

Well, not exactly. Capricorns must be true to themselves at all times, and making a big, fluffy show of love is not their style. However, they can certainly soften the harsh blows of their saturnine truths by reminding Cancer how much he means to her. Then, late into the night, with candles burning at their bedside, she can show him. 



Their sex life is diverse. It broadly ranges from fetish and kink to deep, earthy sensuality. They may reverse the roles of student and teacher, as each are cardinal leadership signs who have much to learn from the other.

Cancer has a rich imagination that needs watering to thrive; here is where Capricorn finds a creative and emotional outlet. Some Capricorns are more physical than imaginative by nature, and their self-expression might be restricted. When that’s the case, they should try to let their guard down slowly and be open to Cancer’s touch, emotions, and variations. 

Unless Capricorn has an ascendant or moon in Cancer or a fire sign, the Goat might not be able to let go and abandon himself to love all at once. But when he loves deeply, he may do it the way he does everything else – in his own time. As long as their relationship patterns are harmonious, their sex life should be an exciting journey for the both of them, not merely a means to a pleasurable end.



  • Cancer brings out Capricorn’s soft inner core and nurtures it. Crabs are usually safe outlets for goats’ pent-up emotions and latent sexuality.
  • Both goats and crabs value home and family life. They’re also both ambitious, so they have a good chance of finding happiness when balancing work and family.
  • Capricorns and Cancers are intensely loyal to their loved ones. When they’re in it, it’s usually for the long run unless they are unhappy or mistreated.


  • Their ruling planets are at odds, and in some ways, their approach to relationships is conflicted. They can struggle between softness and sternness, alternating roles until confusion abounds. 
  • Both partners become frigid when they can’t find a way to express hurt or anger.
  • Capricorn may be emotional, but he/she is not particularly sensitive; Cancer has an easily bruised ego and emotionality, and can be very hurt by Capricorn’s bluntness.

Summary of Cancer and Capricorn

This combination helps each person come full circle in their evolution as human beings. If you’re a Cancer in love with a Capricorn, or vice versa, take a moment to let that sink in. Because it means this relationship is incredibly challenging, but ultimately rewarding. 

Interestingly, Cancer and Capricorn are very similar at the core. Yet in order to feel truly whole and find real balance, they need to nurture certain qualities within themselves.

For Cancer, Capricorn has the characteristics he needs to develop within himself; for Capricorn, Cancer represents the traits she needs to grow into fruition. If they can ease into a rhythm of reciprocal give and take, they can achieve the kind of fulfillment they might have only dreamed about with others.


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