Life Path Number in Numerology

What is a Life Path Number?

The Life Path Number reveals who you actually are deep inside, where your true values lie, and it also points out to the challenges that you will have to deal with in this life. Think of it as your code prior to coming into this physical body where the secret of your pre-planned missions, potential destiny and metaphysical DNA is embedded.

As important as it is to know who you really are, it’s important to know what challenges you will face or actually the reasons behind it. Once you realize why you are being challenged, you will then understand better how to cope with those or even face the trials head on!

How to Calculate 

The Life Path Number is calculated off of your date of birth. Once you add all the numbers you get a single digit. This number uses the numbers from your date of birth.

Calculating a final number will be as so: If you were born the 4th of May, 1975, you will add your numbers like this: 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 + 4 + 5. The final answer, when you add all of these numbers together is 31. Then 3 + 1 = 4. Therefore your Life Path Number will be 4.

Life Path Number Descriptions 

Life Path 1

This number relates to the sun. The sun is the center of the universe as well as a generous star as it gives the earth its warmth. It is a masculine number. Like the lion who represents Leo (the sun), you are a leader.

Life path 1 can easily take charge and usually these individuals end up being a manager and CEO and are highly creative. You will often be self employed as you are your own boss. The only downside is that you can become very arrogant and bossy.

You also don’t like taking no for an answer. People rely on you, some look up to you and are attracted to who you are because of this. You have original ideas and are a trendsetter. Most with this number are goal-oriented while living a fast paced life. You love adventure. 

Your life path is to give people a voice. You are here to lead people. Your life purpose is to channel high energy and inspiration into creativity and service in order to feel secure with yourself.

Life Path 2

Number 2 relates to the Moon much like the Sun Sign Cancer known as the “mothers” and nurturers. This is a feminine number which reflects a caretaker and caregiver energy.

Naturally very emotional, can be very sensual and shy with moody like the phases of the Moon. Life path 2s are naturally empathetic, very giving by nature and make for the best of friends. 

These numbers usually make a good nurse, doctor, counsellor, psychologist and kindergarten teacher. You are particularly good at looking after the weak and the frail. You wear your heart on your sleeve.

Because you can tap into your emotions so easily, you are highly creative and can make a great actor, musician, dancer, artist and writer – especially romantic pieces of work.  

You are here to love and guide people. Your life purpose is cooperation and balance and you need to have a clear sense of personal boundaries and limits, and support both yourself and others in equal measure. 

Life Path 3

3 in Numerology is represented by the planet Jupiter (Sagittarius & Pisces) which exudes good fortune. Being the life of the party, the entertainer and the comedian, 3s are able to take the joy of life and show it to people.

This life path number may be at an advantage to do well in finance as they are able to expand things so a career as a financial advisor or a stockbroker is a great option.

With the potential to be a great teacher and professor as well as a writer, making use of that natural yet extreme energy that you’re gifted with serves you well.One obvious trait in you is being charismatic who relates to people well since you enjoy being the center of attention and is extremely sociable. You are great with the arts and even sports.

Typically outspoken, you always say what is on your mind but sometimes learning to hold back may be an advantage to you as many people can’t deal with bluntness. 

Being very family-oriented, you love your family and are extremely caring. Your life purpose is to give people a voice and add sunshine to people’s lives.

Your life purpose is to also learn expression and sensitivity. You need to engage in heartfelt, uplifting expression and communicate with inspiration, sensitivity and joy.

Life Path 4

Ruled by the planet Uranus. You like stability in their life. Stability grounds and calms you. A a goal-oriented individual like yourself calculates your moves and likes to have a plan for your life.

Having a partner who shares responsibilities and view like yours will be a perfect and harmonious match for you both. Since you are particularly good at being in charge, a great supervisor or an HR manager is a career path that may serve you well.

You also like worldly things and having a lot of money but you’re flashy about it. This is due to your private nature where you keep personal things no matter how big they are, to yourself and your circle. 

Your life path is about stability and process. Preparation is important and so is following through in a step-by-step manner. You need to balance logic and emotion.

Life Path 5

Ruled by the planet Mercury – who deals with communication, media, business, and writing. 5 is also more about freedom and being happy-go-lucky.

You are interested in adventure, a free spirited world. You also are one of the rare and exceptionally lucky people.

Your life is also extremely balanced meaning you will get the proper education on time, jobs on time, promotions when the timing is right, the correct romantic partner on time, balanced kids – meaning they come to you in perfect time. 

With your love for partying, socializing, activities (indoor or outdoors) being a PR will serve you well, 5.

As mentioned, you love wine tasting and going to all the best restaurants. You want to experience life and the universe provides you with the resources needed to experience these things in life.

Ruled by Mercury, you also make an amazing accountant due to your intelligence and calculation (getting things calculated – from mathematical equations to your moves in life).

Also, since you are here to enjoy life, you make the best wedding planner, PR and marketing agent. Marketing directors are usually Life Path 5s because they know how to present life in the best way.

They know how to bring in the audience and the crowd. You shine in your career, however you are not often found in the medical field. Life Path 5 is about giving people a good time. You may own a restaurant, or even a winery.

When it comes to finance, you are very lucky. It is easy for you to attract money into your life.

Life Path 6

You are represented by the planet Venus. 6 energy represents the home. 6 in numerology is not necessarily about artistic expression, cinema, beauty or fashion. It is more about the beauty of home.

This is the reason that you would enjoy working from home and having a home business. You make your home a sanctuary. It’s important for you to have beautiful, clean homes and have others appreciate your home too. 

6 in numerology represents the sanctuary within. You make a great interior decorator, and are also a great cook and could have a career as a chef. Having online business suits you well.

