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Libras are well-liked by many, but especially by each other. They share the decision-making process, which is extensive. Astrology coins them as indecisive, which can be true at times. But they’re also thorough decision makers. When a Libra meets another Libra, he/she sees someone who is also highly analytical and takes the time to weigh all sides of an issue before forming a conclusion. Therefore, trust often develops more quickly in this relationship than many others. Libras take great pains to do what’s fair, right, and rational.


Because they weigh facts, pros, and cons so extensively on the scales, Libras are prone to doubting themselves. To other signs, they may seem the opposite of thorough. How can someone seem so sure of their position or opinion on Monday, but by Wednesday it has changed completely? But while Geminis might be uncommitted to the decisions they make and the opinions they form, Libras are deeply committed to them. In fact, they can agonize for days trying to get it right. 

Because they’re highly concerned with fairness and justice, there is a tendency to try to separate things into “blacks and whites”, not seeing that the answer to many questions can be found in the “gray area”. However, their devotion to fairness and justice, combined with their cardinal leadership status, makes many of them courageous leaders. It’s amazing to see how many Libras won’t back down from what they believe just to please the masses or even to please the people around them. 

Interestingly, their leadership status is thinly veiled by their refined manners, social grace, and softness of being. No matter what their appearance, Libras radiate an innocent kind of beauty, making them “the fairest of them all” at first glance. Because this sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, many Libra women are either very effeminate or doe-eyed and sweet-natured. Many Libra men also have a sensitive, effeminate appeal that makes members of the opposite sex (or gay men) want to fawn over them. People are beguiled by their rare sensitivity, refined manner of being, and the light, airy energy that shimmers around them. 



Libras are talkative by nature. Like a bee buzzing about a garden from one flower to the next, they float around the room at social gatherings. Scales people are a delightful combination of imagination and intellect; they have a rare, balanced capacity for both throughout their lives. Because of Venus’s influence, you’ll find a lot of Libras congregating at art shows, gallery openings, photography exhibits, and performances; and they won’t be the ones standing back and quietly taking it all in.

No, you can be sure they will gravitate toward each other, commenting on the use of lighting, color, and shadow (all Libra’s have keen aesthetic and artistic sensibilities). If you listen a bit longer, you’ll hear them carefully evaluating the real worth of the different works and eventually engaging in friendly debates over the talent and authenticity of various artists. 

When two Libras get to know each other, trust develops fairly early. Like I mentioned before, that’s because they are both careful, conscientious decision makers who thoroughly evaluate all sides of a situation before forming a conclusion. They respect one another’s discernment and prioritization of justice and fairness in the world. Sure, Libras can be philosophical and romantic idealists. However, they relate to life largely from an intellectual perspective. These two will overthink everything at times, driving others around them insane and sometimes missing the heart of the matter.



Two Libras are likely to find deep romantic harmony together. This is partly because they care so much about peace and preserving it in their minds and environments. Although Libra is a cardinal leadership sign, this quality manifests itself less obviously in Libras than in the other three cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries, and Capricorn). Because Venus softens their hearts and sensibilities, they have very little constitution for conflict, ugliness, or the darker sides of life. Influenced by positive, masculine forces, they are stubbornly optimistic.

In relationships, Libras are peacemakers. This can work beautifully if both partners are dedicated to each other and to creating harmonious patterns in their relationship. If not, Libra has a tendency to don rose-colored glasses and make excuses to themselves and others for their partner’s shortcomings. Luckily for many Libras in relationships with each other, both partners are gentle beings who prioritize peace and harmony over other emotions. The danger is that they may repress anger, hurt, or other emotions they deem ugly or unpleasant. The need for balance in their lives is strong. 

However, if they don’t rely overly on the intellectual process of conflict resolution and open up about their feelings as well, their relationship can contain a whole happiness that many lack. Since Libras care so much about balance, they will be motivated to relate to each other holistically; they’ll be connected in mind, body, and spirit. Libras are in love with love. And when they fall hard, they are romantic idealists. They make nurturing yet creative and exciting lovers (the best of both worlds, as they say).



