The compatibility of Libra and Capricorn Horoscopes

These two cardinal signs have a complicated relationship that is fraught with difficult lessons. However, it often reaps beautiful rewards over time.

Unlike two mutable signs with challenges, they won’t decide to move on without giving it their all. And unlike fixed signs, who either sink their heels in and refuse to give up their relationship or make changes that lend themselves to compromise, Libras and Caps won’t choose extremes. They will also not say, “It’s impossible”, or at least not easily, like an air sign might.

Once cardinal signs know what they want, they set out to get it. If what they want is each other, the good news is that they will take action to keep their relationship going.


There is no real leader in a cardinal relationship. If one of them finally moves out of the way to let the other play this role, that person will build up anger and resentment. This is because passivity is not a cardinal sign’s natural role. In close relationships and friendships, what these two need is a way to relate harmoniously without going against their basic natures. 



Libra is a masculine sign ruled by Venus, a feminine planet. That means that the strong Libran intellect, mental firmness, and cardinal strength are softened by their loving, harmonious nature. Capricorn is a feminine sign ruled by Saturn, a masculine planet. This challenges them to stoically endure hardships, especially earlier in life. Because of this balance of energies, there is a lot of compassion between them. 

However, they won’t turn into helpless puddles of emotion. A cerebral air sign like Libra and an earth sign as strong as Capricorn (whose strength seems rooted in the ground) will approach problems logically. This is true when it comes to their friendship, too. As long as their ascendants and moon signs are compatible, these two have just the right amount of gentleness and reason in their friendship.

Capricorns will become annoyed at Libra’s procrastination, which is almost never intentional. Libras see both sides to most matters; they weigh them on their Libra scales for a long time before forming a conclusion. Surefooted Capricorns are quicker to come to conclusions. Though once they do, they hold true to them indefinitely.



They respect each other’s manners. Together, they could write a book on etiquette to rival “Ask Eloise”. Libra may be more in touch with his/her soft side. Generally speaking, Librans are more connected to their loving natures than Capricorns are. As symbolized by their original symbol, the sea goat, with its tail steeped in water, Capricorn has a deeply emotional core. But because of Saturn’s restrictive influence, they may not be able to access, fully accept, or share it until later in life. Because Libra is as logical as he/she is caring and sweet, Capricorn is more likely to trust Libra’s love than an impulsive fire sign or emotional water sign.

Libra has an endearing way of pointing out the silver linings in the stormclouds that hover over Cap’s head when Saturn’s weight hangs heavily in their sky. During these spells, Capricorn can usually only see gloom and grayness. (For those of you who don’t know, Edgar Allen Poe was a Capricorn.) However, Libra is so light on his feet, oozing such natural charm and optimism, that the goat can’t help but think maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps that light is Libra.

Of course, there are times when Capricorn will be frustrated with the way Libra sees life through rose-colored glasses. They may even become a bit envious of the way he seems to skip airily over so many pitfalls in life. The goat wonders how anyone can always see the bright side. But of course Libra doesn’t. Libra sees both sides and can be quite contradictory when she argues. What’s worse to Capricorn is that they’ll sugarcoat their ambivalence (and anything else unpleasant that can’t be fit into neat boxes_ with optimistic platitudes. 

Except when they’re amid a spell of anxiety, weighing facts with such a frantic nature that their Libra scales swing wildly, Libras really do believe that tomorrow is another day. There is always a chance for a new beginning. Capricorn is cautious of anything that looks too good to be true, and for some goats, almost everything wonderful looks too good to be true.

Dousing Libra’s romantic idealism in pessimism, or even stalwart realism, will put the fire out of this relationship. Libra expresses love in imagination, bringing Cap’s inner fantasies to life. They enjoy sweetening everyday life with scented candles and long kisses at the doorway when they leave for work. Libras are fond of showering their lovers with genuinely thoughtful gifts, as well as a lot of flattery and praise. If Capricorn is too emotionally reserved and is not demonstrative enough of love, Libra will wilt like a flimsy flower in the rain. It’s a heartbreaking sight to see, but eventually Libra will have enough, buzzing off to some sweeter surface that yields more honey.



