The compatibility of Pisces and Cancer Horoscopes

As two deep-feeling water signs, Pisces and Cancer feel immediately connected by a strong emotional empathy. Both are highly intuitive and driven through life by their emotions and instincts.

The rises and falls of their existence are governed by the ocean tides. Due to Neptune’s mysterious influence, Pisces is a bit more nebulous and unpredictable than Cancer, whose moods tend to match the lunar phases. 


Although this relationship is graced by a special emotional synchronicity, Pisces’ mutable quality means that his thoughts and emotions are more changeable than even moody Cancer’s. Cancer needs to remember that the fish is being moved downstream by forces out of his/her control and will always be prone to sporadic moods and diversions. 

The positive side of this is that Pisces’ mutability means he will be able to go with the flow of Cancer’s moods. Pisces isn’t usually one to hold a long-term grudge. Cancer is, but the fish has the spontaneity and adaptability to gracefully handle Cancer’s overly sensitive nature.



Cancer and Pisces friendships are also driven by a unique emotional empathy and understanding. Pisces is one of the few souls with the ability to understand the deeply emotional existence of the crab. Instead of criticizing Cancer for growing too sentimental around the holidays (yes, that includes Earth Day, Flag Day, and maybe even a few they don’t celebrate), the fish nurtures Cancer’s emotional whims.

This friendship often becomes close very quickly and lasts a lifetime. Even when they passionately disagree, their strong connection usually brings them back together to find a solution. 



Relationships between crabs and fish are hallmarked by emotional synchronicity and a lot of B-movie romance (which isn’t a bad thing for these two). However, they can easily cross the line between sympathetic and symbiotic.

Both of these signs are so emotional that they often have deep, aching holes of need inside that are unfulfilled by the separate nature of the human condition. The fish and the crab are both very much in touch with the oneness of spirit, and they seek it in their own lives – sometimes in all the wrong places.

Fortunately, here they are seeking it in the right place. Yet if one or both of them is co-dependent or highly addictive, they could rely entirely on the other to fill their needs at the exclusion of everyone else.

Cancers and Pisces who did not grow up in stable family environments or who were abused or neglected are more susceptible to this. These two lovers tend to emotionally sense each other’s feelings before they are said aloud and respond instinctively.

This can be a positive, nurturing response, but only if both people already became independent before entering an interdependent relationship.



Believe it or not, the biggest conflict between these two could involve money and lifestyle. Pisces is a free form individual who does not necessarily need to adhere to conventions in order to live a high-quality life.

This is not to say that there aren’t many happily married fish in the sea; there are, but it’s by choice. No one dictates their lives but them, and if they do allow their free form existence to be stifled by less eccentric individuals, they will be deeply resentful.

Cancer, on the other hand, values security. The crab views money as a means to it, and thus puts it high on his values list. Pisces, however, often sees money as the proverbial “root of all evil”. Pisces would prefer to make financial decisions as effortlessly as possible and then be done with it until the next anxiety-provoking decision comes along.

Cancer can be highly conventional, often still subscribing to the idea of the nuclear family that some consider outdated. Pisces is often an eccentric character who does not feel the need to fit into any one societal role. Some Pisces even consciously or unconsciously eschew gender roles. This is especially for the males, whose empathic sensitivity gives them unique insight into the feminine experience.

However, the fish’s romantic nature means that she can fit cozily into the cozy Cancerian ideal of family life, provided the crab doesn’t weaponize his cardinal leadership status and take actions to limit Pisces’ freedom.



Neither of these signs communicate straightforwardly. Cancer has a habit of sulking passive aggressively until she periodically explodes. Pisces’ emotional manipulation is even more subtle; the fish will smile and appease Cancer to his face, and then go and do what she wants anyway.

Furthermore, both of their perceptions are strongly colored by their emotions, which change with the tides.

However, the emotional understanding between Pisces and Cancer is strong enough that their bond remains solid and grounds them. You may not have imagined that two water signs can ground each other, but this duo can.  



Sex between Pisces and Cancer is a spiritual oasis where they express themselves completely. When they open their hearts, they do so completely, and pure love flows between them like a river. Their lovemaking feels so pure to them that it’s almost heartbreaking at times. 

That doesn’t mean their sex is always vanilla in nature. It is far from it! Pisces is an eccentric, open-minded lover who brings creativity and inspiration to the bedroom. The fish senses Cancer’s emotionally charged erotic desires and takes great pains to fulfill them. Cancer is also a supremely giving lover and responds in kind.



  • Cancer and Pisces are so emotionally in tune, they often know exactly what the other needs and desires at any given moment.
  • Both Pisces and Cancer tend to have mild temperaments. Despite their moodiness, they relate sensitively to others and are considerate of each others’ needs.
  • The mutable quality of Pisces means that the fish can go with the flow of Cancer’s most intense moods. The fish gives the crab the freedom of expression he needs without the push-back Cancer gets from some other signs. In turn, Cancer gives Pisces the safety and security the fish so desperately needs.


  • Pisces and Cancer can easily become co-dependent and addicted to each other. They also have to guard against a tendency to become addicted to substances in order to numb their intense emotional natures. 
  • Stability does not come easily in this relationship, as both signs’ moods are governed by the mysterious forces of the moon and ocean tides.
  • Both signs can tend to feel like a martyr or a victim when things don’t go their way. They have to work to overcome this mentality in order to maintain this relationship. 

Summary of Pisces and Cancer

Although both Cancer and Pisces can become egocentric as a result of being wrapped up in their internal worlds, they are also giving and compassionate. When either (or both) of their perspectives become too clouded by emotion to see clearly, they tend to retreat into themselves.

However, their strong emotional connection and mutual need for nurturing usually bring them back to each other. The best advice for this couple is to be self-aware and work to develop boundaries. As similar as you are, you are individuals and cannot work entirely on assumptions about each other. 


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