The compatibility of Pisces and Leo Horoscopes

Now here is an interesting combination, to say the least!

While both of these signs are passionate and emotional, they express it in entirely different ways. Being a fixed fire sign, Leo is a larger-than-life personality. Expressive, dynamic, and dramatic, the lion walks through life as if on a red carpet and doesn’t compromise when it comes to getting what they want.

Pisces, on the other hand, is a mutable sign, which means they passively go with the flow. This, however, doesn’t mean that take-charge Leo can control Pisces. Pisceans may not express it straightforwardly, but they are downright stubborn about their freedom to live according to their own rhythms and rules.


Leo is straightforward about most things. Find a shy, retiring Leo, and you can guarantee he/she has strong opposing planetary influences. Either that, or you’ve met a regal lion who has been seriously wounded. Leos are naturally expressive, and an internalized one has likely been somehow debased, abused, or, worst of all, repressed. Leo may not appreciate Pisces’ indirect, sometimes manipulative communication style. 

However, these two are both very relationship-oriented, and it’s often a case of opposites attracting. They have things the other needs and can draw strength from each other.



Pisces and Leo probably won’t be instantly drawn to each other in a crowd. But if brought together on a regular basis, Leo will be touched by Pisces’ quiet wisdom, intuitive understanding of the people and environment around them, and his/her ability to listen without judgement. Pisces is a good listener, and most Leos love to talk. Pisces are nurturing and attentive in the friendships they truly care about. Leos, with their inherent sense of royalty, need attention and praise like oxygen to breathe.

Once this friendship reaches a certain level of comfort and closeness, Leo becomes the unofficial leader. Pisces, a mutable sign that likes to go with the flow, is usually fine with this unless Leo comes on too strong. This is a fruitless battle of wills. It will always go the same way. Leo roars with dictatorial force, and Pisces inevitably swims away. So a wise Leo who values his/her Pisces friend will respect rather than try to control Pisces’ zany, sometimes erratic decisions. 



As mentioned before, Leo flourishes under the praise and support of Pisces. If Pisces is willing to let Leo take the lead, and as long as Leo is a benevolent leader, this relationship has a shot at moving to the next level. 

One of the many conflicts they’ll run into involves money. Leo gets a bad rap for being materialistic, but there’s a grain of truth to their reverence of material status. Being so essentially larger-than-life, most Leos can’t help but want luxury or even fame. 

Pisces, however, is probably a minimalist to some degree. The final four signs of the zodiac – Sag, Cap, Aquarius, and Pisces – are primarily concerned with the spiritual plane of existence. Pisces seems to have at least somewhat transcended materialism and is more concerned with spiritual value.

In a union with Pisces, Leo is likely to find a higher purpose toward which to channel all of that fire-born leadership power. With Leo, some of Pisces’ dreams are burned into reality. 



This combination does have some long-term potential. However, because Pisces is so naturally giving and self-sacrificial, he/she must guard against neglecting his own dreams to support Leo’s. Remember that in their own (albeit quieter) way, Neptunian dreams are just as expansive and fantastical as Leo’s. Pisces’s passions burn just as intensely as Leo’s. They just don’t express their needs directly.

Thus, Leo should be careful not to dominate the decisions and direction of this relationship. It can be a fatal mistake for this marriage, as Pisces’ love language is different from Leo’s. 

Most fish will never directly face a lion. The mutable fish doesn’t believe in resistance. He/she surrenders to the flow of life and love. When it doesn’t go Pisces’ way, he/she allows himself to be carried in a different direction. For the fish, who lives in water, there are always many different directions to travel in. The fixed lion, however, has a very difficult time with change and letting go of something he/she loves. 

Pisces is more willing than any other sign to sacrifice himself for the sake of a relationship. But that doesn’t mean they change for anyone. Because Pisces puts forth so much effort and makes so many compromises in a marriage, when he swims away, it’s usually for good. 

The lion sometimes feels he is invincible and will be in for a cold, hard shock when they wake up alone one day. Pisces has a way of taking over one’s world emotionally without them realizing it. The truth is, even a mighty lion can be submerged in the power of the ocean tides. But if these two are committed to staying together, they’ll have to work on radical acceptance and relate to each other with love. 

And there’s good news: Both Pisces and Leo are hopeless romantics. Neither let go of love as easily as, say, an Aquarius or Gemini might. 



As you might guess, communication between a fish and a lion is tricky. Pisces is a sign of duality, as evidenced by its symbol: two fish, swimming in different directions. Leo, however, is single-minded and has trouble seeing the world or their relationship from multiple perspectives. For Leo, a fixed sign, there is one universal truth to every situation. For Pisces, a water sign that seems to be everywhere all at once, the truth is relative. 

The best advice for this couple’s communication challenges? Listen to each other, and don’t just hear what you wanted to. Dig deep in your hearts and ask yourselves honestly if you can truly live peacefully alongside your differences. If the answer is yes, this couple is likely to make and keep a commitment to each other. 



Like every other area of this relationship, the sexuality between them takes time and patience to come into its own. Pisces and Leo are both passionate about freedom of expression, which is probably the gateway to compatible intimacy for them. They both have intensely romantic natures, so dramatic displays of affection are the norm in their bedroom. 

Pisces is a creature of subtlety who notices every subliminal nuance of his lover’s being. Leo flourishes under Pisces’ rapt attention and responds with an intense passion Pisces may have only dreamed about before.

Their communication styles can interrupt their intimacy at times. Leo can be straightforward and lacks patience, whereas Pisces has trouble voicing his/her needs. If Leo is too self-involved to tune into what Pisces wants, their intimacy can hit a wall. However, romantic Pisces brings out Leo’s heart, which is larger than life, just like the rest of her personality. And when a Leo falls deeply in love, there are no limits to the dramatic lengths she’ll go to for her partner’s satisfaction. 



  • Dynamic Leo fuels Pisces’ inner dreams, setting them on fire. Their complimentary differences mean they could have successful business or creative ventures together.
  • Pisces and Leo share larger-than-life dreams, and outspoken Leo gives a voice to Pisces. 
  • Their mutual love of the arts is often what brings them together and keeps them interested.


  • Leo can be selfish, whereas Pisces can be too self-sacrificial. A less evolved Pisces will use martyrdom as a way to vent frustrations and avoid taking responsibility for their own wants/needs. An avoidant Pisces will infuriate Leo, who might charge and chase Pisces away for good.
  • Leo is fixed, and Pisces is mutable. This means that impatient Leo will be frustrated with Pisces’ unpredictable moods and actions. The lion will find the fish elusive. This makes him feel out of control, and trust me, no lion likes to feel out of control. 
  • The conflicts between Pisces and Leo might separate them before they have a chance to see how complementary their differences can be.

Summary of Pisces and Leo

This a pairing that yields serious growth when it lasts. If both Pisces and Leo can love each other for their differences instead of trying to change and resist each other, this bond has a lot to teach them. 


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