The compatibility of Pisces and Scorpio Horoscopes


Part of the instant understanding between Scorpio and Pisces lies in Pisces’ connection to the occult. The fish understands what it’s like to experience the darker, unseen realms of the human experience.

Both of these signs are intensely spiritual, whether they realize it or not. For Scorpio, life is like a series of deaths, whether these are actual deaths or just poignant losses. In death the spirit is released, transcending the confines of the human experience and reaching heavenly heights.

For Pisces, spirituality is linked to an intrinsic awareness of the cosmic force that connects us all. They both live inside their emotional cores, not up in the clouds. This is true despite the fact that Pisces often tries to escape reality, and many Scorpios numb it by dissociating or drinking it away. The deep emotional empathy that bonds most Pisceans and Scorpios is strong from the first meeting.



Friendships between Pisces and Scorpions tend to have all of the positives of an intimate relationship between them and little to none of the conflicts.

Scorpio’s deep-seated fear of intimacy is not usually triggered intensely by friendships. Pisces’ vulnerability is less likely to be exploited by a Scorpio who has not come to terms with his/her fears. Therefore, they are free to enjoy the emotional empathy that flows between them all their lives. 



These two experience an immediate psychic connection and can quickly become addicted to one another. Both are mysterious creatures who get lost in the mystery of one another. If they don’t drown in the tidal wave intensity of their beginning, they will eventually find themselves in each other.

Scorpio is guarded and does not easily open his emotional core to a lover. But with Pisces, it cannot be helped. When Pisces surrenders herself to the love between them, Scorpio follows.

That doesn’t sound right, though, does it? Scorpio doesn’t seem to be a follower. Mars-ruled Scorpio can be outwardly aggressive and seems a more powerful character than mild-mannered Pisces, who relates to the world in a sensitive way. However, much of Scorpio’s power is wrapped up in his human ego. 

Pisces has the innate wisdom to know that every soul in a human body has experienced a broad spectrum of experiences. In a sense, everyone has walked in someone else’s shoes at one point or in some other incarnation. This endows Pisces with the kind of humility that allows them to define themselves rather than allow themselves to be defined by others. 

The fish is truly an individual and cannot be easily overpowered by the force of a Scorpio’s stronger, more intense personality. Pisces is a mutable sign, which means that they adapt to change with ease and are capable of shifting directions on a whim or a mood. Scorpio is a fixed water sign (read: fixed emotion). Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio usually has the hardest time moving on from past traumas or the end of a beloved relationship.



If Pisces can win Scorpio’s trust, which is no small feat, this relationship becomes a solid bond that can last a lifetime. These two have a deep emotional understanding of each other. Despite how deceptive they both can be, they sensed each other’s depths possibly at the first meeting. 

In the human heart lies an endless ocean-depth of love, but Scorpio has built walls around it (probably due to childhood trauma). When the walls are shattered, it leaves his heart open so that it might finally be shared with another. 

Pisces is willing to abandon himself to love, but Scorpio knows the risk it involves. The scorpion is aware that there exists the kind of loss that burrows so deep inside, one can fall into it and die. See, the scorpion association with death means that he/she is constantly aware of its nearness to life. Pisces, however, has the spiritual awareness and boundless love necessary to prove to Scorpio that love can be safe, possibly, one day. 

And that’s all they need to begin – again and again – as long as they both live.



Mars-ruled Scorpio is much more aggressive than Pisces, whose anger is usually expressed in passive aggressive ways. There is nothing passive about Scorpio. If Scorpio (whose Plutonian rulership usually means he/she has endured some kind of trauma in early years) does not have his anger under control, it becomes a serious problem.

 Normally Pisceans might simply swim away from someone who tries to intimidate or control them, and Scorpios can be highly possessive. But because of the emotional empathy that connects these two, Pisces is more likely to stay. If Pisces does stay, they will almost certainly martyr themselves in the name of “saving” Scorpio. 

If both signs are mentally healthy, their emotional understanding will pave the way for better conflict resolution. But it should be noted (by Pisces) that Scorpio will not tolerate being lied to, and her laser-like stare sees right through Piscean duplicity.



This may be the most sexually compatible pairing in the entire zodiac. There is a sensation of boundlessness – of flowing out from behind a broken dam into each other. For Scorpio, who has been wounded in the past, this love transcends an old cycle.

Scorpio has a history of using force to pull love to him, and then to push it away. When they make love, the bond between them forms an indelible bond they both grow to trust and rely on.

One cannot write a passage about Pisces and Scorpio in love without mentioning that this is one of the kinkiest pairings in the zodiac. The intensity of Mars fuels Scorpio to exert dominance and control in bed. Pisces, who is receptive by nature and abandons himself to love, submits completely to Scorpio. 



  • These two obviously share a deep emotional understanding that often bonds them for life, whether in reality or in spirit.
  • Pisces’ mutability means that he/she can move past Scorpio’s occasional outbursts without becoming too wounded. 
  • Pisces’ love is strong and constant enough to earn Scorpio’s trust. Though sometimes the fish has to swim through a few hoops to get to that point. 


  • Pisces and Scorpio can both be elusive, which is a fact that Pisces accepts. Scorpio, however, can be hypocritical in this respect. He feels insecure when Pisces changes directions without explaining why. 
  • Both Pisces’ and Scorpio’s logic often becomes clouded by emotion, causing confusion and sometimes volatility.
  • Scorpio tends to freeze Pisces out when he/she is hurt or angry. Pisces routinely tunes out things he doesn’t want to hear. Obviously, there can be problems with communication here.

Summary of Pisces and Scorpio

This is one of those 5-9 sun sign patterns that can ultimately be healing or destructive.

Once these two get close, they tend to be very unhappy without each other, so it’s worth it to seek counseling when intimate relationships between them become too conflicted. This connection is influenced by strong forces outside itself, so it’s certainly an intense pairing. 


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