Libras in love have an excellent chance at a solid marriage. They’re conscientious people who take each other’s feelings into lengthy consideration. Yes, Libras can be stubborn and righteous at times, and occasionally they’re unable to admit when they’re wrong. But for most Libras, keeping the peace is more important than being right, so they’re willing to pick and choose their battles. An emotionally mature Libra will do so wisely.

Like people in interdependent cultures, Libras aren’t living primarily for themselves. They often prioritize the good of the group over their own singular motivations. Scales people chafe at the egoistic influences in some cultures, including America. They’re partner-oriented by nature. In fact, several Libras subscribe religiously to the concept of soulmates. This is the idea that people come in twos, and a perfect, wholly fulfilling match does exist. 

They also don’t like to be lonely. For many Libras, who have such a nurturing nature, being alone means loneliness. Thus, they are in danger of choosing the wrong partner early on out of fear of ending up alone. Fortunately, most eventually channel their romantic idealism into cardinal willfulness, refusing to settle until they find their best match. (And their best emotional and mental match may well be another Libra.)



Libras communicate in a most interesting way. They cushion criticism or negativity with such sweet pleasantries that one takes away the most positive side of their message. This is their goal, whether consciously or subconsciously. Because harmony is intrinsic to their happiness –⁠ even their survival –⁠⁠⁠ they cannot abide a conflicted environment in which peace cannot be restored. 

Luckily, Libras are remarkable communicators. They’re thoughtful, intellectual, and often able to understand both points of view. When they’re happy, everything around them shimmers with it, with all shadows washed away by light. 



Venus-ruled lovers are extremely sensual by nature, and their sensuality is often linked to sentimentality. A Libra may inhale the scent of a familiar fragrance that transports them softly back to when they first met and feel desperate to be in her lover’s arms. Or he/she may smell the crisp autumn air, ripe and sweet as the first time they made love in the grass; his heart will call out to his Libran lover who takes him into open arms.

Physically, Libras enjoy the smooth feel of silk or the softness of feathers on their skin. Fresh flowers, a light spring rain, or low-burning candles can create a nice ambiance. But whereas the other Venus-ruled sign, Taurus, is fulfilled by a complete physical and emotional connection, Libra needs a lot of mental stimulation. Their endless imaginations ensure that sex will never get boring.



  • Libras have a rare combination of rationality and emotional intelligence; they know how to relate from their hearts, but are objective enough not to let reality become clouded by emotion.
  • Libras are highly imaginative, so neither their sex nor everyday life is likely to get boring.
  • Because they both value peace and harmony above almost all else, they work hard at communicating well and keeping their relationship healthy.


  • Libras are essentially idealists who believe that justice can win, and gray areas can be analyzed into absolutes; they may wear rose-colored glasses in relationships and can be prone to denial until resentment or discord builds up.
  • Libra anger can be complicated; scales people may repress it in favor of keeping their environment harmonious (i.e., keeping loved ones happy). But if they don’t learn to face negative feelings and realities, it can result in disconnection or depression.
  • Scales people can overthink things and worry themselves, especially when in the company of another Libra.

Summary of Libra/Libra

Libras are inclined to champion justice and fairness, yet Venus endows them with compassion and gentleness. They want to bring people who’ve hurt others to legal and karmic justice, yet they also want to help them. What they really wish is that humanity could be introspective enough to get to the root of its problems and heal from the inside out. However, Libra is an air sign, so there is a tendency to process issues in the mind and leave emotions out of it.

Presumably, many Libras still champion the spirit of the 60s inclusive, “make love, not war” culture. They would much rather emphasize the positive than the negative in their personal lives and the world. The combined passion of Libra’s pioneering pursuit of justice can translate into humanitarianism (and often is).


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