If they can assimilate their differences into their own unique semblance of harmony, they may well choose to get married. When Capricorn is in love, he/she believes in etching commitments in stone. Most Libras have dreamed of a fairy tale wedding since they were toddlers. You can be sure that if they marry, it’s usually because, after much caution and deliberation, they see the good and the bad. Capricorn has the ability to love and accepts Libra as a whole person. Libra’s analytical side saves him/her from seeing the goat through rose-colored glasses. They might ignore any signs of incompatibility because they are in love.

Even though their communication can be cluttered and complicated, Capricorn and Libra bring each other a lot of peace. Libra’s harmonious nature and soothing energy centers Capricorn. Goats can be wholly restful within themselves, which has a calming effect on Libra when her decision-making process becomes too fraught with anxiety.

This relationship requires patience to reach this state of harmony and fulfillment, however. Capricorn takes time to trust his feelings and does not express himself fully until he is sure. But the goat must be able to express his passion and vulnerability to some degree in order to keep Libra happy. When they truly love and trust each other, Libra often becomes the gatekeeper to the secret inner world of Capricorn’s emotions.



Their communication can be so polarized that this part of their relationship vaguely resembles a satire. As an air sign, Libra is naturally buoyant and does not take kindly to being dragged onto the cold, hard ground of “reality”. Capricorn is naturally too grounded to put much stake in romantic idealism. Saturn’s harsh rulership has permanently nailed caution into her. Libra has a strong nurturing side, and he longs to reach out and soften Cap’s existence, embracing the hidden emotions peering timidly out at him. If theirs is to be a lasting bond, Capricorn will learn to meet Libra halfway, trusting him to unearth some of her long-buried vulnerability.

On the (very) bright side, Capricorn is adept at maintaining a serene home, attitude, and energy. This is true even when her life is chaotic or unmanageable. Her stoicism means that she handles pain with grace and often puts others before herself. Libra, who thrives in a harmonious home environment, is deeply grateful for Capricorn’s quiet devotion. Libra gently listens as Capricorn vents his/her feelings, offering just the right combination of empathy and logic. As cardinal signs, both Caps and Libras like practical solutions to problems. Together they often find them.



A Libra lover can bring something of an Indian summer into the long winter of Capricorn’s life. If they’re lucky, Libra will always be a bright spot in Cap’s world, lightening the burden of her heart. But it takes a lot of warmth to melt Capricorn to the core, and air signs don’t always have that depth of empathy. Still, of all the air signs, Libra probably has the best combination of mental and emotional elements to satisfy Capricorn’s sensual nature.

Unlike fire signs, Libra won’t demand that Capricorn show a fiery display of surrender early in the relationship. Libra’s gentleness savors the subtleties of this lover’s slow unraveling. However, the goat may need a more tangible feeling to fully open up in bed. Libra’s seduction is as gentle and sweet as an unexpected sun shower, but it may not always penetrate. After all, Capricorn has a lot of layers to melt if one hopes to get to the core. 

Like most areas of their relationship, it takes some effort to meet each other halfway in their sexual expression. Capricorn doesn’t get enough credit in astrology for his creativity. If he taps into it to create fantasy and romance for Libra, Libra might become a more tangible lover and fade away into dreams with less haste.



  • These two share an intellectually affinity and often bond over a shared love of the arts. 
  • When they truly connect, Libra lightens Capricorn’s low moods, which last much longer and are far heavier than Libra’s.
  • They are both excellent problem solvers and have their superior mental abilities help them reach compromise through conflict.


  • Capricorn might not be expressive enough for Libra, and Libra’s emotional nature may not be intense enough to penetrate Capricorn’s hidden well of vulnerability. If this remains untapped, a romantic relationship between the two of them will never be truly fulfilling.
  • Since they both rely more on their minds than hearts as they move through life, they run the risk of understanding each other mentally, but not emotionally.
  • Cap can be stoic and Libra evasive. They have to put in a considerably conscious effort to communicate effectively.

Summary of Libra and Capricorn

As you can see, the Capricorn/Libra association is a complicated one. When they can assimilate their differences into a pattern of harmony, these two will enjoy many unique pleasures. Our best advice for Libras and goats in close relationships is to express yourself clearly. And express not only your thoughts, but your feelings. This way, you can relate on a deeper level, which tips the scales toward balance and harmony. This will certainly delight Libra. 

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