Karmic Lessons

Karmic Lesson Numbers

These numbers are the challenges that you need to win and accomplish in this lifetime. Believed to be a spill-over from your previous incarnation, these are the plus points you can earn for your soul’s infinite evolution journey. Karmic Lessons are like home works for your entire Earth life.

How To Find Them in your Chart

They are found by looking at the missing numbers from your birth name. Every letter has a number. Any numbers that are missing are your karmic lesson numbers.

Karmic Lesson Number Descriptions

Karmic Lesson 1

You have so much potential but can be lazy and lack motivation. Become more aggressive in the chasing and creating of your dreams, whether it be studies, career, fitness or even love.

Bumping into many difficult people who can be exceptionally strong-willed is your pre-set destiny. They may even bully you. You need to learn to stand up for yourself, or you will get teased and become a doormat in people’s eyes.

You need to believe in yourself and think of your self-image in a better way. Meditation is good as well as following a healthier lifestyle, getting exercise and chasing your dreams.

Karmic Lesson 2

You need to learn to work with the team and start caring about people’s feelings. You can be very intimidating, dominant and a bully and not care about hurting others’ feelings.

There may be work projects you worked very hard on that you will need to share credits with.

You need to learn to care more about others’ feelings. An important karmic lesson will be that you will attract a lot of your success by delaying gratification, being patient and cooperating with others.

Karmic Lesson 3

Perfectionism is so important to you, that you forget to learn to chill and relax in this life and find joy in the small things in life. You need to learn to laugh, especially at yourself. 

You will be in many positions where you have to get creative and think out-of-the-box for solutions. Success won’t always come easily but you can get there with a lot of hard work and time. 

You need to learn to trust your gut and be more cheerful.

Karmic Lesson 4

You will experience a lack of direction in your life. Choosing a course of studies may be hard as you don’t know what you want to become.

You need to sit down and just do the hard work and do things, even if you feel there is no purpose to them, so that you can gain practical experience. 

Things need to become more solid in your life, and only you can set those rules. You need to stop floating through life and solidify your feet, grow through experiences and do things on repeat if needed, in order to learn and grow.

Karmic Lesson 5

You are very afraid of adventure and change. You lack a thirst of wanting to experience new things in this life.

Life can be a real hamster wheel for you going round and round, and you are never really going to learn about it and more about yourself unless you dip your toe in the huge ocean that is life.

You will be forced to make changes in this life, even if they feel uncomfortable, as it is a lesson you must learn. You need to learn to be more fluid and flexible and get excited about the world around you.

Karmic Lesson 6

Commitment will be your biggest weakness. People may see you as being emotionally detached. You may feel alone at times and need to learn to communicate feelings and emotions.

Life may put you in uncomfortable emotional situations to pull this out of you.

There are important lessons needed to learn in this  life such as close friendships, having committed relationships, giving as well as sacrificing the self. You will need to learn to love deeply.

Karmic Lesson 7

You can be very casual about the way you approach things. Life will force you to learn and study something in great detail. It is a skill or knowledge you need to attain that you will have to master, or it will be repeated in the next life.

In addition, you also have an attitude that you can do no wrong. Acceptance of your flaws in personality is one challenge to work through for you. You need to dig deeper into your life to understand more.

Karmic Lesson Number 8

You will have issues with money and authority. Even though it is very easy for you to attract money, you will not always know what to do with it and can experience bankruptcy, complete financial losses and end up having huge credit card bills. 

Being told what to do and taking advice from anyone is not something you enjoy receiving. This can lead you in trouble because you are so stubborn. With a strong dislike for authority, you can sometimes come across as a know it all.

Therefore, play and use money better, take advice and respect authority when it tries to help you. You also need to learn to ask for help, as hard as it may be.  

Karmic Lesson 9 

You will lack compassion and empathy severely with an attitude that does not tolerate others’ failings and weaknesses. In this life, learning to be considerate instead of egotistical and closed minded is something you will learn.

In addition, you need to realise that other people matter and their opinions matter too. You will be challenged by seeing the pain that others go through and will need to develop feelings towards it.

In kindness, compassion and helping others, what you will discover is a way that will fulfill yourself greatly.

Your life lesson will be to stop isolating yourself from others and become part of the community and understand that you belong. Listening to others’ stories will help you discover yourself more.

No Karmic Lesson Numbers

If you don’t have any karmic number on your chart, which is considered rare, you still have a great life purpose in helping others. This doesn’t exempt you however to help others in this lifetime.

Life becomes much more enjoyable when relationships are in sync and harmonious with your partner. Let’s move on to the next page to know more about life path compatibilities.

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