The compatibility of Pisces and Taurus Horoscopes

Pisces and Taurus experience an almost immediate alchemy upon meeting. Ruled by Venus, Taurus has an inherently romantic nature and a love of beauty and harmony.

He or she is immediately attracted to Pisces’ empathic soul, which readily absorbs the abundance of Taurus’s love. 


In essence, Taurus is love. He or she does not have to do anything to be loved. She embodies it, and attracts it to her. Pisces also does not force life or love.

Like a river that knows into which ocean it flows, the fish lets life carry her along on its current. This may actually be one of those semi-rare cases of love at first sight.



Whether Pisces and Taurus are actually artists or not, they are creatively attracted to one another. I have rarely met a Pisces who wasn’t surrounded by a creative energy field. Pisceans also radiate empathy, which touches Taurus, whose existence is very much about love. 

Even a friendly love between these two is strong and close. They often sense each other’s subtlest moods and thought processes without having to speak much. Pisces has a freedom of expression that does not come naturally to Taurus, and this friendship yields growth for the bull.

Taurus is likely to feel as if she is coming out of herself and stepping out into the world, leaving home behind like Dorothy left Kansas in the Wizard of Oz. 

But like the fabled Dorothy, doe-eyed Taurus will eventually click her heels three times and want to go home. Pisces, on the other hand, could probably live cross-country out of a van with few possessions. However, they tend to support one another’s needs, even when they are different. 



Taurus is about the only sign that won’t balk at Pisces’s exaggerated sense of romance. When Taurus lights candles around the bed, sprinkles (real or imaginary) rose petals around, and treats Taurus to fine designer wines, Pisces is in all her glory. 

But this relationship isn’t all about hearts, flowers, and dreams- it also has some very strong practical forces working in its advantage. Namely, the bull herself. As the first earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus has a strong pragmatic streak. Taurus is all about grounding those Pisces dreams into reality. She provides the stability Pisces needs to make important decisions about his or her own happiness.

These harmonious connections provide a strong starting point for this relationship. The challenges tend to come when the so-called honeymoon phase is over and their differences set in. Still, this relationship has excellent odds for marriage.



Although these two signs are highly compatible, there are some challenges for the long-term here. 

Pisces is a mutable sign, which means he or she has the capacity to make fast changes. Furthermore, they often don’t know why they changed, but simply go with the flow of forces beyond their control. 

Taurus is the opposite in this regard. Bulls do not adapt easily to change and will not take kindly to an abrupt alteration in their lifestyle or relationship (or even worse, an abrupt ending without a clear explanation).

The good news is that the connection between them is usually strong enough that Pisces never wanders off for too long. Pisceans deeply need the stability Taureans offer. It gives them a safe haven from the pain, chaos, and sensory overload of the world outside. 



Pisces and Taurus are often so attuned to each other that much of their meaningful communication is nonverbal. Their strong emotional bond speaks for them much of the time. These two are also good listeners, and they pick up on subliminal things about each other that others don’t seem to notice. 

Most Pisces carry an aura of creative energy that is closely linked to their empathic gifts. Taurus, whose Venus rulership means he is attracted to beauty and sensuality, can get lost in the emotional realm of the fish’s boundless world. It’s no small feat to get a sure-footed bull lost, but Pisces can do it, and in essence become an addiction for Taurus.

This becomes a problem if Pisces is unable to limit his/her excesses and guide Taurus safely back home. Luckily for Taurus, Pisces often instinctively knows what she needs.



Taurus and Pisces are both pleasure-loving, sensual signs. They are especially tender lovers who share a deep, tantric bond. Taurus is drawn helplessly into Pisces’ ability to merge completely. When they make love, Pisces experiences her lover’s feelings, memories, and entire existence as if they were her own. Taurus embodies love and is an endless source of it for Pisces.

Pisces’ deep need to feel safe and secure is satisfied in Taurus. When Pisces feels safe, he holds nothing back in the bedroom. The fish also adds an element of excitement and creativity to the bull’s love life, which can fall into too much of a routine. They are both giving lovers who are committed to bringing each other the highest level of ecstasy every time they are together.



  • Taurus makes Pisces feel safe and secure, which means a lot to the fish. Pisces struggles with boundaries, because she absorbs the energy and emotions around her in a sponge-like manner. With Taurus, Pisces finally finds a home.
  • Taurus’s Venus rulership and Pisces’ Neptune rulership bring endless creativity to this relationship. They bring each other beauty and harmony, which are important to both.
  • Save for the bull’s occasional stampedes, Taurus and Pisces tend to be mild-mannered and patient with one another.


  • Pisces is prone to quick changes in mood and direction, which can throw Taurus seriously off track. Taurus needs security the way we all need oxygen. And Pisces isn’t the most stable character.
  • Taurus tends to hold his emotions in and then let them out in small explosions that might be disturbing for sensitive Pisces. 
  • Taurus is a fixed earth sign, whereas Pisces is a mutable water sign. Fixed earth stays firmly in place, whereas mutable water seems to travel everywhere and all at once. These elemental qualities can cause some major discord in this relationship.

Summary of Pisces and Taurus

Pisces and Taurus can potentially be one of the most harmonious zodiac pairings. Driven by romance and creativity, these signs believe in love and express it freely when they feel safe with their partners.

Their creativity means it would be next to impossible for a relationship between them to grow stale or bored. The same goes for friendships between these signs.

As long as Taurus doesn’t try to fence Pisces into their pragmatic version of reality and Pisces doesn’t try to cross too many of Taurus’s boundaries, they can enjoy a beautiful connection.


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