A guide on the Libra horoscope which is represented by the Scales.

A Quick Introduction to Libra

As the half way point between the signs, Libra talks about balance, moderation, and the “middle” way. Known as the mediator, you are always willing to compromise and find a way that pleases everyone.

This natural ability to stand in the middle and see all options makes you a very valued friend, partner, and employee/employer. You have the ability to calm any kind of conflict.

Fights and arguments are things that you truly hate, so you will go out of your way to make sure that the environment around you is harmonious and peaceful, as well as beautiful. These are cornerstone qualities of a typical Libra’s life.

You may have to be careful of being too passive at times, as you may struggle to assert yourself in a difficult situation and revert to people-pleasing. 

Because you make an effort to please, your sign is also known as the “love” sign, and you are seldom without a partner. Even if it’s a best friend, you love to have a sidekick with whom you can share everything.

Life just seems too pleasurable to enjoy it alone. So you will go out of your way to plan leisure activities to enjoy.

Your social grace, charm and beauty make you a very desirable companion to have in any capacity, and you are never short of company.  

What adds to your attractiveness is your affinity with beauty. Physical beauty is very important to your sign – both in your surroundings as well as in the way that you look.

You make a great effort to create an atmosphere that is pleasant to be in, filled with art or tasteful objects. This refined taste extends to your own attire.

As a Libra, you are often dubbed the “most attractive” sign of the zodiac, which is often very true! You possess great beauty. You also know just how to maximize your looks with stylish and lovely clothing, creating an identity that draws a lot of admiration. 

The Libra Symbol 

As you probably know, your symbol is the scales, which represent justice, fairness, diplomacy, and balance.

You aim to live your life according to these principles as much as possible, and you are well known for your ability to always act with great fairness. You like to be moderate and never like to tip the scales too far on either side, no matter what the situation is.

Because you are always weighing out options and looking for this balance, people think you to be indecisive. However, usually, you just want to make the best choice and need all the information before you can do so. 

You make an excellent judge in all situations, and you manage to deliver your judgments with tact and diplomacy. You love a good debate and will always manage to see both sides to a situation, as well as be able to come to a fair conclusion that benefits everybody. 

Element of Libra

The element in charge of your sign is air, Libra. This can be compared to a sweet spring breeze. Air is an element that rules the mind and communication, and so you are able to lightly chat about anything to anyone. You love hearing different points of view on a subject.

As a Libra, you easily discuss difficult topics such as politics or religion with great delicacy. You never step on anyone’s toes, whilst still providing the stage for an excellent debate. 

You’re also rational, being ruled by air, and you can be, like all air signs, quite analytical. Yet, your analytical nature is seldom to the point where it creates too much anxiety.

You temper your intellectual pursuits with physical pleasures, which helps you to find that balance you so treasure. 

Ruling Planet of Libra

You are lucky enough to be ruled by one of the luckiest planets, Libra, with that planet being Venus. Venus is the lady of love, or Aphrodite in Greek mythology. This planet rules beauty, art, creativity, love, and relationships, as well as values and, sometimes, wealth.

Having this planet in charge of your sign helps you access her gifts, find love easily, and be creatively very talented, perhaps even rich. 

Because Venus is all about pleasure, you are someone who is very good at living a life that feels balanced between work and play.

You can be indulgent, but you seldom tip those famous scales. Though you can spend money easily, you tend to take your time making up your mind about what you want.

This planet gives you charm. It makes you flirtatious and pleasant to be around and usually very popular with everyone. Though you’ll have to be mindful of coming across as superficial at times and living only for pleasure. 

Libra Birthstone/s

The beautiful opal is the birthstone that represents your sign, possessing the properties of Venus and helping to tap into her special qualities. Wearing this stone can help you channel more love, beauty, and pleasure in your life. 

Key Traits of a Libra


One of your greatest strengths, Libra, is your ability to see all sides to a problem, and always manage to find a solution that works for everyone.

This ability to compromise and be fair is a rare skill that makes your relationships harmonious and pleasing to be in. It is also an ability you can easily take into work, too.

