The compatibility of Libra and Scorpio Horoscopes

Because Scorpio comes after Libra on the karmic wheel, meaning that Scorpio has almost certainly experienced a Libra incarnation in the past, these two can be a study in contrasts.

While Libra is optimistic, Scorpio has an innate memory of the heartbreak and disappointment that can follow a belief that fairness and justice can exist in this world. While you might imagine that would repel Scorpio, it actually makes the scorpion feel protective over Libra.

The Libran optimism and commitment to fairness and harmony touches a tender part of Scorpio’s heart, like an echo of an old beloved tune.


In turn, Libra senses that the Scorpio mystery holds wisdom she needs to learn. However, this karmic understanding is not always apparent on the surface.

Libra’s Venus rulership makes scales people of both sexes soft, harmonious beings who often cushion harsh truths between optimistic statements and lots of fluffy compliments.

But Libra is also a cardinal leadership sign, which is a fact that Scorpio holds in his retentive karmic memory. Influenced by positive, masculine forces and imbued with an action-oriented approach to life, Libra knows how to get what he/she wants.

Libras are sometimes accused of being manipulative, as they believe that “you catch more bees with honey than vinegar”. Scales people have a remarkable talent for making their ideas seem like yours, as if what they want truly benefits you most of all.

They get away with it far more often than other signs. Their Venusian grace and softness of being touches the tender part of the Scorpio heart (and just about everyone else’s).



Libras have a soothing presence that centers the Scorpio soul, which is often swinging violently from one extreme to another. Scorpio is the first sign to fully delve into the depth of the human experience. It’s no surprise that they feel emotions completely.

Whereas air sign Libra lives more in the mind, Scorpio lives inside her own depths. She has the capacity to open her soul up completely to a lover and has an innate knowledge that the more one opens up, the deeper the heart can break from within if love ends. 

Libra does not necessarily share the same innate soul knowledge of the depth of the human experience. Therefore, Libra may sometimes see Scorpio has a “killjoy” or accuse her of “raining on her parade”. Still, she has a healthy respect for Scorpio’s wisdom, stalwart strength, and resilience.

Since Scorpio symbolizes the cycle of life and death, he/she often knows what it’s like to rise up from ashes like the proverbial phoenix. Libra gleans strength and wisdom from Scorpio. She can restore harmony to the Scorpio soul.



Libras are imaginative spirits who dance through life on clouds, deeply in love with love. This is not to say that Libras are flighty or unreliable, which would repel Scorpio. Quite the opposite is true.

Libras take their commitments seriously, and they never come to a conclusion without weighing all angles on the famous Libra scales. In fact, Scorpios sometimes accuse them of trying to fit the world into “blacks and whites”, refusing to embrace that most of the world is a gray area.

But Libra cannot be talked out of her commitment to balance, fairness, and justice. She always sees both sides of a story. This makes her both intelligent and, at times, indecisive.

At heart, Venus-ruled Libras are romantic idealists who innately believe that love has the power to conquer all. But in order to experience deep emotional fulfillment in love with Scorpio (or anyone else), they have to surrender some of their all-important ideals. Scorpio needs to be accepted fully for who he/she is – the good, bad, and in-between. They are complex beings who simply can and will not be molded into an ideal or seen through rose-colored glasses.

When it comes to knowing himself, Scorpio takes the cake. From an early age, many Scorpios know exactly who they are, what they like and dislike, etc. And aside from Capricorns, they are the most likely to “know what they want to be when they grow up” and actually become that.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means their outlooks and emotions are sustained over long periods of time. Because of that, Scorpio can seem like the knight in shining armor (or fairy-tale princess) Libra has been dreaming of since childhood. Scorpios are capable of lifelong commitment and devotion. A surprising amount of them are still secretly in love with a youthful lover who has been gone for many years.



If Libra can be at peace with the fact that no person fills all his ideals and fully accept Scorpio for who she is, he will find that Scorpio lives up to many of them. (This is true in all Libra/Scorpio relationships, including same sex bonds.)

Scorpio men and women are the strong, silent type. Their love is all-encompassing, literally sweeping Libras off their feet. Not many lovers are lucky enough to find such a potent balance of strength and emotional vulnerability in one person. But with a healthy, evolved Scorpio, reality can be as steamy and heartrending as a Harlequin romance novel.

