The compatibility of Leo and Virgo Horoscopes

Associations between Leos and Virgos are complex, and control often emerges as a central theme. This doesn’t have to manifest in a negative way, but let’s err on the side of Virgoan caution and get the worst possible scenario out of the way. After all, that’s how most Virgos – and earth signs in general – operate.

Although mild-mannered on the surface and usually gentle-natured, Virgos have a strong perfectionist streak. Detail-oriented to the extreme, they have a vision of the way things should be. And Leos rarely fit into the neat little boxes Virgo expect people to.

In fact, Leos don’t really fit into any box. Elementally, they were born larger than life, and must be free to pursue their self-actualization and ambition in whatever way they please. 


Some insecure Virgos try to project their ideals onto their loved ones, molding a partner into an image of perfection. This is a subconscious way to avoid dealing with their own deep-seated insecurities and vulnerabilities. Some Leos can be domineering to the extreme. While Virgo’s approach is more subtle, Leo anger is usually a straightforward attack; there is nothing subtle about it.

In fact, Leo is famously lacking subtlety altogether. Even the most effeminate Leo men are somewhat of the archetypal male. Leo women are vivacious and dynamic rather than demurely feminine. 

Leos tend to respond to being made to feel insecure by becoming controlling. They can be highly jealous and possessive. Also, their out-sized egos might make them seem like easy winners in a battle of wills against Virgo. But if you look a little bit closer, you’ll note that Leos are ruled by positive, masculine forces. Virgos, on the other hand, are ruled by negative, feminine forces. This means that Leo’s natural optimism can be dulled over time by a nitpicking Virgo who continually finds fault in the lion’s passionate approach to life. 

Virgos tend to think that the answers to life’s great mysteries lie in pure logic. They can sometimes divorce the heart and the mind under the impression that emotions only cloud the truth. Leos are ruled by their hearts. Thus, their emotions are just like everything else about them: larger than life.

They view Virgo’s realism as downright pessimism, and Virgos find Leos foolhardy at times. Their energies don’t easily align, but like with all challenging relationships between people who are somewhat opposite from each other, they have great lessons to learn from one another.

If they can harmoniously assimilate their differences, their relationship can help evolve them more fully as people and add balance to their lives.



Despite their markedly different temperaments and emotional makeups, they add dimension to one another’s lives. Cautious, rational Virgo tempers Leos’ intensity, gentles his aggression, and teaches him patience. Fiery, strong-willed Leo warms Virgo’s guarded heart, brings her soft side to light, and fiercely guards her vulnerabilities. 

However, Leos are at times proud and domineering. If they become too bossy or abrasive, their Virgo friends will retreat coldly into silence. Unless they have a fiery moon or ascendant, they aren’t ones to engage in flagrant, dramatic displays of emotion. They can become critical of Leos when they inevitably do engage in such theatrics.

Although Virgo is a mutable sign, the virgins can’t be controlled, regardless of their docility. However, they might become so overly critical under the guise of helping their Leo friends improve themselves that the lions seek another, more flattering spotlight.

This friendship thrives when they love and accept each other for who they are. It is also in their best interest to view their differences as assets which add balance and harmony to their lives. For one thing, Virgos are hard workers who aren’t afraid to do the grunt work necessary to get to the top of whatever ambition they set their sights on.

They’re not only supportive of their Leo friends, but they’re willing to put in hours of hard work and dedication toward Leo’s visionary ambitions. Most Leos have huge, generous hearts and are intensely protective of their Virgo friends. They deeply respect and admire Virgo’s humanitarian values.



Especially in the beginning, this relationship between seeming opposites has its high points and can even feel like a match made in heaven. Virgos are natural humanitarians.

It’s ingrained in their nature to be of service to the people they love and the world in general. It’s remarkable how many of them are actually employed in careers in which they serve the public, regardless of whether their work is prestigious or mundane. Therefore, Virgos love pleasing their Leo lovers. However, they may not worship them in the dramatic fashion that most lions prefer. 

Virgos are cautious and emotionally reserved. They can be shy, and they tend to show their love in actions rather than words. This can dearly disappoint their flamboyant Leo lovers. Leos need dramatic displays of praise and affection the way the rest of us need oxygen to breathe. Though they will appreciate Virgo’s soft, mild-mannered way of being and the solid foundation of support the virgin provides.

But in order to fully satisfy a Leo lover, Virgo needs to be more demonstrative about his feelings. He also needs to be able to let go and be emotionally vulnerable. Unfortunately, this is something few Virgos feel completely comfortable with.

However, Virgo’s gentleness, courtesy, and desire to serve and please will soften the intensely ego-oriented Leo. For this reason, a Virgo lover has better chances at inspiring desired changes from Leo than any other sign. That is, if the virgin isn’t overly critical, which will wound Leo’s sensitive pride.