You are enormously creative. Your eye for beautiful things can be an incredible strength that you can apply to your own image, career, and home.

Your easy charm is a talent that gets you far in all areas of life, and you know just how to make people feel at ease, valued, and appreciated.

This charm and social refinement helps you to build many valuable and important relationships in your life. 


Your tendency to consider all options can be exhausting at times, Libra, and lead you into a place of being indecisive and procrastinating. It’s important that you learn how to trust your judgement, which is always good. Do not worry so much about a “wrong” choice.

Your tendency to people-please can be something that eventually leads to resentment, so you may have to learn to put yourself first sometimes instead of the relationship. The relationship will suffer in the end if you don’t.

And finally, you can be someone who is so concerned with pleasure and ”niceness” that you can live life on a very surface level, never dipping deeper down into the muck. Your avoidance of any kind of unpleasantness can result in being seen as superficial or even shallow. 

Love & Sexuality for the Libra

Your sign absolutely thrives on love, Libra. You live and breathe relationships. Romantic and refined, you court your prospective lovers artfully and know how to gracefully receive, too.

You love all the trappings of love, from the sunset walks, the shared intimacies, delicious dinners, and the picnics in the sun. As long as you are side by side with your lover, you feel secure and safe. You’ll always go beyond the call of duty to please your partner.

Your standards can be rather high, and you expect complete equality in all things. An unbalanced relationship is one that you won’t stay in for long. You also will not tolerate possessiveness. Your perfect mate needs to be okay with your tendency to be flirtatious.  

You also expect complete fairness when it comes to sex. You’re not a partner that won’t reciprocate pleasure, nor just take selfishly either.

You can be very sensual. However, you need to engage the mind first and have a partner stimulate you intellectually in order for you to be physically moved! 

Libra Friends & Family

You value your friendships very deeply, Libra, and you especially like your close, one-on-one relationships. Though you don’t mind a crowd, you prefer spending quality time with your bestie. You will make plenty of time to spend with them.

You are likely to have only one very close friend, a few other, less close friends, and many acquaintances. Your friends often feel very cherished, and you love to spoil them by going out on “friend dates” and giving them thoughtful gifts. 

You are equally charming with your family, and seldom do you indulge in the same conflicts that your siblings or others might.

In fact, you are most often the “go-between” when it comes to unpleasant situations. Your family members often rely on you to provide a compromise that works for everyone.

You make a loving parent and seldom embarrass your children with awkward comments or strange outfits. Your home is a haven of beauty that they happily bring their friends to. 

Libra Career & Money 

You are an excellent negotiator and so good with people that your career often places you in a position where you deal with a lot of personalities.

You’re able to cool a heated situation with your charm and tact and are great at selling anything from travel packages to beauty products. You are often very good in a creative industry, such as design or even fashion, as you love to make things beautiful! 

When it comes to money, you can be a spender, as you love nice things. Your home and wardrobe is often filled with lovely items.

However, you never push it too far, and can be just as good at saving. You manage to draw in a good salary very easily, so money is often not a problem for you. 

Signs most compatible with Lady Libra

You thrive in a relationship where a man spoils you and treats you like a real lady. You expect to be wooed and charmed and won’t tolerate a lazy lover.

Looks and taste are also very important to you. A man who looks after himself and takes pride in his appearance will be very appealing to you. You also need someone clever who can stimulate you mentally – someone who is happy to spend a lot of quality time with you. 

Your sign is well matched with: 

  • A cool Aquarius 
  • A devoted Leo 
  • A sexy Aries 
  • A clever Gemini 

Signs most compatible with the Male Libra

As a Libra male, you are often dubbed a classic “ladies man”. Flirtatious and charming, you look good and act in a way that makes most women weak at the knees.

You will need a female who is very sure of herself and doesn’t “need” you. Yet, you’ll want someone who is romantic and willing to spend lots of time indulging in all kinds of pleasurable activities together.

Beauty and brains are equally important, and you appreciate a well-groomed female. 

Your perfect matches are: 

  • A glamourous Leo 
  • An easy-going Sagittarius 
  • An intelligent Gemini 
  • A sweet Pisces 

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