What is a Personality Number in Numerology

In Numerology, Personality number is how people see you. It is the very first impression they have of you. It only presents the parts of you that you are willing to show people.

How to Calculate 

You calculate your Personality Number by adding all the consonants in your name. 


Personality Number 1 

You can be very intimidating and command power and respect. You are driven, ambitious and proud to show off success.

Personality Number 2

You show off a very peaceful demeanour. They see you as creative and friendly as well as kind which makes them want to befriend you.

Personality Number 3

You love life and just want to enjoy it and have fun! You have a very magnetic personality and people want to be around you.

Personality Number 4

You are very reliable who take work matters very seriously and achieving projects on or before time. The image of being responsible is something you value so you tend to focus more on this than actually being sociable or building relationships with people.

Personality Number 5

You love your freedom more than anything and nobody can hold you down. Naturally drawn to adventure with success to follow you around like luck, people are also magnetised to your natural vibe and become your followers/admirers.

Personality Number 6

With your nature, a nurturer, you show people that you are loving and caring. You mainly want to be around the home and around domestic life/business. 

Personality Number 7

You come across to people as introverted and more of an observer than a social butterfly. You select friends very carefully and only very few are very close to you.

Personality Number 8

You present a confident personality with lots of positive energy. People admire your passion as well as your motivation. “Quality over quantity” is your motto!

Personality Number 9

You show a lot of love towards others and offer time for people. You have a healing energy and attract people.

Personality Number 11

People look up to you and are inspired by you and your ideas so don’t be surprised if they come to you for guidance. You have a special quality about you that people take notice of.

Personality Number 22

You are like a demigod in many people’s eyes. Although some can be slightly intimidated by this kind of power, most people are taken aback by how talented you are and how you’re able to manifest brilliant ideas into reality.

Personality Number 33

People see you as friendly and loving. They see you as a person who cares for others, including animals and that you have a very nurturing side. People, in general, love you.

Personality Number 44

People will see you as an excellent problem solver and someone who can handle a lot of pressure, as you have nerves and emotions of steel.

On the next article, we will explore and explain the stages and cycles one person goes through in life.

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