What is Numerology?

Numerology is such a precise esoteric science as it works on important data such as the numbers of your birth and your name to give you deep insight into your personality, traits and future.

Once you understand numerology and have a grasp of it and what it can do for you, the decisions you make based on your own-self knowledge can be life-changing! Applying Numerology in your life is like having your north star as a guide.

First, you need to understand the different numbers in numerology and what it means for you.

How Does Numerology Work?

Numerology looks at the culmination of all the numbers you are born to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are, what lies ahead in your future and who your best partners will be. It all works on calculations. 

What is a Numerology Chart?

Astrology Experts Numerology and Letter Equivalents

A Numerology Chart is a chart that gives a value for every letter. It is used to calculate all the letters of your name.

What Does a Numerology Chart Reveal?

The Numerology Chart reveals the value of every letter in the alphabet. 

How Can Numerology be Used as a Guide in Daily Life?

Numerology can be used in daily life as a guide to understand how you deal with things on a daily basis and know why it is that you handle situations the way you do.

It also helps you understand relationships and know who you are best compatible with. As we mentioned above, it serves as your guide

Numbers and their Meanings

Cardinal Numbers

Cardinal Numbers in numerology are simply the numbers 1-9. Every cardinal number has a different meaning that we will explore in the guide below. 

What are Master Numbers? 

There are four Master Numbers – 11, 22, 33 & 44. They are specifically called “Master Numbers” because they are very potent and powerful. This is because of the repetition of their number.

Anyone who has master numbers in their core numbers often have a great destiny and duty to this world to fulfill.

Master numbers are special numbers and are the extremeness of the numbers if you would reduce them. So for example, master number 11 would be the extremeness of 2 (1+1).

Master numbers are very religious and spiritual numbers. They have similar focal points to the number “7” energy. In other words, connections to places where other realms and dimensions lie.

A lot of them become psychics, healers and paranormal experts. They provide the wisdom of life and want to do good for the world. They are often very interested in occultism and the esoteric arts. 

The 5 Most Revealing Numbers in a Chart 

There are 5 Core Numbers that are the most important numbers in Numerology. These are:

  • Life Path Number – Your life’s blueprint.
  • Expression Number – Your gifts and challenges.
  • Personality Number – How people see you.
  • Heart’s Desire Number/Soul Urge Number – Your real desires in life.
  • Birth Day Number – Your talents.

Birth Day Number

What is a Birth Day Number?

Your Birth Day Number is the specific day (number) you were born on. It shows you the gifts and talents you come into this life with as well as the challenges and hurdles you will need to defeat. 

How to Calculate 

This is very easy. Let’s say you were born on the 2nd of March 1979, your Birthday Number is 2. If you were born on the 5th of February 1981, your Birthday Number is 5.

If you were born on the 3rd of July, your Birthday Number is 3 and if you were born on the 26th of November, your Birthday Number is 26, but the 8 meaning applies here (as 2 + 6 = 8). 

Birth Day Number Descriptions

Birth Day Number 1

A born leader, highly independent and don’t really like to work with others. You have huge ambitions and a natural drive to succeed.

You need to learn to work with others comfortably, watch your temper when things don’t go your way and avoid procrastination.

Birth Day Number 2

Sensitive but highly intuitive and can be diplomatic bringing peace among others. You are a lover of beauty and attention. You just need to develop a thicker skin as you are prone to getting hurt. 

Birth Day Number 3

You are highly creative and a natural artist whether visually or in the literary world. You have a great imagination, are entertaining and know how to talk to others.

Your moods can cycle and you need to keep on top of mundane aspects in life – bills, taxes etc…

Birth Day Number 4

Order and structure is very important to you. Hard work is built in you and you are not afraid of it – it actually brings you joy. Beware of developing conditions like OCD as order and control is so important to you.

Watch that you are not always so stubborn. You can be a great success!

Birth Day Number 5

You have a great taste and sense for adventure. Life must be lived in your eyes. Since you work well with others and others who are similar to your traits, promotion and career advancements come easy.

You can be irresponsible at times and need to take self-discipline more seriously.

Birth Day Number 6

Having a life path 6, most are be incredibly kind and considerate towards others having a talent as a natural healer. You love being home and really appreciate and need flattery and praise.

You need to learn to stand up for yourself, otherwise people can treat you like a doormat.

Birth Day Number 7

You are brilliant at withdrawing and honing in to your talents and gifts and really applying daily practice to them. The spiritual realm really attracts you.

Be wary of becoming too isolated and withdrawn from the world. Force yourself to socialize at times.

Birth Day Number 8

Usually, 8 life paths are amazingly good with business and are most often the leader, managing groups of people. You are great with money and know how to play with it.

You just need to watch out as you can be very bossy at times. 

Birth Day Number 9

Naturally obtaining a very creative gift who is highly sociable and knowing how to speak to people, you are a great humanitarian and will often be involved in some sort of charity work even if it is on the side.

You are also a great artist. You need to learn forgiveness and unconditional love.

Birth Day Number 11

11 is a Master Number, a person having an amazing intuition and hold high ideals. You can be very emotional and sensitive and at times seen as someone who has the potential to become extremely psychic.

Often, you inspire others and they want to emulate you. You have a special destiny.

Birth Day Number 22

22 is another special Master Number. Coming into this body as a creator that can deliberately create and build large projects and do amazing things in this lifetime.

You have an amazing energy both creatively and emotionally. You will do great things and have an impact in this world.

What’s next? Go ahead and compute your Lifepath number and let’s then dig deeper into the meaning of each of these numbers on to the next page.

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