The compatibility of Pisces and Libra Horoscopes


Pisces was born with the belief that we are all connected by the universal love of a higher power. In fact, many Pisces exalt love itself as their higher power.

Due to Venus’s rulership, Libra is supremely romantic. But as an air sign, her idea of romance is filtered through her intellectual ideals. Libra is concerned with justice and compassion. They seek to bring as much harmony to the world as possible.



Pisces and Libra friendships are generally very harmonious. Any conflicts that do arise are usually handled with sensitivity and compassion. These two also share a love of the arts. While Pisces admires Libras’ more classical tastes, they enjoy opening their Libran friends’ minds to the idea that darker realms of existence can be beautiful, too. In turn, Libras’ idealistic optimism lightens their Pisces’ friends melancholy.



Pisces is one of the only signs that can fulfill Libra’s romantic ideals. Venus reveres beauty, grace, and harmony; it does not like the ugly truths and hard edges of the world. Because of this, Pisces readily appeals to Libra’s need for softness and gentleness in love. Venus refines Libra’s sensibilities, and he/she rarely likes a rough or crude lover. Scales people also cannot abide harshness, so they appreciate Pisces’ gentle nature. 

Female Pisces are the epitome of passive, traditional femininity. Male Pisces are rarely typical alpha males, as their empathic, emotional natures attune them to the feminine experience. Romance is important to both of them. Whether it’s lighting scented candles over dinner, giving each other back massages at the end of the day, or simply never forgetting to kiss before going to work, these two value romance. 

All of this ensures that they will be drawn together, but what keeps them together?



Libra’s romantic ideals usually mean he/she believes in marriage. There are many Pisceans who feel that marriage would only threaten their freedom. It’s not necessarily that Pisces wants to cheat. It’s usually not about that at all.

For Pisces, who lives by his own terms and doesn’t care what people think, marriage can seem like a primitive, limiting convention. If they are going to tie the know, Libra and Pisces have to explore what being married will mean to them.

Other than that big one, Pisces and Libra are united on many fronts. Not only are they romantically compatible, they are bonded by humanitarian values. On a personal level, Libra believes in love; Pisces embodies it. Pisces, who lives inside emotional depth, is love. An Air sign, Libra’s experience of love is filtered through her intellectual ideals. It’s a near-perfect match, as Libra helps Pisces see the world through a more objective lens. For Libra, Pisces helps change love from an idea into a reality. 

Like Pisces, Libra believes that you catch more bees with honey. Unlike Pisces, Libra is a Cardinal Libra sign. While Mutable Pisces will merely live his truth, Libra will try to impose it on others. Libra is constantly trying to make sense of the world by dividing it into polarities: To the Scales person, things are either black or white; wrong or right; good or evil. Since Pisces is highly individualistic, he/she will not fit into Libra’s neat little boxes. Pisces is freeform; he is Water, and lives in a constant state of flux that Libra doesn’t understand.

However, both signs are so sweet-natured and sensitive to each other’s needs, they are likely to handle most conflicts gracefully. This is a match made to last.



Pisces might be a Mutable sign who moves on from conflicts quickly, but he cannot be controlled. The Fish is marching to his own beat, and doesn’t care what others think the way Libra does. However, Cardinal leadership finds a unique expression in Libra. Rather than directly taking charge, Libra really does subscribe to the phrase, “You catch more bees with honey than vinegar“. When Scales people want Pisces to do what they want, they’ll smile, agree with her lover, even run him a bath. 

If Pisces still resists giving Libra what he/she wants, Libra’s eyes will go wide with the hurt of being misunderstood, and she’ll wonder quietly how Pisces could be so mean. Pisces, who is not mean, will melt into the palm of Libra’s hand. 



There’s nothing that turns Libra off more than a crude, aggressive lover. Thanks to Venus, Scales people have refined tastes, and even their most casual sexual relationships will never smack of second-rate mediocrity. They are aroused by intellectual sophistication, by beauty, by suave sensuality. Pisces’ soft seduction gives Libra the romantic fairy tale she’s been dreaming of all her life. 

Even male Pisces are usually so sensitive and empathetic that they relate to the feminine experience of sex; Libra males, ruled by Venus, are similarly inclined. That means this is usually a harmonious sexual match no matter the genders involved.



  • Libra is usually conventional, and Pisces is usually, well not. Some Pisces see marriage as a threat to their freedom to live life on their own terms, and this difference in values can end a love affair between them.
  • Pisces and Libra both see the world through a romantic lens, and this is an emotionally fulfilling relationship.
  • Both signs are giving by nature, and live to please their lovers. 


  • Pisces values freedom and Libra values convention; Pisces needs a certain amount of freedom even within a marriage, and Libra can take this personally.
  • Pisces is complicated, and sometimes changes directions quickly without even knowing why. Libra wants to people into blacks and whites, but Pisces exists in a perpetual gray area; to Pisces, there isn’t one truth, but many.
  • Libra tends to judge situations by how they look on the surface, but Pisces’ understanding is deeper. Libra might not understand how Pisces can accept so many seemingly immoral behaviors as simply human.

Summary of Pisces and Libra

Overall, this is a highly compatible sun sign partnership that brings harmony to both of them. Since both Pisces and Libra have delicate constitutions for conflict and human ugliness, their mild natures suit each other well. They may not experience the instantaneous psychic connection that Water signs tend to feel when they meet, but their empathy develops over time. 


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