Destiny or Expression Number

What does this mean?

In Numerology, the Expression or Destiny number show where your personal interests actually lie, what your special gifts are, as well as attitude and eventually your actual purpose for your life.

It is also called your “Lucky Number” and indicates your unique capabilities leading you to your existence. The meanings are similar to your “Life Path Number.”

Isn’t that exciting? Knowing what the reason is that you came here for? 

How to Calculate 

We will calculate this according to your name – that is the exact name you were given on your birth certificate. All the consonants and vowels are added together to get a specific number.

If your name, for example, is Jay Thor, J = 1, A= 1 and Y =7 (altogether this makes 9). Then, T = 2, H = 8, O = 6, R=9 (This makes 25, take 2 + 5 = 7). You will then take the number from the first name, which is 9, and add it to the number of the surname, which is 7.

This equals 16. Separate the numbers as 1 + 6 and the final total for this is 7. 7 is the Destiny or Expression of Jay Thor.

Destiny or Expression Number in Descriptions

Destiny Number 1

Your gift in this life is the gift of leadership. Your life will be about achieving things and winning. It will be important for you to come first in competitions and things that challenge you.

Destiny Number 2

Your gift in this life is that of diplomacy and a submissive energy that don’t really mind following others. You are highly intuitive and nurturing and may come off as typically attractive.

Destiny Number 3

Your gift is the ability to not let pressure get to you. You are able to work hard. Naturally charming, generous and entertaining, people just love being around you.

Destiny Number 4

Your gift is that of stabilisation. Expression number 4s are exceedingly brilliant when it comes to discipline, structure, management and putting things in place. Hence, despite not liking unpleasant tasks, you can really take them on with wisdom and grit.

Destiny Number 5

Your gift is your great need for freedom. This pulls you to explore and go on adventures and experiences that bring about travel. You can monetize your experience in life by vlogging and blogging about your exciting adventures.

Destiny Number 6

Your gift is that of harmony, the ability to naturally get along with everyone. This makes you brilliant at creating community get-togethers and making a beautiful home life.

Destiny Number 7

More than any number you have the gift of being able to enjoy solitude. With the gift of clairvoyance, being psychic (like receiving information from the non-physical flows easily through you and this ability will be easily mastered by you if wanted.

Destiny Number 8

You have the gift of authority. Extroverted and self-disciplined, 8s are made for big business and have the gift of success. This expression number has also to do with karma or big lessons to be learned in this lifetime.

Destiny Number 9

You have the gift of universal love. With the strength you posses, can handle whatever life gives you. Through your life, you will grow mentally and spiritually.

Destiny Number 11

You have the gift of powerful intuition and typically people with this expression number are highly creative, emotional and sensitive. You can expect to accomplish so much in this life that has to do with uplifting mankind with the right mindset and systems in place.

Destiny Number 22

You are gifted to do great things in this life. You have the power within you to create many positive things for people and make a great impact in this world in massive proportions.

If that gave you some clarity on why your callings are the way they are, this next article will even make more sense as it discusses more traits and characteristics about who you are on a surface level.

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