Virgo is able to relax even the most untamed, roaring lion, which is no small feat. Leos are intense, ego-oriented individuals whose actions and emotions are elementally fueled by fire. Virgo’s mild manners and subdued way of relating to their loved ones and the world around them is soothing to Leos, who are used to periodically exploding (or imploding, if he’s a shy or repressed Leo). However, if Virgo gets too blatantly critical, the Leo ego will not be able to handle it, and a battle of wills will ensue.

The good news is that most Leos and Virgos who have made it far enough to get married have already overcome these obstacles, which make themselves glaringly opposite once the two share intimate space. Also, Virgo is a mutable sign. Therefore, when Leo occasionally roars in reaction to her scrutiny and perfectionism, the virgin is usually able to take some space; the quiet will restore her the way it does all Virgos. 

Still, there are some fundamental differences between them as lovers. Leo probably fell in love with love long before he/she was old enough to go on an unsupervised date. To be happy, Leo requires a partner to surrender to love and her, even if it’s just in special moments of oneness.

Leos love without restraint, and most Virgos are too guarded and sensible to ever fully abandon themselves to love or a partner. They always hold back a part of themselves, which can leave Leo feeling lacking and secretly unworthy of the all-consuming passions she desires from the one she loves. 

If this marriage is to be a happy one, Virgo will have to make an effort to open up emotionally, even if it happens slowly (which it will). Leo will have to temper her urges to be emotionally demanding or punish Virgo with melodramatic scenes that upset his quiet, peaceful nature. Virgos simply don’t have the constitution for explosive fights that lead to even more explosive makeups.

Leos require at least occasional dramatic displays of surrender in the bedroom, especially after their big hearts and egos have been wounded by Virgo’s pure logic. In this relationship, all good things take time. But they are worth waiting for, if they really want to be together. 



As mentioned before, this relationship can result in frequent battles of will. They need to harmonize their vastly different temperaments, which takes patience and tolerance.

Virgo likes to live at some distance from emotions. He may be uncomfortable with Leo’s intense displays of hurt, anger, pleasure, ecstasy, and so forth. Leo’s emotions are as huge as the rest of her personality. Stifled self-expression often literally manifests as illness in Leos who don’t have the right outlet. 

If Virgo can recognize that part of the reason for his discomfort is because Leo’s transparent emotions bring out his fear of intimacy, that’s a good start. If Leo can meet Virgo half way and give him space to retreat into his own thoughts when needed, they’re well on their way to some mutual happiness and harmony.



Ruled by Mercury, Virgos have intelligent, quicksilver minds. While they may lack emotional intensity and transparency, they express themselves beautifully through thought. With loving, passionate Leos, their poetic souls and soft natures are drawn out by the warmth of the sun.

Although Virgo is as mental as he is physical about sex, the earthy part of his nature blends well with Leo’s strong, primal sexuality. Most of the time, gentle Virgo happily submits to Leo’s need to dominate, as long as Leo keeps the heart and sensuality in the experience. If he loves Virgo, he/she usually does. 

They may face an obstacle regarding their very different emotional climates. While the typical Virgo never fully lets go and shares all of himself, Leo requires passionate displays of emotion and surrender to their love; it has an all-important place in her heart. Virgo has a tendency toward self-restriction, allowing herself only a measured dose of pleasure and emotional release at times.

Leo will immediately sense the virgin is holding back. This will not only make them feel hurt and unfulfilled, but they’ll take it personally. To satisfy Leo, Virgo needs to slowly let down his/her guards. And Leo needs to restrain from rushing Virgo’s natural process.



  • Leo’s warmth and protectiveness makes Virgo feel safer to open up to him than she would to others.
  • Virgo is supportive of Leo’s big dreams and ideals. She is willing to do the detail work to make visionary Leo’s bigger pictures a reality.
  • Both Leos and Virgos are loyal and steadfast in their commitments. When they invest their time, minds, and hearts into a relationship, they honor it and are willing to work past obstacles.


  • Leo’s jealousy and possessiveness is off-putting to Virgo, whose mild temperament cannot abide frequent emotional ups and downs.
  • Leo tends to think more with his heart, whereas Virgo sees true wisdom as the ability to divorce what the mind knows from what the heart feels. 

Summary of Leo and Virgo

Because Virgo comes directly after Leo on the zodiac wheel, Virgo has a subconscious understanding of Leo’s motivations in life. Having learned to temper emotion and impulse with logic and wisdom, Virgo may have a hidden leadership role in this relationship.

Much of this relationship’s happiness relies on their mutual ability to give each other the freedom to be who they are. Rather than focus on how emotionally (and sometimes literally) messy Leo can be, Virgo might remember that Leo’s ability to love without restraint is what initially drew her to him. Subconsciously, we are drawn to our opposites because they have an abundance of what we lack; learning from them makes us more well-rounded and complete.

Likewise, instead of trying to shake the virgin upside down to get something out of her, Leo should give her space to move closer in her own time.

If they can blend their temperaments harmoniously, their relationship has a wider range of enjoyment and resilience than most. 


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