However, Scorpio has a temper, and can be jealous. Actually, a better word is possessive. When Scorpio falls in love, he believes that there is ownership on both sides, and commitment is inviolable. When Scorpios are not truly in love, their out-sized sexual and emotional yearnings may cause them to stray.

If the affair turned out to be just a dalliance, a temporary escape from overcoming the challenges of a relationship with the person he truly loves, he may not even tell his lover. However, if he falls in love outside of the relationship, he will respect Libra enough to give her the truth, as well as the chance to find a deeper love of her own.

Libras are usually faithful, but they are flirts. This is an inescapable fact. They bounce around parties on their light feet, treating guests to their tinkling, melodious laugh and dazzling Colgate smile.

They are naturally charming, social, and engaging. It would do Scorpio well to remember that all of these interactions are fairly superficial; they mean nothing when Scorpio has Libra’s tender heart. 



Cautious Scorpio can become frustrated with Libra’s eternal optimism and idealism. Yet when Libra’s scales tip and they begin to analyze all the things that could go wrong, Scopio feels like she’s missing the point. Instead of emotionally processing things, Libra seems to intellectualize everything until the big picture is shattered.

When they make their minds still for long enough to listen, Libras can gain incredible wisdom from the way Scorpios penetrate the core of every situation.

Scorpios smolder with an emotional and sexual intensity that draws lovers to them like moths to a flame. But even when Scorpio succeeds easily in melting a Libra lover to the core, he will not be able to control her. This can be frustrating, as Scorpio’s possessiveness can be deeply ingrained. Libra thinks independently, and that’s that.

Both of these signs can be indirect and manipulative. When Scorpio sustains an emotional wound, he is capable of silently holding it in for longer than almost any other sign (except for maybe Capricorn or Taurus). He will often act as if nothing is wrong, and then sting a lover with revenge days, weeks, or even years later.

Libra isn’t the straightest shooter, either. She prefers to sugarcoat harsh realities and often uses her natural charm and wholesome brand of vulnerability to guilt a lover into giving her what she wants, even if it’s love. Playing with love is the most dangerous game of all. And make no mistake: these two can sometimes play love like a battle of wills.

This pairing will often benefit from learning better communication skills in counseling, either on their own or together. If they are married or involved in a committed relationships, both is preferable.

Libra also needs to give Scorpio the freedom to be occasionally immersed in his dark moods, which cannot always be sprinkled away with fairy-dusted Libra charm. 



Just as Scorpio wants to wholly experience life, so, too, does he want to experience sex in this holistic way. Occasionally, Libra’s touch is a little too light for Scorpio, gently grazing the surface of his darker, deep-churning desires. 

But the Scorpio sexual power is not one to be underestimated. Scorpio fulfills Libra with devotion, eroticism, and the kind of deep, penetrating intimacy that merges two people into one.

Once Libra lets her emotional guard down, their sexual relationship can be wholly satisfying in a way that is rare. Steeped in the sacred stillness at the core of Scorpio’s being, Libra finds her long-sought balance and harmony.



  • Libra’s idealism gives focus to Scorpio’s intense ambitions.
  • Libra’s love can be a safe place for Scorpio to outlet the intensity she holds in all day. Their home can be a sanctuary in which they can both be their true selves.
  • In bed, Scorpio is more than capable of satisfying Libra’s imaginative sexual fantasies. 


  • Scorpio’s moods can sometimes reach the bottom of his ocean-depths, and she needs time to reemerge. Libra may take Scorpio’s occasional remote spells to mean he doesn’t love him/her anymore. 
  • Libra is a romantic idealist who would prefer to see the world through rose-colored glasses. However, Scorpio wants Libra to see and love him for the whole person he is.
  • Scorpio can get to the heart of matters, and of a Libra lover, with just a smoldering gaze that seems to see into her soul. Such emotional transparency may make Libra nervous at first.

Summary of Libra and Scorpio

Libras of both sexes emanate a lightness and softness of being that makes Scorpio feel instinctively protective. Libra is a masculine sun sign, but Venus rules it.

Venus gifts Libra men with a keen emotional sensitivity and poetic nature. Although Libra women also have this sensitivity and attunement to emotion, the masculine influence of this sign renders them tough in a conventional way, too.

This stoic inner strength is not readily apparent on the surface, but Scorpio sees it, just like he/she sees everything else. The unique blending of masculine and feminine energies in this relationships lends itself to a delicate balance, which Libras love.

Whether lovers, friends, parents, children, or business associates, these two have a lot to learn from each other. Their relationship is interesting and almost never boring!


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