Life Cycles

 Personal Years and the 9 Year Life Cycle of Change 

Personal years give you a look into the past, present or future. Every year is part of a 9 year cycle. The Life Cycles in Numerology begins upon birth and repeats after every 9th year.

How to Calculate Your Personal Year to help you understand your Life Cycles

In order to calculate Personal Year Numbers based on Numerology you need to add the day you were born to the month you were born plus the year of interest.

For example, if you were born the 4th of August and you want to know about the year 2020 you will add 4 + 8 + 2 + 0 +2 + 0 = 16.

You will then reduce the number to a single digit – 1 + 6 = 7. 

Personal Year Descriptions

 Personal Year 1

A great year for starting new projects. It’s all about taking the lead, being original, and immersing yourself in creativity. If there is something important to you that you always wanted to do, 1 is the year to do it! It is also a good year to get married!

Personal Year 2 

Personal Year 2 is about relationships, partnerships, progressing gradually, cooperating with others, being sensitive, as well as attention to details. This is a year of finding connections between what has happened, what is now, and what will be.

Personal Year 3

Personal Year 3 is about experiencing a year filled with joyful and fun moments. It’s a year to go to parties, host parties, enjoy life and make time to go to the theater, to go see stand-up comic shows and do things that will make you laugh. It is not a year for drama. A year to let-go!

Personal Year 4

Like Personal Year 1, this is a good year for marriage as it is a year built on solid foundations. It is a good year to make solid decisions in relation to correct choices for further studies that will help you reach your goals as well as business decisions. It is a serious year.

Personal Year 5

Personal Year 5 is a year of freedom, travel, adventure and fun. It is a year to learn about new cultures, taste different food, even get involved in relationships with people from other cultures.

It is the year to take that extended holiday you have been dreaming of!

Personal Year 6

Personal Year 6 is associated with good fortune related to marriage and pregnancy. It is also a good year to launch a business in catering or interior decorating. It’s the perfect year to get your house in order. If single, a special relationship may occur in this year.

Personal Year 7

Personal Year 7 is the year to take reflection of your life and do a lot of inner inspection. It is the time for yoga retreats and even time spent in ashrams. This can be a perfect year to study and master subjects of interest and take the time needed to do so. It is not a year of great socialisation.

Personal Year 8

Personal Year 8 is the year to get your finances in order. It is a “power” year to establish business ideas and even partners in business. It is a good year to deal with legal matters that should fall in your favour.

Personal Year 9

Personal Year 9 is a heavy year where you will need to let go of everything that is not serving you. It is a good (as good as can be) year for divorce.

There may be a change in job/career, home, health or even death of a loved one. It is also a year you can succeed from hard work of the past 8 years if you are letting to let go of all that weigh you down.

It is important to remember that although Life Cycles in Numerology may reveal some clarity for an individual who is in need of some guidance and map for their lives, it is still up to them to execute their wishes and plans as we are all here on this planet to create our reality and fulfil our destinies.

Now let’s move on to the extra home works or assignments you need to accomplish in this lifetime as we’d like to call it that. These are the lessons you may have overlooked in your previous life that spilled over this incarnation.

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