You don’t like leaving your home. Often, 6 females make the best mothers because it is all about nurturing. You excel in all homely things. You are great with all things “home”, and that includes being a family therapist. 

Life Path 7

Life Path 7 is about spirituality and is the most spiritual number in numerology. You represent the tranquility we are all here to experience in this life which may sometimes mean isolation by choice, not force. Being alone with yourself is something you enjoy.

Since you are quite introverted, there’s a potential for you to be a brilliant writer as you are good at alone time (needed to write a novel) and you are a great observer of life. 

The South Node and planet Neptune known to be very spiritual planets rule you. 7 is also connected to the Moon as it represents emotions as well.

You don’t really like being social. You get pleasure out of observing life. Although, when it comes to love, you are very committed and in tune with your partner. Despite being completely romantic, personal space to you is valued and respected.

By being alone, you recharge your batteries like a true introvert. When it comes to career, you like to work by yourself. You find it very hard to work under a boss.

There will always be authoritative issues in your life hence, being told what to do is not something you appreciate. Self-employment or being your own boss will do your mind, body and soul well.

As for potential careers, you make a great writer, performer, film editor or even director as most life path numbers like yours are naturally romantic and are emotional in love with a knack for story telling.

With your inborn gift, you may be an energy healer – psychic, numerologist, astrologer or a reiki practitioner. People with this life path number are naturally born to be very good ayurvedic medical doctors. If your interest is in the arts – painters. You are either studious or artistic – but usually never both. You can be a scientist, researcher, physicist, mathematician and professor at a university – as you like to spend time alone and dedicate that time to your craft. 

Life Path 8

You are controlled by the planet Saturn. Saturn stands for authority and is known as “Father Time.” Saturn is about restrictions and teaching you lessons and showing you the wisdom of life. 

You are a great money maker, the big shot, and can become a millionaire or billionaire easily. Saturn actually represents wealth, power and incoming gains.

Where the restriction comes into play, is that Saturn wants you to learn all the ups and downs of life first. It wants you to go through the harshest of times in the first part of your life so that when the second part of your life starts, you are able to withstand any kind of storm. 

This is why Life Path 8s are known as the most powerful and strongly willed people.You are able to master the art of controlling things, as you have learnt from the past how to handle things.

You are known as being a control freak because you need to know exactly what’s happening in all sectors of your life. That’s why you make the best leader. You make the best CEO, and could become a general and president.

Life Path 8 controls wealth and money, but only after learning certain lessons in life. 

If you were born on the 8th, you are far luckier than the Life Path 8 as you will be able to achieve wealth earlier in life.  

Usually always the leader and wanting to to be in the top position to gain power to control things, environments and situations, you don’t want to rely on someone else for your decisions.

You’re good at owning your own business or even many big businesses. You really go all out and can produce the biggest and best movies, products and so on. “I’ll get it done, no matter what” is your attitude towards your endeavours.

Life Path 9

Controlled by Mars means you care about humanity deeply which makes you very in tune with other people’s emotions. You are very compassionate and serious about bringing peace to this world.

A wonderful Life Path 9 example is Mother Teresa who is very much about taking care of other people. She gave love and care to this world. You make a fantastic host, nurse and doctor because you have the biggest heart. 

9 is also related to the medical field because Mars is about the medical field – digging into things. Many surgeons and psychologists are Life Path 9s. You also make a fantastic hotel manager as Life Path 9 is to do with hospitality. Charity and non-profit work also suit you.

Ruled by Mars means having a very strong will. So, when you start a task, you finish it no matter what!

You also make the best actor and entertainer. You even make a brilliant action hero. 

There’s an artistic side to you that is revealed infront of the camera. At the same time, you don’t care about the leading position. You want to complete tasks and want everyone to be happy.

You are very enlightened because you know that all everyone needs is love.

Life Path 11

You will be very spiritual and psychic since you often push the limits when it comes to the esoteric arts. The unknown is an attractive topic to you and in zodiac signs – Scorpios as they represent the unknown and dark arts. 

Balancing a sense of home (earth) and esoteric life will help with your endeavors as you can become obsessed with the unknown and mysterious such as esoteric arts.

This life path is like that of a 2 only it is taken to the extreme. Barack Obama and Jackie Kennedy, as well as Bill Clinton all have Life Path 11. 

Life Path 22

Known as the “Master Builder”, you have an extreme life path of 4. Although there is 2 in you, you will also have similarities to 8 as you want to build big things with a lot of money and show off your name.

Your life is about doing amazing, great things like Sir Richard Branson and Sir Paul McCartney. 

Life Path 33

This life path is like 6 to the extreme and similar to number 9. 33’s Life Path is to love humanity and have some kind of involvement in different kinds of charity work and bring peace to the world.

Your life path is really beautiful as it is about bringing love and peace into this world. 

There’s a deep desire in you to be responsible for creating huge organizations that are in charge of philanthropy projects such as giving water to the poorest communities and feed starving children in Africa.

You want to change the world for the better and leave your mark on it. Albert Einstein, John Lennon and Thomas Edison were all Life Path 33s.

Life Path 44

Life Path 44 is quite rare and takes Life Path 8 to the extreme. Known as the “Master Healer”, you need to do what you need to do in a very huge manner as this number is an overachiever.

You absolutely have to achieve. You have to reach the peak of Mount Everest and not give up – not even in the biggest snow storm! 

When you misuse your extreme power, your life may not  always be positive as you can end up being the biggest dictator to get your missions done on this Earth.

You are spiritual though and provide wisdom to life. You want to do good for humanity.

Now that you have a clearer idea of who you are on a deeper level, let’s examine your heart’s desire or soul urge.

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