The compatibility of Cancer and Virgo Horoscopes

Let’s start with the good news: Both Cancers and Virgos are steadfastly loyal. Neither of them take commitments lightly, which is a good thing if they’re going to make one to each other.

This has the potential to be a harmonious match, but first they have to understand their very different basic natures. 


Both are ruled by feminine night forces, which means there is an element of passivity in each of their personalities. They also each have a tendency toward pessimism, but that’s where their similarities start to taper. Cancer’s pessimism is emotionally based.

Cancer moods are directly influenced by the cycles of the moon. When it wanes, Cancer feels connected to the dark side of the unseen, spiritual world. At these times, crabs feel as if they’re drowning in darkness. They are overcome by haunting memories from the painful past and plagued by night terrors of the future. 

To an extent, Virgo will understand and empathize with this pessimism, for virgins experience their own form of it. Virgo pessimism usually expresses itself through negative thinking patterns rather than mysterious emotions. As an earth sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of technology, communication, and information, Virgos live primarily in the mind. Cancer is a water sign, and thus live inside the depth of their emotions.

Virgo makes decisions based on logic and may even dismiss love with a partner whom he doesn’t view as a safe, practical choice for the long-term. Cancer is led by instinct and emotion throughout life. In the case of Pisces, this might result in blind love and complete abandon of the self for the other person. Crabs, however, understand their emotional vulnerability all too well, and proceed with almost as much caution in love as Virgos.



The Cancerian sensitivity means that most crabs are soft and mild-mannered, which immediately attracts Virgo. Virgos are loners at heart. Their vulnerabilities are wrapped up so tightly inside, it’s difficult to get to know them emotionally. They may make an exception for Cancer, who also proceeds with caution and seems too passive to invade the virgins’ tight boundaries. 

However, virgins who make this initial judgment are probably unaware of Cancer’s cardinal leadership status. Cardinal water actively uses emotions to get what it wants. That’s why Cancers are some of the most tenacious people you will ever meet. Unlike Aries, who acts on impulse and is utterly incapable of being anything but emotionally honest, Cancer knows how to use his/her emotions to get what he/she wants. 

I’m not saying that the passivity and tranquility Virgo initially perceived is a farse – it’s not. Cancers are some of the most loving, nurturing people you’ll ever meet. But they’re also emotionally driven through life, and they need a partner who will bond at the deepest level. Virgos prefer to make intellectual connections and never fully surrender themselves to love. 

At a friendship level, this combination is well-balanced. The self-sufficient virgins, who have so much difficulty opening up or asking for help, are comforted by the crabs’ instinctive care taking. Cancer, whose perspective is often clouded by emotions, finds a sound listening board and objective ear in Virgo.



Although Cancers and Virgos make great friends, intimate relationships between them are a little more complicated. They can still find fulfillment together, but the road will be full of twists and turns; there also may be obstacles along the way. The main difference to remember is that Virgos tend to live in the mind, and Cancers can’t help but live in their emotions.

If Cancer needs more emotional intimacy and transparency than Virgo is willing or able to give, Cancers will likely take this personally and become very wounded. A wounded crab is more likely to retreat into himself than directly approach the problem. However, like water, their brooding unhappiness will leak into every nook and cranny of Virgo’s life. 

If Virgo decides to be more affectionate and less critical at this point, they have a good chance of resolving the problem. It, like most of their problems, likely stems from their different emotional makeups and outlooks. Few crabs won’t soften and become receptive to logic when it’s delivered with flowers and cushioned by lots of affection and terms of endearment. 

Sometimes Virgos can do this, although their tenderness is more subtle and down-to-earth than full of romantic pomp and circumstance. But other times, Virgos can be perfectionists who refuse to empathize with any feelings that aren’t based on sound reasoning and logic – their sound reasoning and logic. 

Particularly, Virgos who have not made peace with their own vulnerabilities harbor strong fears of intimacy. These virgins are more apt to criticize than comfort their Cancerian partners during Cancers’ inexplicably low moods. They can easily become ensnared in a trap if Virgo resists relating on a deep, intimate level, yet is emotionally addicted to Cancer. 



In order to get to the altar, these two will need to have an honest conversation about what they are each looking for and what they are able to give each other. If Virgo can overcome the fear of losing his personal identity and becoming enmeshed with the powerfully emotional crab, they can move to the next stage. However, it must be noted that no Virgo will be rushed into intimacy and will almost certainly back away if Cancer forces the issue.

Cancers can be insecure. But if a crab truly loves a virgin, she has to be strong enough to wait and let Virgo come to the conclusion that he can’t live without her on his own terms. The same goes for male crabs and female virgins.

The good news is that Cancers and Virgos don’t usually choose to marry unless they think the relationship is a safe bet. This marriage is most likely to last if Cancer has her own dreams separate from Virgo and has somewhere to go during those times when Virgo is not emotionally available.

Most of the time, Virgos are not unavailable because they’ve found someone else or don’t love their partners. Although there are always exceptions, they’re honest people by nature. They just need their own space to calm their anxieties in their own way.



Here is where their differences can set them apart or bring them together. The good news is that it’s usually up to them. Virgos have got to sympathize with Cancers here. The crabs live inside their own emotional depth and are frequently drowning in it. Their moods are influenced by the lunar cycles of the moon, which makes them mysterious and unpredictable, even to themselves. 

The Virgos who love Cancers need to understand that Cancerians operate instinctively. They may know or feel things to be true that can’t be demonstrated tangibly or perceived with the five senses that grounded Virgos rely on. This might drive Virgo a little mad at times, causing him/her to become caustic and critical. 

When this happens, they should take a time-out from talking about the issue and do something that bonds them. More often than not, a tranquil walk along the beach or in the woods at night realigns them with who they are. Virgo feels his roots in the earth, and Cancer feels at peace within her depth. Therefore, they are re-energized and better able to communicate sincerely. 



Despite their different emotional makeups, these two share a strong sexual compatibility. Virgo is a gentle lover who very seldom rushes to the finish line.

Virgins are as sexually receptive as Cancers, absorbing every nuance of their lovers’ physical form, responses, and emotions. The way the sentimental crabs give themselves over to love, combined with their nurturing personalities, draws Virgos’ tenderness out from hiding. 



  • Virgo has a grounding influence on Cancer. While Cancer might retreat from more aggressive approaches to rationalism, he/she tends to be receptive to Virgo’s gentle disposition.
  • Both Cancer and Virgo are careful and cautious with both money and matters of the heart. 
  • They usually won’t marry until they’ve worked out their emotional differences enough to live harmoniously together.


  • Cancer can be emotionally demanding and consuming, but Virgo needs a certain amount of emotional space in a relationship.
  • Virgos can become overly critical of Cancer’s fluctuating moods, especially when Cancer’s logic is clouded by her intense emotions.
  • Virgos like to deal with most problems on a mental level, whereas Cancers operate on an emotional level much of the time.

Summary of Cancer and Virgo

Although Virgos and Cancers have many differences, they can greatly enrich each other’s lives. They key to happiness in this relationship is often clear communication. If Cancer can work on being more emotionally direct, and Virgo can work toward becoming more compassionate of Cancer, their bond can be profoundly peaceful.

This is especially true if Cancer is receptive to Virgo’s logic and allows the virgin to guide him/her a bit. Deep down, most Cancers are vulnerable beings and crave the guidance of a more sure-footed personality. Crabs are equally strong in their own ways, and Virgo admires their tenacity.


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